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2013/14 Season Pass FAQ

Read the FAQ's to learn the details on purchasing your 2013-14 season pass!

• Why should I buy a 2013-14 Season Pass before April 30, 2013?

The current season pass prices are the most discounted they'll be for the 2013-14 season! The 2013-14 passes purchased by April 30, 2013, will also include any extended season into May for the 2013-14 season.

• Should I buy a new 2013-14 Season Pass or renew?

If you do not have a 2012-13 pass with your picture on it, you will want to buy a new 2013-14 Season Pass here. If you do have a 2012-13 pass with your picture on it, you can renew your pass for next season here.

• What's the difference between buying a new 2013-14 pass and renewing my current 2012-13 pass?
If you do not have a picture pass for the current 2012-13 season, then you must buy a new 2013-14 season pass. If you already have a picture pass for the current 2012-13 season and you renew your pass for next season, you get to keep the same pass, and you'll receive a free non-peak adult lift day (a $74 value based on this season's non-peak price) to give to a friend for next season!

• How do I know if I can renew my pass?
If you have a 2012-13 Season Pass, 10-Time Pass, Midweek or Midweek+ Pass, Meadows Club Card, Night Pass, 5-Time Night Pass, Spring or Spring+ Pass, Senior Pass, or a Senior with Midweek Bus Pass, then you can renew to an 2013-14 Season Pass!

• Are any of the other types of passes for the 2013-14 season currently available?

The Season Passes are the only passes available for purchase this month, for the 2013-14 season.

• I have a 2012-13 picture pass but don't have it on me. Why do I need to have it to renew?
Since you'll use that same pass for the 2013-14 season, it's important that you have it with you at the time that you renew it online. We use the Pass ID number listed on your season pass to make sure the correct pass media is re-activated. It'd be very possible to have the wrong pass activated for next season (eg. if a pass was reissued at some point during this season, if you have a pass from a prior season in hand, etc.), and we don't want you to show up to a lift next season on your first day with a pass that isn't activated, since you have the wrong pass in hand.

• Where can I buy a 2013-14 season pass?
You can buy a 2013-14 season pass online, at Passholder Services at the resort, or at our Portland Office, located at 1202 NW 17th Ave downtown Portland.

• Are the prices for the 2013-14 Season Passes going up after April?
Pricing beyond the month of April hasn't been set yet. The $499 Adult Season Pass is the best price for the 2013-14 season. Also, if you renew your 2012-13 season pass in the month of April, you get a free 1 day pass (non-peak) for next season as well, for a friend. We don't expect our season pass pricing to increase over last season's early discount pricing, though the deadline for purchasing them may be earlier this year (perhaps in September or October).

• How long can I buy a 2013-14 season pass at this special rate?
This promotion is scheduled to run through April 30th, 2013.


This is a video player featuring our new RFID access gates. Click on "PlayList" on the bottom left side of the player to scroll over the different topics of the videos. Enjoy!

NO MORE TICKETS at Mt. Hood Meadows

New RFID gates and passes eliminate traditional lift ticket while providing more convenience, accurate vertical feet tracking and innovative products

Freemotion access gates at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortMT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – The traditional lift ticket – a staple on guests at Mt. Hood Meadows and many other resorts – will no longer be used at the resort. Mt. Hood Meadows is installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) gates at all of its lifts this summer, allowing guests to board lifts without showing their lift ticket. Guests will carry a unique RFID card or pass in their jacket or on an arm band. An embedded RFID chip triggers the gate to open for valid passes, eliminating the requirement for guests to present their pass or lift ticket for hand scanning.

Improving the Lift Boarding Experience - #1 Customer Complaint

Resort Executive Director of Communications, Dave Tragethon expects the new technology will have a significant improvement on the guest experience. “Showing a ticket or season pass for scanning, every time a lift is boarded is the number one guest complaint at Mt. Hood Meadows. The RFID access gates will allow instant and consistent verification, with the card or pass tucked securely in a guests’ pocket. Guests will no longer need to fumble for their ticket, holding up others for scanning. This will improve lift line flow and the overall experience. In essence, we are freeing our guests and our attendants from this challenging task, particularly during stormy weather. The system will also allow our tremendous Lift Operations staff to continue to focus on safety and hospitality for our guests.”

Accurate Vertical Feet Tracking Even on the Upper Mountain

Meadows will install the access gates at every lift, including the upper lifts where in the past the resort did not regularly scan passes. Passholders and guests who “claim” their day passes will be able to track their vertical online - every lift ride, every day, for the entire season.

New Products Encourage Repeat Visits Through Lower Prices

The technology brings with it new products that encourage repeat trips to Meadows, with lower prices.
•   A “Reload” card allows the user to “claim” their day on the mountain by registering the card later online. Then the owner can reload the card at reduced rates for future visits, and also keep accurate tracking of their vertical.
•   Credit Card Backed “Pay as You Go” passes – These products allow guests to purchase at a low price, and then pay a reduced day rate as they use their pass. Their credit card is automatically charged each day they use their pass at the pre-agreed upon rate, essentially allowing the pass holder to create their own mini-season pass.

The Last Pass You’ll Ever Need – A Sustainable Initiative

The Loyalty Passes issued this season can be conveniently renewed on-line, at the resort, or at the new Portland Sales and Communications Office (1202 NW 17th Avenue) and used at Meadows for as long as the RFID gate system is in place. Passholders will no longer need to have a new pass reissued each season, reducing the traditional PVC card stock cost as well as reducing the hassle and inconvenience of having to purchase new passes each year.

The day passes issued at the resort can be recycled and recoded for re-use on future days, again reducing the need for replacement stock. This is a system designed to eliminate waste that the old “lift ticket and wicket system” created, and significantly improve convenience and flexibility for loyal guests.

The FreeMotion.Gate is designed and manufactured in Austria by SkiData and has been widely used at European resorts for many years. The single-arm gate swings open once a verified pass signal is received. Meadows attendants will be stationed at each gate to assist guests. The gates are scheduled to be installed by October 2012, in time for the start of the 2012-13 season.

When Will Heather Canyon Open

With the opening of Private Reserve Sunday, and getting Vista Express and Cascade Express lifts running Monday, there is now a lot of attention on Heather Canyon. Prior to last week's storm, Heather was not able to open because there wasn't enough snowpack to build the essential snow bridges, which provides the exit from the Canyon. Well, 9 days and 10 feet of new later, we have enough snow.

But with that storm also came an increased risk of avalanche, particularly when there wasn't much of a base upon which this new snow fell. We won't go into snow dynamics here, but everyone knows the heavy wet snow and 2.5" of rain we received during the storm created slope instability. We just finished a huge storm cycle which left us with weak layers in the snow pack. Our lead groomer was able to get a cat into the Heather run-out to build snow bridges up to "the Narrows" Saturday night - that's why we were able to open Private Reserve Sunday. That terrain is naturally protected from the avalanche danger looming above in Heather, Clark, Super Bowl and higher.

Sunday evening the storm stopped and for the first time in nine days we were able to actually get a visual in the Canyon. During the last several days there was evidence of large slide activity both natural and caused by our avalanche reduction efforts.  We had been unable to proceed with bridge building all the way to the lift because of the avalanche exposure until we could get in there and test the stability. This also barred access to the lift for maintenance to get it turning. We put over 300 pounds of explosives in there Monday as part of our avalanche reduction efforts.

Avalanche Debris from March 30,2012 slide deposited on the skier access trail to the Heather lift.
The deposit zone from this slide last March reached the bottom of Heather which is why we needed to assess slope stability before placing a snowcat in this area for snow bridge, trail access and ramp building. Read about the 3.30.11 Avalanche.

Last evening Ski Patrol felt that avalanche danger was reduced enough to allow our lead groomer to access the bottom of the Canyon, build the snow bridges and cut the access trail to the lift. The ramps at the lift are almost built, and some lift maintenance was performed, however, those efforts have been interrupted due to rapid warming/loading above. We believe some natural releases will occur due to the increased loading (another warning for extreme avalanche danger has been issued for Mt. Hood today by NOAA.) This is a good thing, as hopefully some of the unstable areas will release naturally. Following the current storm we will continue with the steps necessary to open Heather.

Bottom line - we'll open Heather as soon as possible, but only after we have performed and completed the required steps. We know how popular Heather is, and how important it is to you. But even more important is the safety of our crews and our guests. Thank you for your patience - it will be rewarded with some awesome powder plunges into the steeps of Heather - soon.

P.S. Tighe Stoyanoff from Snow Safety wanted to add that we have been shooting that area every time it snows, and we are throwing shots by hand where we can safely get to throughout this last storm. He sent some pictures of fractures in Absolute Magnitude and Silver Bowl (evidence of large slide activity noted above.) Click any image for a slide show.
Silver Bowl 012311 @ Mt. Hood Meadows Silver Bowl 012312 @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Absolute Magnitude 012312 @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Absolute Magnitude 012312 @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

ReUse Last Season's Pass

ReUse Last Year's Pass

Mt. Hood Meadows is making it easy for you to ReUse your season pass from last year – which is the sustainable thing to do! First some ground rules.

You'll need the actual pass you used last year in order to ReUse it – so make sure you have it. ReUse ends October 30, 2011. After that you'll need to purchase a new pass, which will require getting your picture taken. So ReUse is the most convenient way to go.
You can only ReUse it for the same kind of pass this year, so if you had an unlimited pass last year, you can ReUse it for that kind of a pass this year. If you had a 10 Time Pass last year, you can ReUse it as a 10 Time Pass this year. You can't upgrade or downgrade to a different product.

The number you are looking for on last year's pass begins with:
  • UNL = Last year's Unlimited pass
  • TTP = Ten Time Pass
  • MID = Midweek Pass
  • NIT = Night
Now here's how easy it is to ReUse your pass!
  1. First, make sure you have the pass from last year – you'll need it in order to enter the pass number.
  2. Select "ReUse Your Pass" under Season Passes in our store. 
  3. Enter the pass number (Beginning with UNL, TTP, MID or NIT + the 8 digits - NO SPACES!)
  4. If your pass is in our system, you will be able to verify the pass holder, and move on to purchase. 
  5. You'll be able to add on Ski Check, Cooper Spur Lift and Tube Pass, or a Ski Green renewable energy certificate. 
  6. Once you complete your purchase, you'll be able to enter another pass number to ReUse another pass, purchase a new pass or checkout.
  7. If you have any problems at all call 503.659.1256 or eMail Season Pass Assistance.

A special note about season SkiCheck.

Last season's passes had a picture of SkiCheck on the pass. This year, SkiCheck will be encoded in the barcode on the pass. You can simply add SkiCheck on when you purchase the pass (regardless of whether you had it last year or not).

Pay Online with Gift Cards or Passholder Value

When you get to the payment page during the purchase process, enter the card number and click the “Add Gift Card Payment” button. It will check and display the balance and present a textbox where you can enter the amount of balance you’d like to use from the available balance.

  • You can only use as much of the balance as the total of your cart purchase (not to exceed total charges)
  • You can use less than the full amount if you want
  • You can use as many cards as you have balance available  (one of more in a single purchase)
  • You’ll enter a credit card for balance due if your gift/phv cards don’t cover the full balance

How do I renew my pass from last year

“Renewing” means you’ll be able to use the same pass you used last year, without getting your picture taken or having it reissued. You'll need to keep the same SkiCheck or Cooper Spur pass add ons as last season, since they are part of the pass.

Passes eligible for renewal are Unlimited or Ten Time Passes purchased online last season.

  • Unlimited Pass # begins with UNL with 8 digits, no spaces: UNL12345678
  • Ten Time Pass # begins with TTP with 8 digits, no spaces: TTP12345678

If your pass was reisssued at pass holder services last season it can not be renewed - you'll need to proceed to the regular pass store to purchase for this season.

The easiest and most direct way to renew is to have your pass handy to enter the pass number. This will link you directly to your record. You can also look up your record using your first and last name and date of birth, but these have to be exact matches.

After you purchase you'll be able to download a liability release form to sign. You can fax, send or email the form to us. Then we'll activate your pass and you'll be ready to go direct to lift for the season!

New Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows

People love their pets - we get that. And while we would prefer that you found a nice, warm and friendly place for your pet to stay when you come to the ski resort, we understand that's not always possible. So we're accommodating those who bring their pooches to the slopes with a new "Doggie Park".

Doggie Park Map at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe new park is located on the right hand side of our main parking lot. You'll see the park marked with big purple vertical banners. Truth is, we love skiing, riding, and doggies just like you do! Please help us to keep MHM “dog friendly” by following a few very simple rules.

  • Please use and respect our newly created “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please keep your dogs on leash at all times…and PLEASE leave the aggressive dogs at home!
  • Please poop and pee your puppies only in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area- NO peeing or pooping in any area outside of this specially designated space
  • MHM “Base Area” (see map) is a “Doggie Free Zone”. Please respect this at all times
  • Please use, and dispose of properly, the bio-degradable poop bags provided as a service to you and your pets by MHM. Garbage cans for disposal are conveniently located in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please, never leave your pets tied to your vehicle. They should be locked in your vehicle with ample fresh air (cracked windows), fresh water, and regular pottie breaks throughout the day

Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows Usingn the doggie park at Mt. Hood Meadows
Dogs on leash sign at Mt. Hood Meadows "Poop here" sign at Mt. Hood Meadows

Thank you for choosing Mt. Hood Meadows, and for following these few very simple rules. Our staff, guests and especially your doggie appreciates it!

-- Meadows Team

Safari Browser Online Store Issue Reported

There have been reports of problems purchasing products in our online store using certain versions of Safari on Mac computers. We apologize for the inconvenience and are looking into the problem.

Using FireFox has bypassed the problem for others. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Clackamas office 503.659.1256.

-- Meadows Team

New Data Loggers Provide Near Real Time Weather Reporting

You may have noticed that the temperature and windspeed values on our conditions page are reported in near real time this season. This was made possible by the installation this fall of new "data loggers" at the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC) telemetry stations located at the top and bottom of our Mt. Hood Express lifts. These data loggers provide continuous readings, which we update on our web site every five minutes. This entirely automated process provides the most accurate and immediate weather readings to our conditions page and those who view it.

We still provide the link to the NWAC 24 hour telemetry, which records hourly readings. However, there is a delay of up to 30 minutes before the hourly data is presented. This can create discrepencies between the "real time" readings reported on our site, and the hourly reading reported on the NWAC site, but we feel it is better to provide the most current data possible.

We also use the real time data for our snow phone reports, our Fuel TV monitors in the lodge and the emailed snow report which goes out to subsribers at 5:40 AM each morning. Because some of our guests have noticed discrepencies in the NWAC hourly temperature reports and our "real time" reports, we did a comparison of the two over an 11 day period. Keep in mind, the readings are coming from the same data loggers units, this is just a difference in time of when they are recorded.

Here’s a comparison of the 5:40 AM temps reported in our email compared to the 5 AM temps reported on NWAC. The first temperature is the 5:40 AM value which was sent out in our snow report email each morning.  The second temperature is the NWAC 5 AM reading. We "bolded" any discrepencies between the two.

Date:  Bottom .. Top
01/02: 27 / 28 .. 22 / 23
01/01: 35 / 36 .. 30 / 31
12/31: 24 / 25 .. 21 / 22
12/30: 25 / 25 .. 20 / 22
12/29: 21 / 21 .. 19 / 20
12/28: 27 / 27 .. 24 / 23
12/27: 17 / 17 .. 18 / 18
12/26: 29 / 30 .. 25 / 25
12/25: 34 / 33 .. 40 / 40
12/24: 28 / 28 .. 32 / 32
12/23: 22 / 22 .. 24 / 28 (The 6 AM NWAC was 24 so the temp was dropping between 5 AM and 6 AM)

So out of the 11 days reported, the 5:40 AM "real time" reading appearing in our snow report emails:

Bottom Telemetry:
4 Days 1 Degree less than 5 AM
6 Days Exact Match of 5 AM
1 Day 1 degree more than 5 AM

Top Telemetry:
1 Day 4 Degrees less than 5 AM
1 Day 2 Degrees less than 5 AM
4 Days 1 Degree less than 5 AM
4 Days Exact Match of 5 AM
1 Day 1 Degree more than 5 AM

Bottom line:
7 out of 11 days the 5:40 AM matched or was warmer than the 5 AM at the Bottom of Express.
5 out of 11 days the 5:40 AM matched or was warmer than the 5 AM at the Top of Express.

We present this information so you can better understand where these temperature readings come from and how we report them. Again, this all comes directly from the telemetry automatically - it is not altered or filtered in any way by Mt. Hood Meadows. We believe this is the best way to present the most accurate and immediate weather data for our guests.

-- Meadows Team

Consecutive Week Programs Registration

Consecutive Week Programs offer custom multi-time lift ticket, lesson and rental packages at affordable prices. There are a variety of programs offered weekends and midweek for youth and adults during January and February.

This season we are offering online registration for these programs with a pre-registration deadline of December 18, after which these program packages will increase $50.

Those looking for transportation to the mountain as part of the program, should enroll with a Group Organizer, with a GO Code. Using a GO Code will connect you with that specific Group Organizer's bus that is scheduled on the session days you select. The easiest way to find a neighborhood program, Group Organizer and their related GO Code is with our MicroMap system, which allows you to find pick up locations near your home.

MicroMap Bus Finder Locations

You can also get a GO Code by calling our Clackamas Office at 503.659.1256. Once you have a GO Code you can go to the Consecutive Week Programs enrollment page and enter the GO Code in the designated box. The products that appear are attached to that Group Organizer and the prices include transportation, if that Group Organizer is running a bus.

I Don't Need Transportation - I just want to purchase a consecutive week program and drive up myself.

OK. Here are links to the different programs. You don't need a GO Code.

4 Time Weekend Sessions

Weekend Session Dates:
  • January Saturdays: Jan 9, 16. 23. 30
  • January Sundays: Jan 10, 17, 24, 31
  • February Saturdays: Feb 6, 13, 20, 27
  • February Sundays: Feb 7, 14, 21, 28

Midweek Adult Program

  • Tuesdays (1/5, 1/12, 1/19 ,1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23)
  • Wednesdays (1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24)
  • Thursdays (1/7, 1/14, 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25)

* 6 Week Program can choose six of the above eight dates. 

Or you can always call our Clackamas office 503.659.1256 for assistance!


Group Season Pass FAQs

Here are some helpful FAQs to assist you with your group season pass purchase and processing:

Checking the status of your group.

Switching a member of your group.

Report a problem to our support specialists. 

Checking the status of your group.

  1. Log into the website to check the status by clicking the SignIn link at the top right of the page.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Order History link on the upper right hand part of the page.
  3. Then click on the Details link for your order, scroll to the bottom and you will see the other members of your group and their purchase status.

Switching a member of your group.

Simply give the group access code from the old member to the new member and when they use it, they will be able to change the name.

6 &Under Season Pass

When you purchase an unlimited Mt. Hood Meadows season pass, your children or grand children age 6 and under receive free season passes! So no matter how many kids or grand kids you have, they all can get a free Mt. Hood Meadows season pass.

Here's how it works -

  1. Purchase your unlimited season pass online.
  2. Bring your children or grand children to the ski area, or come to any of our pre-season picture taking locations or events.
  3. Bring their proof of age and relationship - a birth certificate works the best.
  4. A parent or legal guardian has to sign a release form for the child - you can download the liability release form here.
  5. The date of your purchase establishes the age of your child or grand child - so as long as you make your purchase before your grand child turns 7, they'll receive the free season pass. 

Any other questions? Feel free to send us an email and we'll be back in touch with you.


Those who seek out the adventure and thrill of snow sports in the mountains are naturally curious. And boy do they have questions! So here's a place to find out what others are curious about. Perhaps you haven't been to Meadows before and you have some basic questions which need to be answered. Maybe it has to do with something on the mountain, why we do something a certain way, or an observation you had. Could be you're having a technical issue in the online store.

Whatever your question - ask it here. We'll receive your question and get back in touch with you with an answer. And we'll post those that are asked a lot or is good knowledge for others.

Your questions and feedback will help us improve the guest experience at Mt. Hood Meadows. Thanks for asking!