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Bernard Seeger and Rachel Lynn Establish Course Records in Inaugural Uphill Challenge

1st Annual Uphill Challenge
It was a gorgeous morning for the first annual Uphill Challenge at Mt. Hood Meadows. A field of 39 ranging in age from 4 to 71 took on the challenge. Most ran but some walked the 1.2 mile course which gained 621 vertical from the parking lot to the top of the Stadium Express. (See the Finish Line Movie at the bottom of this page).

The course record was set by Bernard Seeger - 10 minutes and 49 seconds. Rachel Lynn had the fastest woman's time (and third overall) at 13 minutes and 16 seconds. They both received a cash prize of $250, and everyone in this first annual event received a handmade wooden award commemorating the inaugural event. 

Inaugural Uphill Challenge Finish Times

Name Age F/M Bib Time Category
Webster, Annabel 6 F 20 21.05 5 to 9
Fischer, Valerie 14 F 43 16.54 10 to 14
Shauklas, Hayley 23 F 36 36.44 20 to 24
Lynn, Rachel 27 F 28 13.16 25 to 29
Jordan, Kristin 33 F 26 20.01 30 to 34
Rayles, Shannon 32 F 35 21.28 30 to 34
Mcmullin, Sara 33 F 33 25.18 30 to 34
La rowe, Nicole 33 F 39 36.44 30 to 34
Holmes, Sarah 37 F 8 14.55 35 to 39
Webster, Amanda 36 F 19 21.05 35 to 39
Lockwood, Jenniefer 42 F 22 19.36 40 to 44
Fischer, Erica 42 F 37 21.49 40 to 44
Tytler, Jenn 43 F 48 31.14 40 to 44
Dillon, Kisrten 47 F 24 17.42 45 to 49
Jordan, Veronica 46 F 27 21.31 45 to 49
Wild, Beth 48 F 31 21.54 45 to 49
Mcmullin, Kristy 53 F 53 25.21 50 to 54
Trulsen, Jill 61 F 61 19.10 60 to 64
Russell, Bonnie 64 F 64 33.59 60 to 64
Schneider, Audrey 71 F 30 21.56 70 to 74
Name Age Bib Time Category
Lockwood, Kellan 4 M 4 28.27 4 and under
Bracale, Ryly 9 M 1 14.25 5 to 9
Ringelspaugh, David 9 M 34 18.10 5 to 9
Lockwood, Kegan 7 M 23 19.35 5 to 9
Holmes, Carson 8 M 38 20.59 5 to 9
Nacua, Mark 14 M 5 12.57 10 to 14
Hollen, Eli 12 M 59 17.57 10 to 14
Holmes, Bryce  11 M 50 20.57 10 to 14
Xayapraseuth, Mitchell 19 M 7 16.57 15 to 19
Bracale, Billy 43 M 2 15.50 40 to 44
Lockwood, Dan 43 M 10 28.27 40 to 44
Seeger, Bernard 45 M 44 10.49 45 to 49
Hollen, Allan 49 M 9 14.13 45 to 49
Blackburn, Paul 48 M 25 14.46 45 to 49
Fourtounis, Panos 49 M 32 19.38 45 to 49
Sardo, Cindy 48 M 3 23.38 45 to 49
Armstrong, Auric 45 M 47 31.14 45 to 49
Russell, Fred 61 M 6 33.59 60 to 64
Schneider, Stephen 69 M 29 18.30 65 to 69

Finish Line Movie


Thanks for a great Sister City Visit

Sister City day at Mt. Hood Meadows
Photo: Adam Lapierre

A huge thank you to Mt. Hood Meadows and staff for their continued support with the Hood River-Tsuruta Sister City Organization. Each year Meadows is kind enough to donate rentals, lift tickets and lessons to a group of 20 or so middle school students visiting Hood River from Tsuruta, Japan. The ski trip a highlight of their trip and wouldn’t be possible without the support of Meadows. This year we had 23 students participate in the exchange, and between managers, instructors and rental staff, we were able to get the group geared up and on the ski hill within an hour of arriving. On behalf of the Hood River Sister City Committee and our Japanese visitors, DOMO ARIGATO for everything.

A Parent's Story

Zeb and Austin Yaklich at Mt. Hood Meadows
There are many things you wonder as a parent. Am I raising my children right, have I instilled the right values in my child, am I truly teaching them what's important, am I keeping them close to nature and are they truly learning the right things from me as a parent?

It's often hard to gauge these questions because we are so entrenched with our day to day routines. We're so close to our children on a daily basis that it becomes difficult to recognize the mile markers but I can tell you that skiing and being on the mountain has given me a realistic glimpse into if I've been teaching my child and if he's been learning.

I've been bringing my son Austin to Mt. Hood Meadows since he was 6 years old he's now on the fringe of 16. I can sense he is truly about to become an adult; only 3 year and he's off to college. Seeing our children grow up is something we dream of but when the time comes we reflect and truly hope we've done right by them and taught them the lessons they'll need to succeed in life. As I look back and see all of the smiles in the pictures from the time he was a  little boy to now, my wife and I feel accomplished in providing him with happy memories and fun times. When I look at him taking his first turns in the the mini halfpipe at Meadows to now watching him jump off cliffs with style and carve perfect powder turns, I realize that he's been learning so much. I didn't think about it when we were on the mountain together but he was listening and watching closely. I see my own riding style in his, sometimes it's almost a reflection. Austin is a better skier then I am now and that makes me proud. I was the one with him on all those stormy days, sunny days and on the most epic of days when we'd take him out of school to go ride Mt Hood Meadow's legendary powder. It's funny how skiing or snowboarding can become a euphemism for teaching your children but parenting is truly a marathon event and they are always listening and learning.

Teaching Austin how to ski was only a small part of his life but seeing the progression with him in this sport assures me that the other lessons in life that we've been working so hard to instill in him have progressed just like his skiing has. If you really want to see your work in action, take the time to teach your son or daughter a sport like skiing or snowboarding. You'll be amazed at how much more you'll learn about your parenting then you ever dreamed.

Meadows is the Place to be in March

Had an amazing time on the mountain this past Sunday. Got first tracks down HRM and rode deep POW in PR all morning long.

The weather was some of the best for storm riding I've been in this season. Caught a couple cool point of view shots that sum up some waist deep amazing snow in Elk and how cool the weather system was. It's hard to believe the shots are from the same day.

Meadows is the best place to be in March. This is the 5th season in a row that I can remember outstanding March storms followed by sunny conditions.

The weather reports for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday have me re-arranging my schedule for this week.

Kudos to Ski Patrol

Kudos to Ski Patrol at Mt. Hood MeadowsFor many a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, my kids and I have enjoyed the relative quiet of the resort on a holiday morning.  What great family time together, and a great way to work up that appetite for the holiday meal.  This last Thanksgiving ended a bit different, however, as I took a bone shattering fall, and had my "Thanksgiving meal" in the hospital.  Now I don't suppose you want too many injury stories flooding your Blog, but this is not a story about injury, but one of praise for your Ski Patrol!

I was thankful to have received the expert on the slope care by Billy.  I work in healthcare, and supervise a large staff of professionals.  I was quick to recognize Billy's excellent skills, and critical thinking, and I knew I was in good hands and could relax.  While caring for me, he was ever alert to the environment, and ongoing dangers and took control to close the run, until I could safely be removed.  He calmly gave orders to others in my group, and generally organized a very safe rescue.
I have to say, I was a bit anxious about the sled ride out, with early season conditions, and rocks abounding.  My second KUDO goes to Gavin, who knows your mountain as well as home, and did an excellent job of providing me with a very comfortable transport to the clinic!

There were many opportunities for my rescue to be challenging, and I am so very grateful for the excellent, professional team you employ!  The majority of your guests will never need such services, but should be aware of the excellence that is there should the need arrive.  Thank you Gavin and Billy !!!!!!

-- Marcia

Kudos Demo Center!

I want to thank the guys that work in the Demo Center for their impeccable customer service. I had the opportunity to demo some great skis for my level and ended up purchasing them on Sunday during the sale. The guys were there to help us with questions and I even had to go in later on in the day for a boot fitting and Matt helped me out. Thanks to him my boots fit perfectly but most of all I appreciated the assistance from everyone and applaud them for having smiles on their faces - even at 7 in the morning! Kudos to the Demo Center team!

-- Alisa

Good Job Richard!

Richard is our favorite Lift Operator. He's assertive and keeps people moving. Thanks Richard for helping us every Saturday at Hood River or Mt. Hood Express!

-- Beth

Charity at Cooper Spur Mtn. Resort

We (CSRT) had our ski-a-thon as Cooper Spur Saturday. We also had an impromptu charitable collection for one of our members with a serious lung disease. Your employee at Cooper Spur (Deno) pledged a significant $ amount to one of our ski-a-thon kids! AND, one of your parking attendants at cooper spur (red hair/beard - Deno will know him) contributed to our charitable collection! This was an amazingly fond and praiseworthy act by both of these folks. Things like this by the Cooper Spur staff go way over the top of expectations and really set it apart as a family focused area. I just wish we could count on snow there! I hope you find a way to praise / acknowledge these guys - thank you.

-- Rich

Lift Ops Improvements

Your crew working the Mt. Hood Express lift is doing a great job. In general your lift operations have greatly improved. Give them a yell. Cheers.

-- Mike

Great Experience With Programs

Kudos to Patrick Billings, ski instructor. My daughters finished their make-up lesson today. Lauren B. was able to have him come up extra to teach a make-up class and the girls loved being able to finish off their sixth session with Patrick. Continuity is valued by parents and loyalty is well establish with young ones. Patrick took several little girls who had never been on skis and had them progress from the ballroom carpet on day one to Mt. Hood Express-Ridgerun, Beavertail, South Canyon etc today. I'm so excited and thankful. I appreciate all the ski lesson crew for their hard work and due diligence! Also kudos to Scott in rental for going the extra mile. One day last month, he insisted on coming up to the ballroom carpet to make a binding adjustment when I failed to bring my daughter & boot in with the ski! He was happy for a little fresh air and I was appreciative that it saved time. Again, thank you for your team work. 

- Sandi (mother), Keeley (7) and Mckenna (6)

Thanks Aileen at Concierge

I want to praise Aileen at the Concierge desk for going far out of her way to help me today (Sunday, March 6th). She was extremely helpful and saved me a great deal of stress, expense, and possible illness -- the batteries in one of my medical devices unexpectedly died, and the retailers were out of stock of the AAAs I needed. Somehow she was able to find some quickly enough that I was able to continue with my day as planned, instead of making an emergency trip back to Portland. 

I am impressed and very grateful!

-- Rogan

Great Crew

After a long day of snowboarding on Thursday I could not get my vehicle started. It was cold, it was snowing hard. I was distressed. The concierge desk called in the lot attendants, the lot attendants got a mechanic involved and together we eventually got it started and I safely got of the mountain. Everyone involved was so helpful and cool about it. Can't thank them enough. Meadows has an A+ crew top to bottom. I'm truly impressed at the operations in general this year. Thanks again.

-- Phillip

Kudos to Tina at Passholder Services!

I would like to offer a very heartfelt thanks and the highest praise for Tina Buschauer in your seasons pass and group sales department. We brought a Young Life group of 60 to your mountain for the President's day weekend. There was a mix of juniors and adults and some who needed to rent equipment and others who only wanted to ski one day instead of two. To put it mildly it was very complicated.

Tina was calm and just extremely helpful. She was so easy to work with. You have a great customer service oriented employee in Tina and one that ads great value to your company.

Kudos to Tina.

-- John

Fun For the Whole Family

1st time on the slopes at 5 years oldThanks for a great weekend ski experience. My husband and I hadn't skied for 10 years and this was our 5 year old's first ski experience and we left our 2 year old daughter in the day care. We were very impressed overall with how well run the resort was. Management seemed very present and involved in making sure everything was running smoothly and customer needs were met. When we had a question about where to find the deli, someone actually walked us there despite a busy Sat. crowd. Also, we observed how all staff from food service to day care, to ski school to rentals, really wanted to make sure we had everything we needed and had a great experience. We will definitely be back. Thanks for working so hard to make everything run so smoothly! -- Rachelle and Family

Womens Clinics - Desiree Great!

This past Sunday, Jan 9th, I took the women's clinic and had Desiree as our groups instructor. I just wanted to say how GREAT she was. She was patient, enthusiastic and completely helped our group build the confidence we needed to get down some terrain some of us might not have skied before. The other instructors were very helpful as well. It was a great clinic and I will be signing up for more now.

-- Laura

Making Learning Fun!

Happy New Adventurer at Mt. Hood MeadowsI have a PRAISE!!! I signed up the the 1st timer/3 time lessons. I have to say so far I have loved it. The first day was a little rough (and it was busy, thanksgiving weekend). My second time was perfect I had Rod as a teacher and he was wonderful. I learned a lot and got way more comfortable on my board. You guys/gals made sure that I got into the right class for my level and I would say it was wonderful. Thank you so much for the package for 1st timers, it is completely worth it. You are are doing an AWESOME job!!!! Keep it up.

-- Guest Ali-Andrea

Meadows: The 3 Time Passport at just $99 is an excellent way to begin your New Adventure on the slopes!

Overcoming Inertia and Injury

Scott on the slopes at MeadowsI want to thank you and your staff for the time you spent with me yesterday in selecting a ski, and working on my boots. I'm looking forward to a rewarding season, in great part because of your efforts. It is rare today to find someone who will devote the time and energy you did yesterday. For one thing, I would likely have gone with a longer ski than I ended up with, which I may have regretted in the long run. I think what we ended up with will better accommodate both my age and physical challenges, which will make skiing more fun for me again.

I look forward to working with you both again soon, both with my equipment and getting my skiing to where I would like it to be, at least as far as I'm physically able.

-- Scott

Note to readers: Scott started skiing more than 50 years ago and was an expert skier until he suffered a spinal cord injury 20 years ago. He continued to ski until about 12 years ago when he stopped. Last season, he picked up the sport again, and was introduced to newer technology that makes skiing easier and more fun. And with the custom outfitting Scott received at our High Performance Center, it looks like he is well on his way to enjoying the sport he is so passionate about.

Overcoming Inertia and Cancer

If this isn't overcoming inertia we don't know what is. Dan - a loyal pass holder - sent this inspirational message upon purchasing his season pass.

This will be my 6th year at Meadows. I want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you and the staff do for us downhillers. As a cancer survivor (3 years now), I can't even begin to tell you how important your resort was in my healing. One of these days I will recount for you how I skied through chemotherapy by strapping the pump to my leg and running the tubing to the port in my chest under my clothes. My two closest friends skied with me each time. You can ask Danno from the Mazot about that season. It is way more than a mountain, and Meadows is way more than a ski resort to many of us.

Dan - cancer survivor and Loyal Meadows Pass Holder!

Overcome inertia - or whatever is preventing you from getting up and moving!


Glorious Return to the Mountain

Ashley M @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Dear Meadows Staff,

I finally got to ride at Meadows for the first time in five years yesterday, and had an amazing day! The staff in every area was outstanding, and my sincere thanks goes out to them for being so genuinely kind, accommodating, and helpful.

Specifically, there was a man with a broken foot, whom I asked several questions throughout the day, and every time he was so genuinely accommodating. I was impressed, especially this late in the season! I am sure he is bumming on the broken foot, but he was wonderful.

The ski shop employees were extremely kind as well. I had a problem with my son's binding, and when we walked in to see if they could fix it, they were so kind and non-intimidating. I was very impressed. I cannot remember the name of the man who fixed my son's board, but he was extraordinarily helpful and patient. Since the repair required a little time, we sat in the shop for a while, and he was equally welcoming to every person of every walk of life who walked in. I have had a job where I had to answer the same question a thousand times and deal with snobby people and punk people, and I was horrible at it! This guy was amazing.

We finally got out on the mountain and had one of the best days ever up there!

Thank you so much to all the staff!


-- Ashley M

Shredding Fast

Matthew and Laurence taken by Miles Story: Me and some bros went there on a blue bird day could have been amazing if there was some pow but here is were we learned the speed part of snowboarding on Cascade. We plan on coming this Sunday to shred in the hopefully fresh pow pow. "There is never a 'bad' day of snowboarding"

-- Miles

Meadows: Looks like your wish for powder may come true for the weekend!

The Big Fall

Constance at Mt. Hood Meadows Story: I've been inspired by the Winter Olympics to pour some extra aggression into my skiing, though, at age 63, they won't let me compete. So this past gloriously sunny Sunday, I was all confident and cocky when I dropped off the ridge into Two Bowl. My first three or four turns were fine and plenty fast for an oldster. Then I found myself on my back, sliding and turning helplessly, like an upside-down turtle. When I rolled my feet to the downhill side to try to recover, I was going too fast, so just touching the skis to the snow popped them off. I was picking up speed on the slick, spring-like surface. There was no stopping my tumbling fall.

As I fell, like Alice down the rabbit hole, I had time to ponder my plight. One thought was, uh oh, this could turn bad. I’m not young and rubbery any more. Another thought was, what a waste of a good run. A final thought was, don't get tangled in your poles. I let my arms fall to the sides and the poles departed. Unencumbered by gear, I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the slide to the bottom.

I stood up and realized I wasn't hurt a bit. I looked at the scattered gear strewn all down the slope and marveled at the distance I'd tumbled. Except for the sheer terror, it was exhilarating. I'll soon be back for more.

-- Constance Emerson Cooker

Meadows: We love it when a story has a happy ending. Sage advice from a hearty skier who knows how to hit the slopes, with and without her skis on!

Cascade Locks School Field Trip

I want to thank everyone involved who provided the opportunity for our middle school students to experience a day cross country skiing. My understanding is that more than 120 students throughout the Hood River County Schools were involved.

Cascade Locks School Field Trip

In our school, many of our students lack the financial ability to enjoy an activity of this sort. With you providing the equipment, lessons and the facility, our kids got to do something for the first time. They returned to school the next day telling and retelling their personal adventures on "the mountain".

 Cascade Locks School Field TripCascade Locks School Field TripCascade Locks School Field Trip

If our school can ever be of assistance to you, do not hesitate to ask.

Ed Drew Principal- Cascade Locks School

Rotary Night Hosts Many First Timer Skiers and Snowboarders

Danny learns to snowboard at Mt. Hood Meadows Rotary Night Rotary Ski Night 2010 was the first time on the mountain for kids, including an after school program from St. Francis House in Odell. The Rotary Club of Hood River and Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort teamed up to present the annual Rotary Ski Night to Oregon outdoor enthusiasts. The goal of the event is to bring the community together in the great outdoors and to raise money to support charitable causes.

Held on a Monday in January, this year’s event fell on January 18 - the holiday in which we honor Martin Luther King Junior. The holiday timing allowed thousands of people to join the event and help raise funds to support student scholarships and other Rotary community services. Monday, more than 2,300 Rotary lift tickets were used on the mountain, a vast increase in participation for the annual event.

The Hood River Rotary club rents the ski area for this fund raising event and lift tickets are sold for ten dollars each. Skiers had unlimited use of the mountain from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., access to a slalom race course and free entertainment in the lodge. Tickets were sold by Hood River Rotarians, Columbia Gorge businesses, Mount Hood Meadows ticket booths and many of the Rotary Clubs that comprise Rotary District 5100. Without strong support from Mount Hood Meadows, an event of this magnitude could not happen.

By offering tickets at a low cost and holding the event on a holiday, more people than ever were able to attend from communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The event drew families, students and community members who might otherwise be working. Numerous first-time skiers and boarders also enjoyed the event.

“Everyone has such a great time at Rotary Ski Night and the best part is, proceeds from this event raise money to support Rotary causes - such as scholarships for graduating seniors, free dictionaries for local school children and numerous other projects,” said Michael Schock, Hood River Rotary Ski chairman. “The idea is to bring everyone together on one special night. Offering lift tickets at a low cost allows more people to join in the fun. We are so thankful that Mount Hood Meadows let us hold Rotary Ski Night on a holiday – this allowed many more people to get involved.”

Photo: Danny, a student from an after school program at St. Francis House in Odell, shows his superb skills on his first run on a snowboard at Rotary Ski Night

-- Barbara Ayers

Three Generations Skiing - the Goins

Story: My parents were both ski instructors when I was growing up. I then became one, too, and have passed my love of snow on to my boys, as well. Now my family lives in Seattle, WA. We came down to McMinnville, OR to spend some time with family in the area after Christmas. As part of our visit, my dad, my boys, and I came up to Meadows to share a day. It's always a really special day when we get to ski with all three generations--especially when it's grandpa's treat!

First Run Project Video

First run Video project Mantraman at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

Story: Three video editors later and I finally decided on a editor that produced a video I could live with - Hopefully it is good for a few laughs and a good test for future efforts.

Having a great time at Meadows this season - stay tuned as I will have the go-cam running Monday morning to continue the video saga.

I posted The Mt Hood Meadows First Run video project on YouTube and embedded it at


Mt. Hood Meadows First Run

Story: Sunday was a great day and the 5 inches of powder sure helped.  Thought you might enjoy this photo with the new Go-cam.  Working on a mini-video project for the first run and hope to have something posted soon.  Visit me at

-- Chris W. "Matraman"


Giving thanks at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort

With the holiday season approaching we would like to celebrate the many things for which we are grateful. So many times we get caught up in the holidays – especially in a winter recreation business where Thanksgiving weekend typically signals the kick off to the season.

We are grateful that we’ll be able to share and enjoy the wonder of skiing and snowboarding with our guests this Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for our loved ones, the unconditional warmth, support and love they provide.

We are thankful for the relationship we have developed and fostered with our partners in recreation over the past 42 years – our many loyal guests, the community in which we live and work, the U.S. Forest Service and our incredible group of professional vendors, suppliers and consultants.

We are grateful for our Northwest weather for delivering the 430 inches of annual snowfall which adorns Mt. Hood so beautifully, giving us a long and enjoyable season of recreating.

We appreciate our leadership team for anticipating the needs of our guests and creating a unique and rewarding experience that fascinates our staff and guests.

We give thanks to our hard working and devoted crew that dedicates itself daily to providing an ideal mountain recreation and hospitality experience for our guests.

We are most grateful to our loyal guests who have chosen to make Mt. Hood Meadows a part of their lives.

There is so much more to be thankful for – we invite you to post your comments and share with us those things you would like to celebrate or give thanks for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Luke and Emily

Luke proposed to Emily on opening day at Mt. Hood Meadows Luke asked Emily to marry him while shredding together on opening day. It was a beginning of a great season for Meadows, and the beginning of a life together for Luke and Emily. Love is in the air!

Congratulation Luke and Emily and thank you for sharing your story with us.

Submit your story and a picture here.

Sharon and Danny

Sharon and Danny love Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Story: My husband, Danny, and I have been riding together at Meadows for five seasons now and even longer separately. Our love for snowboarding brought us together and you will find us here every Saturday this season. We can't wait for tomorrow... our first day up this season. Thanks for all the work you guys do to make Mt. Hood Meadows Oregon's best ski resort. We LOVE you, Meadows!

Sam's Story

Sam shares his story about landing big jumps at Mt. Hood MeadowsI think the trip that I landed my first 360 was the trip that made me an addict. All I could think about this whole summer was the mountain. Landing big air jumps just makes you feel like a boss. It's awesome!


Thanks for sharing Sam! That's what this blog is all about - a place for those who love the mountain to share their experiences with others!

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Guest Stories

This blog is all about celebrating the sport and the mountain we enjoy so much and sharing it with others. It's a chance to declare why skiing and snowboarding are so enlivening and to provide some insight into those passionate people who pursue the slopes in search of .. what?

Tell us about your most memorable day at Mt. Hood Meadows, who you were here with and what made it so special? Share with us that day you conquered the trail you had avoided but wanted to explore for so long. Did you have a chance encounter on the slopes that led to a life-time relationship? Enlighten us! We are all adventurer seekers so satisfy our taste for excitement and curiosity. Pique our interest with your story.

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