Meadows Blog

Spring Park Praise

Had a chance to ride the snow park yesterday!  I've been keeping an eye on it as it was being built over the last week...Your team did an insanely beautiful job putting that together!  Thank you so much for a great day!

-- Sunny

Thanks for a great Sister City Visit

Sister City day at Mt. Hood Meadows
Photo: Adam Lapierre

A huge thank you to Mt. Hood Meadows and staff for their continued support with the Hood River-Tsuruta Sister City Organization. Each year Meadows is kind enough to donate rentals, lift tickets and lessons to a group of 20 or so middle school students visiting Hood River from Tsuruta, Japan. The ski trip a highlight of their trip and wouldn’t be possible without the support of Meadows. This year we had 23 students participate in the exchange, and between managers, instructors and rental staff, we were able to get the group geared up and on the ski hill within an hour of arriving. On behalf of the Hood River Sister City Committee and our Japanese visitors, DOMO ARIGATO for everything.

Great Grooming

I just want to compliment your grooming team on the fantastic job they did on Friday (3-21).  The mountain was groomed perfectly for the snow conditions, and we had probably the best day on the snow yet!  We made 32 runs on a wide variety of terrain and kept commenting on how well the runs were groomed all over the mountain.  Keep up the great work!

-- Kim

A Chance Well Taken

I took a chance and got a club card at Meadows this season. I just want to appreciate the changes I have seen made since I last visited 3 years ago. I kept skiing, but drove extra mileage to Timberline because I knew I would have a better experience overall. However, my two recent visits have been great. There is a shift in energy and climate among the staff which has helped changed the atmosphere of Meadows.  I look forward to heading up the mountain again soon!

-- Keena

Compliments to Johnny and Jennifer

Hello There,

I just wanted to say once again how impressed I am with your staff. As a General Manager of a business, I'm always taking notes on how things run at Meadows.

I'd like to particularly praise a couple of your employees:

Johnny Jealous has been nothing short of outstanding with his customer service. I've only been skiing for two seasons and Johnny has helped make every step in the learning process painless. He's simply awesome.

Jennifer Brandt was an absolute rock star in the lift line this morning. Everyone was particularly amped before the gates opened at 8:55am and she dealt with a belligerent customer with the perfect amount of grace and authority.

Thanks again for another terrific day!

Ben Stadey

Praise for Paul Sunderland

Praise for the wonderful lesson my husband and I had today with Paul Sunderland. He was terrific and worked really well with both of us even though we are different levels. It made for one of the best days we have ever had on the mountain. We couldn't recommend him more highly.

-- Ruth

Amazing Attitude Creates Quality Experience

My family has really enjoyed MHM this season - even though the snow hasn't been what we all hoped it would be.  But the slopes have been great. 

What really stands out in my mind this year is the amazing attitude of the people; from the lobby greeter by the concierge to the lift operators!  Friendly, engaging, concerned and entirely focused on the great quality of my experience.  It's that sort of thing that makes me love MHM and spread that message to friends and family all over the country.

Thank you!

-- Pete

Great Lesson from Gordo

Took a masters clinic from Gordo and can't say enough good stuff about him! Learned more from him in this one day than we have in any other "lesson" - he really knows his stuff. Great guy!!

-- Kerry

Kudos to Peter C and Colby

Just wanted to give a shout out for Peter C. and Colby and also the guy greeting people outside of the concierge on December 29th.  We had a large group - 10 or so getting some buddy passes - the experience was easy and awesome.  In fact, our group of 13 skiers loved Meadows and in particular the staff - we thought our So. Cal family would only ski a day or two and we got 4 days with them - yes, one ended up going down in a basket and spending time in the Medical Center - but parents were super impressed with the entire experience.  Please let Peter C. know that I sent this - he has been helpful several times this year.  Thank you!!!

-- Shannon

Thanks To Oscar in the Parking Lot

Hi there, I have been coming to Meadows since 1970 and absolutely love it to this day as a season pass holder, former instructor, and loyal patron.  I want you to know that your employee, Oscar went above and beyond for me when I found my tire was flat in the parking lot on Monday April 8th. 

Oscar was working in the lot getting all of us parked in the usual orderly way.  He came up to me when he saw me looking at my tire.  He told my son and I to go enjoy the day and then come find him or another employee when we were ready to go so that we could be helped out.  He not only told me he was not going to just put air in my tire but flat out told me he was not going to send me down the hill without fixing the tire!  And when it came time to fix it, Oscar put a plug in it for me so I could safely head down the hill.  

He deserves a pat on the back from management for being the kind of employee that Meadows should keep and even promote since he truly understands great customer service.  I just wanted you to know how much it meant to me as a very long time patron. 

Best Regards,


Meadows is the Place to be in March

Had an amazing time on the mountain this past Sunday. Got first tracks down HRM and rode deep POW in PR all morning long.

The weather was some of the best for storm riding I've been in this season. Caught a couple cool point of view shots that sum up some waist deep amazing snow in Elk and how cool the weather system was. It's hard to believe the shots are from the same day.

Meadows is the best place to be in March. This is the 5th season in a row that I can remember outstanding March storms followed by sunny conditions.

The weather reports for Wednesday/Thursday/Friday have me re-arranging my schedule for this week.

Thank You Mt. Hood Meadows

Thank You Mt. Hood MeadowsAs we approach the end of the season, I wanted to let Mount Hood Meadows know about my first snow season experience.  I had a wonderful time learning to snowboard, and progressed from Ballroom Carpet to Heather Canyon in a mere 3 months' time (with 20+ years of surfing experience, the transition was very natural for me).  I truly love the sport and the mountain, and MHM is definitely the place to be.

In mid-February I met someone on the mountain who has changed my life.  I first saw her up at the Mazot, on one of the many gorgeous bluebird days I experienced this season.  We are both musicians as well as SE Portland natives.  She inspires me every day with her musicianship, love and positivity.  We came up to the mountain at least once a week throughout the rest of the season, growing together while doing what we love.  Without a season pass at your resort, I never would have met this person.  I am extremely grateful for MHM to be the venue to meet her, and want to extend the utmost in thanks to everyone who makes your resort a reality every year.

We will see you next year....together!

All the Best,
-- Billy C.

Amazing Steeps Clinic

"Attended the "Steeps Clinic" instructed by Charlie Wolff and Chris Combs. These guys were absolutely AMAZING!!! I've been skiing for over 15 years, and I learned more about skiing today than I ever knew! No more wedge, no more stem-christie skidding turns. Fantastic guidance and very specific technical feedback; they weren't just telling me what to do or what I was doing wrong, they completely explained "why." As soon as I figure out how to guaratee that I can have these same instructors, I will be booking another Steeps Clinic next season!!!!"

-- Dave S.

Thanks to Patrol and HRM Crew for Comfort Care

I wanted to extend a big thanks to the ski patrol and staff of the resort. I wiped out in the private reserve and had to walk out as I lost a ski. Gary of the ski patrol found me, I am fine, and stayed with me on the trek out. The staff at the HRM resort/cafe helped my wife contact ski patrol and try to contact her sister. When we got to the cafe the lady there made sure I was fine and offered to get me some coffee, which I felt was very considerate of her. When I left to go back to the main lot one of your support personal, Shane, give me a ride back to my car as he had monitor the event on his radio. I am very pleased at the help of your fine staff, and feel it was above and beyond what may be expected. 


More Praise for "Mt Hood Express" Jeff

I want to put in a good word about Jeff who works on Mt. Hood Express lift. Beyond just being a great guy with an eternally pleasant attitude, he is the most efficient loader ever. He takes charge, keeps people flowing without pissing them off and makes any line seem shorter. Give him a raise, give him a bonus--he's a keeper.

-- Todd

Superbowl Appreciation

Just to let you know, I was really excited to see you guys open up the hiking to Super Bowl recently. I was fortunate to skin up and ski some great snow in super bowl this past Sunday. Thanks again. You guys are really doing a great job working to make the on mountain experience better for everyone. Kudos to you and the rest of the management and staff.



Here's a slide show of Super Bowl taken by Temira and Pierce from mComm. Enjoy!

Praises All Around

Here is what I would like to report with respect to my Meadows "experience" thus far.

The High Performance Center did an excellent job for me!  My first contact was with Nate who took my call of inquiry about equipment available at the shop.  He was friendly and informative.  I knew after the call that I wanted to see for myself what the shop could do for me; the 10% discount for my season pass was a plus, but not a deal maker.  I had demoed some skis at other resorts the year before, had tried some new boots on, had done on-line research, and was ready to upgrade my equipment.  I began by working with Matt in search of boots.  In short order, Matt found the right boots.  After the initial fitting, I came back a couple of weeks later for the custom insoles.  Matt did a Great Job!!  Really, the boots are right on, and I have been skiing them hard since!!

After the initial boot fitting, I came up for Demo Day and tried six different pairs of skis.  Not finding the ones I thought best for me, I returned a week later to demo more at the pro shop.  I bought the second pair I tried.  I doubt I would have tried them (S7s) had one of the technicians not recommended them to me; I couldn't get around the fact that they look a bit like waterskis.  These skis are nothing short of FABULOUS!!!  The pro shop also set me up with great bindings and installed them quickly!  Heather Canyon, here I come!!

With respect to MHM in general:  The area seems quite well run!  This is especially noticeable when weather conditions or crowds require adjustments in operations; things just seem to go off smoothly without much fanfare.   I particularly appreciate the accuracy of the mountain conditions report on the MHM webpage because it is honest and straight forward.

On the few days I have skied when crowds were large, I have particularly appreciated the manner in which parking is handled, and the courtesy shuttle form the parking lot to the lodge is a nice touch.  The time or two I have seen someone who seems to have had a significant accident, the ski patrol is on the spot!

I have yet to run into a grouchy employee.  It seems staff has been encouraged to go out of its way to make people feel welcome!  It is clear that management has made an effort to instill a culture of helpfulness and friendliness.  Frankly, I don't know how the guys at the chairlift operations stay so positive, particularly when the crowds are large and they have to direct traffic while trying to keep from being skied over or stuck with someone's pole.  But, they do :)


-- Robert

Kudos to Lift Attendant, Jeff!

I have been a frequent visitor at MHM for about 30 years, and a season pass holder for about half of those years (including this year). I wanted to commend Jeff for outstanding courtesy and efficiency at crowd control on the Express chairlift.  Lines moved, and singles were placed in available slots without confusion.  Best I've seen on that lift since it was placed in service.

-- Dan

Incredible Customer Service

Incredible customer service. Resort was very accessible and we had to park in the over-flow lot; which, was NOT an inconvenience. Shuttles to the lodge were rapid, wait time was very minimal.

I have more than 20 years in customer service with fortune 500 companies and the entire staff was the best I have ever seen anywhere. Normally statements like that are to be doubted, but if ever there was a ...staff that defined how I see customer service in a perfect situation, they were that.

My father in law is in a wheelchair and they immediately met him at the door of the lodge and eagerly assisted with quite literally everything. Information, access, advice, all of it was offered and delivered in a very sincere and non-fakey manner.

The staff coverage was incredible. I have never ever experienced service like I saw here, _anywhere_ I've ever been and that includes hotels, restaurants, and vacation lodges all over North America.

The staff at Mt. Hood Meadows redefined what I consider to be the very best about good customer service anywhere. Lodge staff, rental staff, lift staff, instructional staff, grooming, accessibility, it was so far beyond the pale I simply cannot say enough of my experience here.

-- Seann

Meadows is a Rare Gem!

I would like to reiterate how much Mt. Hood Meadows means to me and my family.  I am 46, grew up in New England, and have skied all over US, Canada and Europe. Based upon this experience I think Mount Hood Meadows is a rare gem in that it has such extraordinary diversity of terrain and conditions and is also so well run as a ski area.  Like many other families around this area my three kids have basically grown up with Meadows as their playground, and as a family we cherish the happy memories that we have from skiing there over the years.  Through good times and bad Meadows has been a place of great comfort and joy to us and every year when we see the parking lot attendants waiting as we swing into the main lot for the first time there is a palpable sense amongst all us of "coming home" to the mountain.  I hope all of you at Meadows are proud of where you work and what you do because you have provided such a great experience to all of us in the skiing and riding community for many years.  I can only hope that this service will continue for many more seasons to come.

In summary and with highest regards,

Keep up the good work!

-- Edward

Kudos to Ski Patrol

Kudos to Ski Patrol at Mt. Hood MeadowsFor many a Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, my kids and I have enjoyed the relative quiet of the resort on a holiday morning.  What great family time together, and a great way to work up that appetite for the holiday meal.  This last Thanksgiving ended a bit different, however, as I took a bone shattering fall, and had my "Thanksgiving meal" in the hospital.  Now I don't suppose you want too many injury stories flooding your Blog, but this is not a story about injury, but one of praise for your Ski Patrol!

I was thankful to have received the expert on the slope care by Billy.  I work in healthcare, and supervise a large staff of professionals.  I was quick to recognize Billy's excellent skills, and critical thinking, and I knew I was in good hands and could relax.  While caring for me, he was ever alert to the environment, and ongoing dangers and took control to close the run, until I could safely be removed.  He calmly gave orders to others in my group, and generally organized a very safe rescue.
I have to say, I was a bit anxious about the sled ride out, with early season conditions, and rocks abounding.  My second KUDO goes to Gavin, who knows your mountain as well as home, and did an excellent job of providing me with a very comfortable transport to the clinic!

There were many opportunities for my rescue to be challenging, and I am so very grateful for the excellent, professional team you employ!  The majority of your guests will never need such services, but should be aware of the excellence that is there should the need arrive.  Thank you Gavin and Billy !!!!!!

-- Marcia

Kudos Demo Center!

I want to thank the guys that work in the Demo Center for their impeccable customer service. I had the opportunity to demo some great skis for my level and ended up purchasing them on Sunday during the sale. The guys were there to help us with questions and I even had to go in later on in the day for a boot fitting and Matt helped me out. Thanks to him my boots fit perfectly but most of all I appreciated the assistance from everyone and applaud them for having smiles on their faces - even at 7 in the morning! Kudos to the Demo Center team!

-- Alisa

Good Job Richard!

Richard is our favorite Lift Operator. He's assertive and keeps people moving. Thanks Richard for helping us every Saturday at Hood River or Mt. Hood Express!

-- Beth

Charity at Cooper Spur Mtn. Resort

We (CSRT) had our ski-a-thon as Cooper Spur Saturday. We also had an impromptu charitable collection for one of our members with a serious lung disease. Your employee at Cooper Spur (Deno) pledged a significant $ amount to one of our ski-a-thon kids! AND, one of your parking attendants at cooper spur (red hair/beard - Deno will know him) contributed to our charitable collection! This was an amazingly fond and praiseworthy act by both of these folks. Things like this by the Cooper Spur staff go way over the top of expectations and really set it apart as a family focused area. I just wish we could count on snow there! I hope you find a way to praise / acknowledge these guys - thank you.

-- Rich

Lift Ops Improvements

Your crew working the Mt. Hood Express lift is doing a great job. In general your lift operations have greatly improved. Give them a yell. Cheers.

-- Mike

Great Experience With Programs

Kudos to Patrick Billings, ski instructor. My daughters finished their make-up lesson today. Lauren B. was able to have him come up extra to teach a make-up class and the girls loved being able to finish off their sixth session with Patrick. Continuity is valued by parents and loyalty is well establish with young ones. Patrick took several little girls who had never been on skis and had them progress from the ballroom carpet on day one to Mt. Hood Express-Ridgerun, Beavertail, South Canyon etc today. I'm so excited and thankful. I appreciate all the ski lesson crew for their hard work and due diligence! Also kudos to Scott in rental for going the extra mile. One day last month, he insisted on coming up to the ballroom carpet to make a binding adjustment when I failed to bring my daughter & boot in with the ski! He was happy for a little fresh air and I was appreciative that it saved time. Again, thank you for your team work. 

- Sandi (mother), Keeley (7) and Mckenna (6)

Thanks Aileen at Concierge

I want to praise Aileen at the Concierge desk for going far out of her way to help me today (Sunday, March 6th). She was extremely helpful and saved me a great deal of stress, expense, and possible illness -- the batteries in one of my medical devices unexpectedly died, and the retailers were out of stock of the AAAs I needed. Somehow she was able to find some quickly enough that I was able to continue with my day as planned, instead of making an emergency trip back to Portland. 

I am impressed and very grateful!

-- Rogan

Great Crew

After a long day of snowboarding on Thursday I could not get my vehicle started. It was cold, it was snowing hard. I was distressed. The concierge desk called in the lot attendants, the lot attendants got a mechanic involved and together we eventually got it started and I safely got of the mountain. Everyone involved was so helpful and cool about it. Can't thank them enough. Meadows has an A+ crew top to bottom. I'm truly impressed at the operations in general this year. Thanks again.

-- Phillip

Love the Grooming

I love the grooming you are doing this year. I was disappointed in the lift offerings last Friday (March 4th). The other lift operators were very helpful however in answering questions regarding the reasons and timing of them returning to service.

-- Lawrence

Kudos to Tina at Passholder Services!

I would like to offer a very heartfelt thanks and the highest praise for Tina Buschauer in your seasons pass and group sales department. We brought a Young Life group of 60 to your mountain for the President's day weekend. There was a mix of juniors and adults and some who needed to rent equipment and others who only wanted to ski one day instead of two. To put it mildly it was very complicated.

Tina was calm and just extremely helpful. She was so easy to work with. You have a great customer service oriented employee in Tina and one that ads great value to your company.

Kudos to Tina.

-- John

Entertaining Snow Reporting

Hi there,

I just want to say thank you to the great writer, who gives the daily report. I'm enjoying reading it and looking forward not only to the messages but also to the entertaining style. THANKS!

-- Andrea

Praise for Tony Smiley

Praise for Tony Smiley!! What a nice way to end a perfect day of skiing!!! He is a talented musician!! Thank you!

-- Chris

Cookies and Clinics Kudos



1. Great customer service when MHM hands out cookies on busy weekends. Not only do people appreciate it, but it puts everyone in a good mood as well, including the lift operators who get to make people happy… Nice touch!


2. Womens Clinic: My daughter attended the last Womens Clinic & couldn't say enough about the instructor and the difference it made in her skiing.


Keep up the good work!

-- Joe

Great Clinic Instruction by Sean

I would like to commend one of your ski/boarding instructors Sean Torney ( hope thats right ). I have been taking the two hour walk in lessons, and was impressed with Sean's kindness and skill. I learned a lot from him during my session, and felt both safe, and at the same time encouraged to try new things and press my limits. I have taken classes from several instructors now, but feel like Sean was most definitely the best yet!

Great Job!! And Thank you medows for having such kind and capable staff.

-- Tara

Thanks for Early Cascade Opening

Great job getting Cascade open so early on Thursday! I think that might be the earliest I have seen that lift open on a weekend. Also, one of your morning lift ops at Mt. Hood Express has the best attitude and great customer service. The best I have seen at Meadows. Name on badge is Stone.

See you next week!!!

-- Jason

Chairway to Heaven Fun

Thank you for the fun festivities at the Blue Chair on Sunday for Valentine's Day!! It was great with the fire pit, comfy chairs and good treats!

I also want to thank the folks at Shooting Star, I made them a bird feeder last season (I was making them for my golfing group and had to work on them after skiing so I told the guys that was what I planned to do most afternoons and they said that they could use one too. I thought they would just put it inside because it had pink roses all over it) to my surprise they had it up all last season and brought it back out this year. It was kinda falling apart, it is now good as new, Leo fixed it and it is hanging once again.

I feel that staff on all the lifts are fantastic! It is so fun to be welcomed on every lift on the mountain by name and a big smile! Thanks guys, you are the best!

-- Lynann

Efficient Lift Lines - Eddie for Employee of the Month!

I am a season pass holder. In the lift line on sunday 2/13later in the afternoon EDWARD was working putting folks into groups of four and managing the merge of the 2 incoming lines at cascade express. He was very friendly and directive with people and the lines were moving fast and without issues due to him and his great attitude to keep the lines moving. I nominate him for employee of the month. he did a great job! -- David

Praise for Kids Programs

Thank you very much, it's been an awesome year for the kids. I am also a convert, MHM is so much more kid-freindly and my kids prefer it over Timberline, for sure. I love how you can see so much from the huge lodge windows and everyone can check in on regular intervals just out fromt by the kiosk or ski check. It has worked great! The instructors for all the kids have been top notch. Thank you for your time and help. You were great with all my questions. I'll know what I am doing next year! -- Jan

Blue Bird Days of February

The high pressure system we've been enjoying the past week has set up some stunningly beautiful and fun days on the mountain. Spring-like skiing conditions throughout the day and into the evening has made this usually wintery time of year enjoyable. Morning corduroy gives way to afternoon hero corn great for carving. The groomers have been doing exceptional work - laying magnificent corduroy down on our 70 inch base. And the result - we'll let our guests tell you.


Come on up and see what you've been missing!

Video filmed and edited by Pierce Hodges from mComm (Mountain Communications).

Talon Made the First Time Lesson Great

Hello, I purchased your 3x learn to snowboard package and spent my first day on the mountain yesterday in over 6 years. Your instructor, Talon, was just great. He really broke down the steps so that everyone in the group felt comfortable and made the experience fun for adults who were trying hard and not wanting to look too silly. Thanks for having such a great deal for learning and such great instructors! -- Jennifer

Compliments to the Groomers

I have been a pass holder for about 20 years and would like to compliment the grooming crew for the amazing quality they produce, and the vast amount of area you groom,( when needed). I love ripping your courderoy! also at least one of you is completely mental for laying a track down that thing at the start of marmot ridge, oring, 4 bowl..ect. what a ride that must be! Keep it up guys. -- Rick

Honest Snow Reporting Receives Praise

Over the past two seasons Mt. Hood Meadows has restructured its snow reporting efforts, creating a Mountain Communications team (mComm). These communications pros take the job of reporting accurately and immediately changing conditions and lift operations. Certainly last week's extreme weather presented challenges, but also placed mComm in the spotlight. We wanted to share comments received from guests about our team's efforts - as well as share with you a time lapse sequence of weather photographed by Temira and edited by Pierce from mComm.

Great work team!

Just want to say thanks for the accurate post on the conditions page AND it's nice to have the humor too. I know it's been a tough January but we are dealing with mother nature, so better to find the humor! - Natalie

I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate the humor and honesty that the condition reports have. Whoever is in charge of the communications is doing a great job! They are the best conditions reports I have seen from a mountain. - Allison

Wow, simply amazing! Truth and honesty in the snow ( rain...) report , delivered with humor and a suggestion to come to the mountain anyway to watch the games for a change of scenery and some social time . No other ski areas seem to deliver these fabulous descriptions of what's REALLY happening, instead preferring to hedge their bets with clipped vague wording when the weather is really better for ducks than humans.You ROCK !!! - Julie

Fun For the Whole Family

1st time on the slopes at 5 years oldThanks for a great weekend ski experience. My husband and I hadn't skied for 10 years and this was our 5 year old's first ski experience and we left our 2 year old daughter in the day care. We were very impressed overall with how well run the resort was. Management seemed very present and involved in making sure everything was running smoothly and customer needs were met. When we had a question about where to find the deli, someone actually walked us there despite a busy Sat. crowd. Also, we observed how all staff from food service to day care, to ski school to rentals, really wanted to make sure we had everything we needed and had a great experience. We will definitely be back. Thanks for working so hard to make everything run so smoothly! -- Rachelle and Family

Womens Clinics - Desiree Great!

This past Sunday, Jan 9th, I took the women's clinic and had Desiree as our groups instructor. I just wanted to say how GREAT she was. She was patient, enthusiastic and completely helped our group build the confidence we needed to get down some terrain some of us might not have skied before. The other instructors were very helpful as well. It was a great clinic and I will be signing up for more now.

-- Laura

Twilight Kids Club Kudos

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone at Mt Hood Meadows for an outstanding day! Your twilight kids program made it financially feasible to introduce my daughter to the sport and your staff was wonderful. We were greeted with smiles and positive attitudes everywhere we went, even cookies at the front door! The rental staff made the difficult task of getting two kids outfitted as pain-free as possible and your instructors were top notch, even providing me with slope side progress reports.

I am a long time skier/snowboarder and have been looking forward to the time when I can enjoy skiing with my daughter, thank you for making her first day a success! Having a few hours to get a few turns in myself was the icing on the cake, what a great time!

Please feel free to pass this message on to those who were responsible for such a great experience.

-- Josh

HPC Boot Lab will save your feet

The past three seasons, I have been dealing with horrible foot pain from my boots. I have tried a bunch of different brands of boots and they all gave me trouble, actually, they were ruining my on hill experience. Finally, on opening day I had had enough of the pain and decided to go to the High Performance Center and see what they could do for me. I ended up talking to Matt Monboquette at the HPC about the issues I was having and he suggested that I get some conformable footbeds. Apparently he had just attended the Masterfit University and was gung-ho to make my boots work. Not only did he make my boots fit like they were made for me, he gave me all kinds of great tips about lacing and fit in general that I was previously oblivious to. The process is quick, easy and affordable! If your boots are hurting or you just want to experience ultimate comfort in your boots you will not regret going to see these guys.

-- Clint

Meadows: Thanks to Clint and to our crew at the HPC. By the way, Clint snowboards and was our first guest that we make customized footbeds for snowboard boots for. The principals work for both disciplines so stop by HPC to find out how we can improve your day on the mountain.

Making Learning Fun!

Happy New Adventurer at Mt. Hood MeadowsI have a PRAISE!!! I signed up the the 1st timer/3 time lessons. I have to say so far I have loved it. The first day was a little rough (and it was busy, thanksgiving weekend). My second time was perfect I had Rod as a teacher and he was wonderful. I learned a lot and got way more comfortable on my board. You guys/gals made sure that I got into the right class for my level and I would say it was wonderful. Thank you so much for the package for 1st timers, it is completely worth it. You are are doing an AWESOME job!!!! Keep it up.

-- Guest Ali-Andrea

Meadows: The 3 Time Passport at just $99 is an excellent way to begin your New Adventure on the slopes!

Glorious Return to the Mountain

Ashley M @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Dear Meadows Staff,

I finally got to ride at Meadows for the first time in five years yesterday, and had an amazing day! The staff in every area was outstanding, and my sincere thanks goes out to them for being so genuinely kind, accommodating, and helpful.

Specifically, there was a man with a broken foot, whom I asked several questions throughout the day, and every time he was so genuinely accommodating. I was impressed, especially this late in the season! I am sure he is bumming on the broken foot, but he was wonderful.

The ski shop employees were extremely kind as well. I had a problem with my son's binding, and when we walked in to see if they could fix it, they were so kind and non-intimidating. I was very impressed. I cannot remember the name of the man who fixed my son's board, but he was extraordinarily helpful and patient. Since the repair required a little time, we sat in the shop for a while, and he was equally welcoming to every person of every walk of life who walked in. I have had a job where I had to answer the same question a thousand times and deal with snobby people and punk people, and I was horrible at it! This guy was amazing.

We finally got out on the mountain and had one of the best days ever up there!

Thank you so much to all the staff!


-- Ashley M

No Separation Anxiety Here

I managed to get separated from my 4 year old son today while loading the Cascade Chair. I'd like to whole-heartedly thank the skiers and the lift operators that helped us reunite... especially the folks who rode up with him on the chair, and kept him feeling calm.

What could have been a traumatic experience has actually boosted my sons confidence, and reenforced the sense of community and cooperation that I feel up at the mountain.

I'd also like to thank the lift-operators at Meadows that consistently recognize and great him by name (before reaching for the pass)... way to stoke the kids!

-- HR Dad

Awesome Lesson From Brent

I just wanted to let you guys know I had a wonderful time learning to ski in a group lesson with Brent on Sunday (the 10 am lesson 2/27). He was so patient with us and I had no idea how easy he would make it. I thought I'd spend the whole two hours on my butt, but instead, I spent the whole afternoon skiing...can't wait to come back up, and thanks Brent! I've wanted to learn to ski my entire life. My goal is to get good enough to ski back down the mountains I climb. I've spent a lot of time on Hood's summit, but skiing is a whole new thing. Thanks for helping me experience the mountain in an entirely different way!

-- Amy M.

Cascade Locks School Field Trip

I want to thank everyone involved who provided the opportunity for our middle school students to experience a day cross country skiing. My understanding is that more than 120 students throughout the Hood River County Schools were involved.

Cascade Locks School Field Trip

In our school, many of our students lack the financial ability to enjoy an activity of this sort. With you providing the equipment, lessons and the facility, our kids got to do something for the first time. They returned to school the next day telling and retelling their personal adventures on "the mountain".

 Cascade Locks School Field TripCascade Locks School Field TripCascade Locks School Field Trip

If our school can ever be of assistance to you, do not hesitate to ask.

Ed Drew Principal- Cascade Locks School

First Name Friendliness

This year has been such a great year to call Meadows home! Every time we come up (often) we are greeted by name. . .which is amazing. Starting with Kevin Brown, but details like that don't escape adorable Justine in the restaurant. Seriously-always greated by name and with a smile.
Don't know what you are doing different, but many of us are talking about it. Brian and Matt at the bar are the same story. Just one good solid team, and a great experience every time. No complaints here!

-- Janet P.

Marsha is a Terrific Instructor

I took my first ski lesson Saturday afternoon with Marsha and wanted to let you know she was a terrific teacher! She was patient with the beginners and made learning lots of fun. I appreciated her positive attitude and great instructions and can't wait to take my family to Meadows to ski again in a few weeks. Thanks for a great day!

-- Elizabeth F.

Kudos to Cheryl in Children's Learning Center

We have been coming to Meadows for years. Utilizing the daycare and Childrens Learning Center services. This year we have noticed an incredible change. The best change is the addition of Cheryl. She has given us so much more confidence to leave our kids. She shows care and concern for every child and parent that enter the Learning Center. So many times we have seen her excuse herself from other service to comfort many children and parents suffering from seperation anxiety. She seems to me to be the core of this area at Meadows. We want to give a well deserved KUDOS to her and to the person who decided to add her to the Meadows staff! Hopefully Meadows directors see her as a valuable asset to your facility.

-- Katrina

MnMs and More

Been up skiing in all sorts of conditions - loving it. Your crew is awesome, love all the new personal touches you've implemented this season. Right down to the MnM's and map guy!

-- Shannon F.

Praise to the Lift Attendants

Keep up the good work! I appreciate the positive "upbeat" attitude of your lift line operators. They do a pretty good job of keeping the lines moving quickly and with a smile.

-- Carly B.

Way to go Lift Operators

Just wanted to tell you how much my family have enjoyed skiing at Mount Hood Meadows. Your lift operators are extremely helpful and friendly. This makes such a huge difference to the whole skiing experience. Especially when you have your kids with you. Many thanks,

Sorcha P.

Best Grooming in Years

This message is for your grooming team.

I've been one of your regular Tuesday/Thursday skiers for many years and wanted to let you guys know how GREAT the grooming was yesterday. It was the best I've seen in years. Normally I ski 40/60 groom to off piste. With the horrible conditions off groom, to be surprised with well thought out groom lines on the black runs was wonderful.

Thanks again.

-- Jacki M.

Love The Groomers

I would like this message to be sent and shared with the grooming crew!

We the riders of the tuesday NE Metro bus would like to praise the groomers for the wonderfull job they did on the grooming for tuesday. We skiied places we have not been to all year. We especially like upper elevator, catacomes , O-ring, 3D, the gulch that joins mitchell creek, and gemmini. Thank you soo much , keep up the good work . We love you.

Elaine G.

More Grooming Praise

The grooming this year is terrific. Greatly improved from the past. Smoother and broader and much more of the mountain is groomed. Thank you so much.

-- Rebecca W.

Kudos to Grooming

Kudos to Mt. Hood Meadows for there excellent grooming this year!

-- Carletta M.

Great Kids Lesson Jesse!

About 3-4 weeks ago, one of your instructors, a young man by the name of Jesse, gave our 5 year old a snowboard lesson. My son started boarding at the age of 3 but couldn't get past Buttercup. My husband and I would take turns riding with him and the other parent would board with our older son, so we would have to split up. Since his lesson with Jesse, he is a new snowboarder! He is really getting good! We have made it up on Vista, Daisy and Cascade and are able to ride as a whole family. We are enjoying our trip up to the mountain so much more! A big THANKS to Jesse! He has really made the difference for our trips up the mountain every Sunday. Just wanted to make sure Jesse knows the difference he is making with families and children. THANKS!!!

-- Dana H.

Great Job Opening Lifts on Time

Just a note to let you know how appreciated my family is of your service this yr.--ESPECIALLY how prompt you are on getting the lifts open on time ------ My schedule allows several early morning hours. It's so nice when Heather, Casacade, etc are open promptly & not when I need to get down the hill to work ( as in past years) GREAT JOB ---MANY THANKS**

-- John R.

Grooming Kudos

I just want to again compliment you and I know many of the people on the Thurs. bus feel the same way, on the grooming you've been doing on Thurs. Many of us, who have been skiing for many years, but don't want to ski off cliffs or work the thick 'junk' anymore, appreciate those groomed black diamonds. It's nice to know someone is listening.

-- Doug H.

Races Went Great

Lots of thanks to you guys for working with the Meadows Race Team. My kids had EXCELLENT time this weekend.

-- Jack

Race Crew and Grooming Great

Kudos the race crew and the amazing grooming your team has been doing this year! Our son is an MRT racer, and we camp in our motorhome in the parking lot throughout the season. Not only have the race courses been beautiful, but the entire hill has been beautifully groomed. Especially important for the low snow days, of which there have unfortunately been quite a few. Many thanks to you and the entire Meadows team!

-- Amy W.

Lift Operators Make It A Great Day

Hi i just wanted to say that I went snowboarding at meadows 2 weekends ago, and i just want to give a big thanks to a few employees/ lift operators working there that day. I got all of their names! Alex Artemchuk, Matt, Scotty Cyphers, Amber, Landon, and Smouse! Thanks you guys for helping me and makin sure i had a good time!!!

-- Nikki P.

Mazot Just Right

This season you really have it right at the Mazot! I have brought at least 7 friends there, and everyone agrees. It is the place where you feel like you are on vacation and cutting school at the same time. The music is great-they will change the station if you ask. Dano and Kaitlyn (did I spell her name right?) are great-they remember your drinks, are excited about Meadows, and make you feel welcome.

The Mazot is a gem, and the people make it sparkle!

-- Janet, Jim, Dean, Clayton, Ian and Steve!

Ski School Adaptive Program Great

I want to praise everyone working the counters in your ski school and rental shop. Everyone is so friendly and they do a great job shuttling all the people through. Rosanna and Ben are so helpful.

Your adaptive program is great. I want to praise Ian Duncan for the wonderful lessons he has given my son. I was going to have my son first sit on a bi-ski but Ian saw his potential to balance and he has him paralell skiing now. Ian believed in him and to see him ski is absolutely amazing. Ian is a great teacher in more ways than just skiing. He pushes my son to his full potential with sign language, speaking and carrying his own equipment.

Our experience at Meadows has given my son more confidence and he is pretty proud of himself. I can't thank all of you enough.

-- Amy H.

Curt Awesome Kids Instructor

I just want to say that ski instructor "Curt" who has a beard, was awesome! My daughter and 3 other kids from our school ski trips have been in his class and they loved him! He did an excellent job and they learned alot, I would definetly take lesson with you all again, and I hope all the instructors are like Curt, the girls really liked him.

-- Angela H.

Tuesday Midweek Grooming Great

this is Praise----grooming's been excellent on Tuesdays, thanks! lets this chicken F skier zoom right along..........cheers and see you all next Tuesday

-- Sandy L.

Midweek Grooming Superb

Please pass this message on to the grooming crew. I take a bus load of skiiers to the mountain every tuesday and thursday. I want to thank the grooming crew for doing a very excellent job of grooming this past week and ask that they keep it up. In particular "catacombs" which is not always groomed was wonderfull and lots of fun to ski down. I spread the word amoung my bus riders about that run and I think they all skiied it and loved it.
We really appreciate your work and really love to find that place on the mountain that is not always accessible to some of us who are not double black diamond skiiers.

Now have you considered running the groomer up upper elevator- one of my favorite runs when the ice and wind chop is groomed down.

You guy are our heros!!

-- Elaine G.

Great Lesson from Scott

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great one of your instructors is. I had the chance to take a night lesson last Friday from Scott Michell and have to say he was a great instructor. He took time and started from the basics and worked his way to getting me down the slope. Because of him, I want to take ski lessons and get my daughter into classes. Good job!

-- Grant D.

Thanks for Hosting Races

My daughter races in the Mt. Hood League. We have had two races that were scheduled for Ski Bowl and as you know, they have no snow. Nothing anyone can do about that but YOU GUYS stepped up and made room for everyone not just last week but this week-end also. I just want you to know that your help is not going unrecognized. We very much appreciate your support of the High School racing program. Thank you for the extra effort.

Very Truly,

-- Toby D

Marked Improvements and Suggestions for More

As a frequent visitor, and critic, of MHM, I must commend management for the consistently outstanding grooming operations. Whether fresh new snow or old beaten snow, the grooming crew has been providing stellar conditions.

Employee attitudes in the 2009-2010 season are a pleasant reversal from the surly and unfriendly atmosphere of past years. Lift op crews have been outstanding.

MHM still needs to address the antiquated and cumbersome lift ticket system. Constantly fumbling for tickets buried under layers of clothing and poorly operating scanners create bottlenecks in lift queues and tensions among patrons and employees. Installation of modern ticket scanning technology utilizing readily available RFID systems would lesson hassles and ultimately prove cost effective as employee head count would be reduced, violators more easily identified, and statistical analysis of lift usage would be more accurate.

Again, positive acknowledgment of operational improvements. Now, all we need is for nature to cooperate and send some more snow our direction!

-- Ken M.

Thanks For Accommodating Race Camp

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Meadows crew for all their work in accommodating the Multnomah Athletic Club for the ski camp held this past week and the day of race logistics. We really appreciated the extra efforts made by staff to help put this together—it was a great to have their cooperation and extra efforts in accommodating the needs of the team.

-- Kathryn and Michael

PS Hope to see you at the mountain soon--thanks!

Nice and Relaxing Meal on a Busy Day

Our experience at Mt Hood Meadows was very positive. The employees were all very helpful. The bus drivers from Sunrise lot helped customers off the bus holding their skis, The greeters were friendly, The lift operators courteous and friendly.

We had a very nice experience in the restaurant. We ate at the Alpenstube. The Hostess was great. It was packed, but she was very efficient, checked back with us that a table was coming up, and made the short wait fine. The system was organized and worked well. We were taken to our table and seated with a very friendly way. The table was comfortable and it did not seem packed in as is so often the case when we eat at a ski resort. We received water right away, which is nice coming off the hill tired and thirsty.

I ordered ice tea, and the Greek Salad Pita. My wife had a diet coke and the Thai Chicken Curry. My son had a coke and the western BBQ bacon Burger. My daughter had a diet coke and the Tuscan Foccacia chicken sandwich. We eat out quite a bit and I would consider us on the picky side of expectations for restaurant food. Everyone loved the food. I did not ask for specific feed back just listened and they all thought the food was great. The waffle fries were commented on, my son raved about the burger, My pita was fresh and really satisfying. We only have positives for the food. Our waitress was very friendly, and was trying hard.

It was a very nice meal in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks again for a great day with my family.

Have a very happy new year.

-- Don M

Thanks Ski School For Sno-Blaster Registration

Hi Darren,

I wanted to thank you once again for your help in registering my kids for the upcoming sno-blaster session. New Years Eve was certainly a busy day on the mountain and I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through the program and the registration process (twice!). Carter and Charlie had a great time skiing with Bill last week and are looking forward to seeing him again this Saturday.

With appreciation,

-- Michelle S

Great Guest Service @ Cooper Cup

Hi, I would like to comment on the customer service we have experienced at the resort this year. It's great! All the employees are so helpful and friendly.My daughter races for Cooper Spur Race Team and having our winter camp at Meadows was so much fun for everyone. Paul Jones and Chris Kastner made sure we had everything we needed-thanks! So many families were commenting on the great atmosphere you have created and had a great week. The race crew was terrific for our Cooper Cup race and made it so easy for us- thanks Rev and crew! The hot cocoa for the kids after their really wet race on the 31st was a HUGE hit - thanks Paul.

I also want to comment on the awards arena for the Winter Start race this weekend. Kevin Brown and crew did a fantastic job! We have never had a nicer area for an awards ceremony. Again, many parents were commenting on the huge effort you all are making to make our time at Meadows better. Thanks for making customer service a priority!

-- Kathy M

Thanks From A Guest In Need

I would like to let Kevin Brown's supervisor/manager know that Kevin performed admirably last week while helping me seek aid for an injury. His professionalism, attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure that I was taken care of reflect favorably upon himself and Mt Hood Meadows. He did a great job and made a difficult situation much easier. He should be commended.

-- Jim B.

Kudos To The Grooming Department

Kudo's to the Groom Crew - belated hats off to the crew for doing an outstanding job. They did a particularly outstanding job the week of Dec 14. The days I was up there, I couldn't find any ice on the groomed runs, despite having no snow for over a week. Great Job!

-- Jim B.

Racing Support Recognized and Thanks To Pass Holder Assistance Crew

Thank you for all of your support of mini, mitey and junior racing programs over the holiday break. My kids 6 and 8 ski for MAC, and they had a great ski camp, due in part to the generous help given by The Meadows. The Sno Blasters Room, the Easy Rider training hill for the little ones and the great Stadium hill and race facility made the program fun for all. Thank you.

I thought my 6 year old lost his pass, and the people in the season pass office were so kind. I found the pass in the car, due to a neck gator issue. They were very professional and very nice. I know they are very busy. Keep them around. Sorry I don't know their names. One was a snowboard looking guy who seemed to be the boss and a girl with long dark hair.

Happy New Year,

-- Tom G.

Group Day Big Success

Yesterday Meadows accomodated our large group very well. We all had a great time-little kids to adults. Thanks to the whole team up there for another great Christmas outing for our group!!!!!!!!!!!!Also thanks to Rob Dahl for helping us out with group arrangements!

-- Mary

Compliments To Your Parks Crew!

We had out first practice on December 18th. I must agree that the park looked great. The kids kept telling me how good the jump was in Rose City and there were many smiling faces in Shipyard. I must extend compliments to the entire Meadows Staff for putting together one of the best night products I have seen in a while. Congratulations!

Also, the general vibe was very positive and enthusiastic about this season! The mini-pipe is a great size for getting riders ready for the super-pipe and there was a great mix of jibs/rails. Thank you for all of the effort this far. We look forward to having a stellar 2010 season.


-- Chip

Kids Camp Food Awesome

Manuel and Jim -

I just wanted to take a minute and say that the job your teams did on the Kids Camp was the best I have seen in my time at Meadows. The food is hot and fresh and on time, the presentation is wonderful - and the guests have noticed!!!  I have received several compliments and I am passing them along with a giant pat on the back. Thanks for making the difference!!!!!!

Awesome Job By Entire Crew!

By the way, the whole crew up here is doing awesome work today. It has been incredibly smooth for the crowd we've got, and as a long time guest, I give today two thumbs up.  MHM rocks!

Rentals and the Alpenstube Staff Shine

My friends and I had a great time. The people who helped me rent skis were pleasant and conversational. The guys working the lifts were also really nice - especially Dylan.

I went to the Alpenstube around 12:15, which seemed to be about the height of the lunch rush. My bartender was Matt greeted me and asked for my drink order within seconds of me sitting down at his completely full bar. We chatted a little bit and he was super nice. I sat with two different groups of friends for snacks and later a full lunch, and both of our servers were friendly, fast, and efficient. I was surprised by how quickly the food arrived, and we were impressed by the quality (we had a burger and a chicken focaccia sandwich).

I have been trying to think of a helpful suggestion about what could be improved from a customer's standpoint, but honestly, we had a wonderful experience on this visit.

Wishing you a lovely holiday season with warm regards,

-- Kelly Q

Thanks For The Memories

I am on the short side of 80 and skied for 54 years on Mt Hood. Yes I had all 5 of my children on skis plus one grandchild. I have one daughter that still skis and 4 grandchildren. (Jason Dronkowski now works part time up there). I had to give up the thrill 10 years ago for health reasons. I was there, at meadows, opening day and enjoyed the first trip to the top of blue and asked the same question everybody asked,” where do we go from here”

You have made great improvements over all these years, not only with the trails, but the lifts are top of the line for the Northwest and well placed. I really miss not being up there on those cold, but sunshine days. Then again you have helped me, you have videos running the trails. I love them; I can once again get the thrill of the trails by watching those videos. Thank you thank you!

Oh yea I should mention my last time on skis was from the top to the lodge, non stop, wonderful!

-- Bob K.

Thanks to the Lift Ops Crew

I'm a 15 year skier at Meadows and have been a season ticket holder since you started the 4x4. BIG PROPS to the lift ops crew especially the supervisers for the way things are being done this year!! Being a Hood River resident my wife and I are regulars for first chair at the HRM lift on (almost) every powder day. The biggest improvement we see from last year is the crew is there early enough to have the ropes set and the loading area 'groomed' and ready to go by the time we and our other regular friends ski up, typically by 8:30. The guys working the lift have been friendly, letting us know opening status with out us asking, etc. Having the hut open by 8 when we arrive is great too. Keep it up! Thanks much!!!

-- Art C.

Way to Go Parking Crew

I was stuck in the parking lot, around 2:30 this afternoon. Out of nowhere a meadows employee appeared while I was preparing to put on chains. He surveyed the situation, noted as I had that I was only going to need the chains for 50 ft. His expert advise, back it up two feet, and now easy on the gas, don't spin the tires, don't stop till your over there facing down hill, and finally a push with help from another helper at just the right moment, and I was out and on my way, without slipping a tire, amazing. I wasn't looking forward to crawling around putting on chains and this guy and his friend saved me. I gave a thumbs up as I drove away, but that it not enough. Please thank them for me. I am sure you will find them handing out good deeds tomorrow afternoon in the parking lot.

-- Paul C. and his 10 year old son - Thanks guys.

Extraordinary Courteous Staff

In addition to the survey that I participated in, I would like to commend your staff on the noticeable improvements this season.

Thank you for opening the lodge early at the HRM lift, for opening the lifts on time, for the extraordinarily courteous staff this year (good riddance to the grumpy attitude of past employees), and for the porta potties at the outer reaches of the parking lots. The smiling faces and welcoming attitudes of the employees, at all levels, have really enhanced the experience. It's been a marvelous season so far ....

Thanks again for the upgrades! We'll be entertaining alot of our family and friends at Meadows this season. Happy Holidays!

-- Lisa M

Great Job Group Services

I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding my experience in working with your team for the Oregon Active Ski Bus. We are in our 4th week and you guys have been amazing to work with. Starting with Rob who has been great every step of the way. He was able to get creative with our needs and has delivered on every promise. He personally reaches out to me each week to make sure everything went great the previous Sunday and anticipates my needs for the upcoming week.

George, you have also been great to work with and have made the check in process smooth, fast, and most importantly friendly. Really your entire team has been fantastic to work with and we really appreciate all you have done for us. When I compare this experience with my previous experience with your competitors, you clearly have the edge when it comes to organization and customer service.. As our numbers grow each week it's a clear indication that the program is working and we really look forward to a long term relationship with Mt Hood Meadows.

If there is anything we can ever do on our end to make things better for you please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to the fresh snow and see you on the mountain this Sunday!

All my best,


Rental Shop Fabulous

The students had a great time!! Though it was not ideal snow conditions (packed snow with some fluff on top), they still did well and no injuries.

The rental office staff were fabulous! They really work to service our group and I truly appreciate it.


-- Mary P.

Friendly Employees

After skiing today I got the opportunity to talk with one of your employees, Lupe who works in the warehouse. He was off work waiting for his ride home. He was very friendly, asking me about how I liked Meadows and about other places I have skied. He was enthusiastic about what a great place Meadows is and by telling about his experiences showed me what great management you have. He described how Meadows is dedicated to creating a great experience for its customers, and his enthusiasm and appreciation for Meadows made a strong statement. He made my apres ski as enjoyable as the skiing! Meadows sounds like as good a place to work as it is to ski!

Thanks for another great day on the mountain, and for more reasons than the skiing!

-- Lynd W

Nights Off To Great Start

Spent last night on the mtn and wanted to say, that every employee I came in contact with was fantastic! From the folks in the rental dept, to folks manning the lifts. Everyone was laid back and more importantly, professional. I know working in the dark and windy cold can be challenging. Great job! It allowed many of us to enjoy a fantastic evening of night skiing under a full moon!! Definitely coming back for more!

-- Jeff D.

Great Nordic Grooming

My wife and I are Nordic season pass holders and got up last weekend, which was terrific. Your groomer is doing an amazing job, particularly for skate skiing. Is it possible on the Conditions page to put a line next to the Nordic Center information (or on the link for the Grooming Report at Conditions page) updating if they groomed the Nordic area for that day? We'd really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

-- Eric E.

Season Pass Department Kudos

We received the best of help and service from the season pass department. Great group, great leader.

-- Bob S.

Lift Line Control Improved

The lift line control this weekend was a wonderful change. It will take the crowd a bit to catch on, but this is definitely better. My only suggestion it to keep the lines equal in number. On Hood River Express there were an odd number of merging lines, and this caused two lines to merge, and the other advanced without merging. (This does not include the singles line.) This makes the one line that has to merge get pushy.

At any rate, way to go!

-- BJ

Recreating Yourself - It Shows!

I made it for the first time Saturday! It was grand snow. BUT........what a difference your team made. I have skied with the same buds for over 30 years now and I have skied at Meadows when it opened, I was 16!

The buds are all professional people and two of us own long term successful businesses in Portland. I am writing to tell you that the "company culture" at Meadows has made 180 degree turn. Your people was very helpful, pleasant and some of the best trained people I have ever done business with in or out of the ski industry. I got my season pass in 10 minutes Saturday! Everyone was there to help and to serve you! You have done a great job.

The people I talked with that gave us service all said the same middle and upper management changed and the message from the top was new and exciting...IT SHOWED!

Dave, thanks, it was a pleasure to enjoy a great was way better than the snow. I did get a number of waste deep shots in 2 and 3 bowl and O-ring and all those fun places, but the people, what can I say?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

-- Mark C

Company Culture Change for the Good

I made it for the first time Saturday! It was grand snow. BUT........what a difference your team made. I have skied with the same buds for over 30 years now and I have skied at Meadows when it opened, I was 16!

The buds are all professional people and two of us own long term successful businesses in Portland. I am writing to tell you that the "company culture" at Meadows has made 180 degree turn. Your people was very helpful, pleasant and some of the best trained people I have ever done business with in or out of the ski industry. I got my season pass in 10 minutes Saturday! Everyone was there to help and to serve you! You have done a great job.

The people I talked with that gave us service all said the same middle and upper management changed and the message from the top was new and exciting...IT SHOWED!

It was a pleasure to enjoy a great was way better than the snow. I did get a number of waste deep shots in 2 and 3 bowl and O-ring and all those fun places, but the people, what can I say?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

-- Mark C

Thanks for the Accurate Conditions

I want to thank Mt.Hood Meadows staff for providing honest and detailed information on the conditions page! When I read "Windblown powder in wind-favored slopes. Otherwise, really good groomers and variable to icy conditions elsewhere", I have a very good idea what to expect, and I know that someone actually thought about this statement and made effort to make it accurate. Not every ski resort does it! Not only you got the web site updated, but you are also working on its content! Thanks!

-- Andrei I.

Praise to Patrollers and Medical Center

in the praise department, the help I got from staff after my mishap was unbelievably good. I plowed into some wet snow, and from what I can tell, I didn't get a good release from one of my bindings and ended up breaking my fibula. Anyway, I thought it was a sprain and struggled part way down the hill and then just sat down in a snow bank. In about 30 seconds, two patrollers stopped by to see if I was O.K. and talked me in to taking the sled of shame down the hill. The sled driver, Mot, (that's Tom backwards) was an awesome skier and just a really nice guy -- give all those people raises (except that Mot is volunteer -- give him some more passes). The clinic staff was great. Except for the fact that I *#%* my leg, I would have had a great time. Thanks.

-- Your faithful season pass holder, Jay B.

Great Opening!

Great job getting the mountain open! That was a really fun opening day with good energy. Way to go Meadow's Team.

-- Daryl M.

Congrats on the New Website

Hi MHM Team!

First of all, hooray for an early opening! I'm excited for a great season! I can't wait to get up there and use my season pass.

I wanted to commend MHM and ISITE Design for an excellent re-vamp of the MHM website. The site needed a face-lift, and the work that you have done has paid off. Your new site is extremely interactive and informative. The information is displayed effectively and reads extremely well. I attended a conference recently where I found out who re-designed the site, and think that it is important that you in some way credit them for the re-design (put their name on the bottom of your webpage).

Great job! Have a great season and I'll see you on the slopes!!!

-- Noah R.