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Mt Hood Meadows Slashes Day Lift Pass Pricing

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort has significantly reduced lift pass pricing for the 2013/14 season, rolling back prices to 2011/12. An adult day lift pass will be $74, a $15 reduction from last season’s peak weekend price of $89. The resort announced it will not have the peak / off-peak schedule for pricing tried last season.

The adult day pass provides all-day access from 9 AM – 6 PM (4 PM Mondays and Tuesdays when lift close at 4). Adults can upgrade for just $5 more for access Wednesday – Sunday evenings through 9 PM.

 Lift Pass
 Pricing  Hours*
 Adult (Age 15-64)
 $74  9 AM - 4 PM or 6 PM*
 Reload Card**
 $69  9 AM - 9 PM
 Adult Afternoon
 $59  Noon - 4 PM or 6 PM*
 Adult Afternoon to Evening
 $64  Noon - 9 PM
 Junior (Age 7 - 14)
 $39  9 AM - 9 PM
 Senior (Age 65 - 74)
 $49  9 AM - 9 PM
 Senior (Age 75+)
 FREE  9 AM - 9 PM
 Child (Age 6 & Under)
 $10  9 AM - 9 PM
 $30  3 PM - 9 PM
 Buttercup & Ballroom Carpet
 $39  9 AM - 9 PM
 Ballroom Carpet Fun Zone Only
 $10  9 AM - 9 PM
 * Lifts are scheduled 9 AM - 4 PM Mondays & Tuesdays and from 9 AM - 9 PM Wednesdays - Sundays.
 ** Reload Card Rates for those claiming their card and reloading it online in advance for a return visit.

Reload Card Offers Discount & Direct-To-Lift Convenience
Meadows installed RFID gates last season – guests wear their pass in their jacket (no “ticket and wicket”) making for a much more convenient and streamlined lift line experience. Guests are encouraged to recycle their day pass by turning it back into the resort at the end of the day. Or they can keep the pass and “claim” it online, purchasing their next visit in advance for just $69. The card can be reused or reloaded for future visits at a discount – a much more sustainable approach than the ticket which became invalid after each day’s use.

New FREE 75 and Older Passes
The resort is offering FREE season passes to those 75 and older this season (no restrictions, valid every day). The resort also reduced the price of a Junior (age 7 – 14) lift pass to $39, the senior (age 65 – 74) lift pass to $49 and beginner (Buttercup and Ballroom Carpet) lift pricing to $39.

New Family Deal
Families will save money at Meadows – with each $74 adult day pass, up to two 7 -14 year old passes can be purchased at just $19 each. This special family offer is valid all days (no weekend or holiday restrictions) and can be purchased at any lift window.

Meadows Club Card Offers Terrific Value
The resort will also the Meadows Club Card for $89 – a loyalty pass that offers the 1st and 5th time free, and every 5th thereafter for free. In between the passholder is “auto-charged” $59.

Loyalty Passes Still The Best Value!
The most affordable pricing is offered to those purchasing loyalty passes by the November 3 deadline at pricing which pays for itself usually in 7 visits or less. Meadows also offers discounted lift tickets to groups of 15 or more, to guests of select lodging properties, when packaged with special transportation, lesson and/or rental packages.

Gate Installation Underway

A crew of installers from Ski Data are on-site to install the access gates at our lifts in preparation for the season. Following an intense training session for Meadows staff members, the crew proceeded to the Stadium lift where these photos were taken.

In total, 35 gates will be installed over the course of the next two weeks. In preparation for the install, Meadows worked diligently to upgrade the copper wire network serving each lift location with fiber optic - to create a faster and more reliable network. "Fixed" gantries were constructed at Vista, Stadium and the Hood River Express high speed lifts, and "variable height adjustable" gantries were constructed at Easy Rider, Blue and Mt. Hood Express. These gantries allow for nearly 7 feet of travel to adjust the gantry to the changing snow depths. Cascade, Shooting Star, Daisy, Butter Cup and Heather will use "sled" gantries, which can be moved for grooming, and then slide back into place again.

The entire installation is scheduled for completion October 17.

Gantries Arrive for RFID Gate Installation

A semi truck rolled into the Meadows parking lot today, carrying the gantries fabricated in Europe in May and June and shipped to Meadows just before the 4th of July. Eleven gantries - five of them "Sleds" and six "fixed" - were fabricated in Switzerland. Our RFID gates (which arrived a few weeks ago) will be hung from these gantries at each of our lifts.

Thanks to Steve Warila for the photos.

 Our crews have been busy this summer, upgrading our mountain network from copper wire to fiber optics which will increase data transmission speed and provide greater reliability. Foundations have already been poured for the fixed gantries which will be installed this month.

Teams from Ski Data will be here in three weeks train our crews and install the 35 gates which will be used this season for pass verification at our lifts. The installation is scheduled to be completed October 17 - so if we do get an early snow we'll be ready!



This is a video player featuring our new RFID access gates. Click on "PlayList" on the bottom left side of the player to scroll over the different topics of the videos. Enjoy!

NO MORE TICKETS at Mt. Hood Meadows

New RFID gates and passes eliminate traditional lift ticket while providing more convenience, accurate vertical feet tracking and innovative products

Freemotion access gates at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortMT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – The traditional lift ticket – a staple on guests at Mt. Hood Meadows and many other resorts – will no longer be used at the resort. Mt. Hood Meadows is installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) gates at all of its lifts this summer, allowing guests to board lifts without showing their lift ticket. Guests will carry a unique RFID card or pass in their jacket or on an arm band. An embedded RFID chip triggers the gate to open for valid passes, eliminating the requirement for guests to present their pass or lift ticket for hand scanning.

Improving the Lift Boarding Experience - #1 Customer Complaint

Resort Executive Director of Communications, Dave Tragethon expects the new technology will have a significant improvement on the guest experience. “Showing a ticket or season pass for scanning, every time a lift is boarded is the number one guest complaint at Mt. Hood Meadows. The RFID access gates will allow instant and consistent verification, with the card or pass tucked securely in a guests’ pocket. Guests will no longer need to fumble for their ticket, holding up others for scanning. This will improve lift line flow and the overall experience. In essence, we are freeing our guests and our attendants from this challenging task, particularly during stormy weather. The system will also allow our tremendous Lift Operations staff to continue to focus on safety and hospitality for our guests.”

Accurate Vertical Feet Tracking Even on the Upper Mountain

Meadows will install the access gates at every lift, including the upper lifts where in the past the resort did not regularly scan passes. Passholders and guests who “claim” their day passes will be able to track their vertical online - every lift ride, every day, for the entire season.

New Products Encourage Repeat Visits Through Lower Prices

The technology brings with it new products that encourage repeat trips to Meadows, with lower prices.
•   A “Reload” card allows the user to “claim” their day on the mountain by registering the card later online. Then the owner can reload the card at reduced rates for future visits, and also keep accurate tracking of their vertical.
•   Credit Card Backed “Pay as You Go” passes – These products allow guests to purchase at a low price, and then pay a reduced day rate as they use their pass. Their credit card is automatically charged each day they use their pass at the pre-agreed upon rate, essentially allowing the pass holder to create their own mini-season pass.

The Last Pass You’ll Ever Need – A Sustainable Initiative

The Loyalty Passes issued this season can be conveniently renewed on-line, at the resort, or at the new Portland Sales and Communications Office (1202 NW 17th Avenue) and used at Meadows for as long as the RFID gate system is in place. Passholders will no longer need to have a new pass reissued each season, reducing the traditional PVC card stock cost as well as reducing the hassle and inconvenience of having to purchase new passes each year.

The day passes issued at the resort can be recycled and recoded for re-use on future days, again reducing the need for replacement stock. This is a system designed to eliminate waste that the old “lift ticket and wicket system” created, and significantly improve convenience and flexibility for loyal guests.

The FreeMotion.Gate is designed and manufactured in Austria by SkiData and has been widely used at European resorts for many years. The single-arm gate swings open once a verified pass signal is received. Meadows attendants will be stationed at each gate to assist guests. The gates are scheduled to be installed by October 2012, in time for the start of the 2012-13 season.