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Paradise Parks Plan for 2009 / 2010

Welcome to our new Parks Blog. This is where our park groomers and crew will be posting updates and happenings this season in Paradise Parks. When we add a cool feature, get a park ready to open, have some information on an event or want to share some freestyle news we'll post it here.

We've had a busy summer - the big news is the big grind on Park Place. As you know we didn't get Park Place open last season due primarily to the lack of snow depth down at HRM. We now know just how important that Park is - Park Place is the best terrain park on Hood so we need to get it open as early as possible. A big problem was the four foot high stumps that lined the trail, which prevented grooming until we had a substantial base built up. Well this summer we've been grinding those stumps down which will allow us to groom and build features with less snow. So we'll get Park Place open as soon as early snow allows.

Here's the parks plan for the upcoming season. With the first snow we'll set rails on Shipyard - this allows us to get our jib on even if the opening base is thin. The Zoo on Mitchell Creek and Rose City Slopestyle will most likely be the next to open, depending on how much snow we get. Hopefully we'll be able to get both Forest Park, which was an absolute hit last year, and Park Place open shortly after. And we'll construct the SuperPipe when we get more snow - those 18 foot walls require a massive amount of snow as Meadows has one of the only all natural snow SuperPipes in the country! We'll also be adding the Banked Slalom course next to Rose City Slopestyle for OSIA training. With some help from Mother Nature we should have the majority of our parks operating Christmas break. So bring on the snow – we’re ready for it!

As the other parks open the size of Shipyard will be reduced, but this year we're planning on maintaining some rails there through the season. Even two or three good features make for some fun sessions as last year's Charity Jam proved. That gives us a great park product for Meadows After Dark - Rose City Slopestyle, the Superpipe, the Banked Slalom and Shipyard are all lighted for your After Dark Freestyle enjoyment.

The snow will be flying soon and we will be ready for it. We hope you like this new Parks Blog and that you visit it often. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to post a comment - we'll review it and get back to you directly and post the comment if it is appropriate. You can also send an email to the Parks crew directly on our Contact Us page. And we invite you to submit videos and pictures to our new Media Gallery.

It's going to be a great season!

Parks Crew


  1. Graham

    September 9, 2009

    Will the super pipe be closed on Saturdays for compititions or open to the public?


    Meadows reply:
    The SuperPipe will be used for competitions on Saturdays, primarily in January and February. These are normally OISA (Oregon High School Snowboard) League competitions. We will announce in advance on the conditions page when the SuperPipe or Rose City SlopeStyle will be closed for public use due to competitions. These venues will normally open to the public at the conclusion of the competition for afternoon "Meadows After Dark" riding.

  2. Cru Jones

    September 14, 2009

    You guys should think about building another pipe in that spot on Vista where they used the build an early season park and pipe (right by where lucky lady and texas trail meet). It's weak when you can only ride saturdays and the pipe is shut down all day for 2 straight months.

    Meadows reply:
    Thanks Cru. We need to put our resources into one halfpipe. It takes an unbelieveable amount of time to groom a high quality pipe - which is why the other resorts can't or won't do it. We understand the frustration about the competition conflicts on Saturdays, but we also want to support the High School Snowboard Leagues. Meadows has the only winter halfpipe on Hood, so they don't have any other options. We are working with OISA to try to minimize the impact through scheduling, or running events more efficiently to conclude them earlier. We will post on our conditions and parks pages each week the competition schedules so you'll know in advance whether a park or our pipe will be closed for competition.
    Thanks for the post - we're doing our best to clarify these issues.

  3. Mike Estes

    September 16, 2009

    You guys should allow our favorite local pro's and legends a signature feature this year? And when is the dedicated 'fun run' through the woods going to be built? (you know- like the Stash in Vermont)

    One more thing- will there be more 'Banked SL' events this year or just this one?

    Meadows reply: Good questions Mike - as always it is great to hear from you! We'd like to use this blog for ideas about features - that's not a promise that we can build them, but it is a way to get some feedback about what our riders are looking for. We have been looking at some creative and innovative features and locations like the Stash.
    We plan on maintaining the Banked Slalom as an ongoing park so the opportunity is there to run some more events on it, or at least allow more fun running on it on a regular basis.
    See you on the mountain!

  4. Hood Rats

    September 29, 2009

    Slam in a dope rail line and some poppy jumps. Thats what you guys should do. Get some street style down rails and some jumps with decent lips. Yadidamean. Be creative, stuff gets boring ya dig. But for real give us a line that consists of more then just one rail and two jumps. Continue the rail line from rose city over and down by the side of the halfpipe. That'd be way sick. CHUUUUUCH

    Thx Hood Rats - we're listening!
    Meadows Team

  5. MtHoodGangsters

    September 30, 2009

    Yeah Hood Rats knows whats up!! But seriously more rails and jumps would be awsome. Also maybe some lights over on HRM to light up park place and forest park would make night riding way sick!!

    Meadows reply:
    Thanks Gangster. We've looked into lighting HRM in the past - it is a major expense (cost prohibitive at this point).

  6. Todd

    October 2, 2009

    Top to bottom park runs! Why do all the parks begin or end half way down the runs? Families get mixed into your run and vise versa. BIgger drop ins. Extended rhythm sections.

    Yeah I agree with Hood Rats on having some tables with more lip. The jumps don't even need to be that much longer, just steep long landings

    Meadows reply:
    Todd - thanks for the post. We're still reviewing your other post with parks crew.

  7. Todd

    October 2, 2009

    Also get rid of Forest park. That is a waste of time, money and effort. People only use it out of a lack of other options. The trail is not steep enough to have a park in there. I see some people hiking the rails, which were fun, but over all I think Meadows could put their efforts into something far better.

    Meadows reply:
    Have to disagree with you on this one, particularly as we look at the progressive nature of the current parks plan. There are a lot of Forest Park fans and the combination of both Park Place and Forest Park off of Hood River Express will be awesome!

  8. Brett

    October 13, 2009

    A park similar to t-lines Conways last year would be nice. Forest park had potential but the construction was teribble. The tables set up were small and the lips to steep so they just throw you in the air to high instead of allowing you to float over, which isn't good for a beginner to medium level park people use to learn new tricks. This is the main thing I think that meadows needs to change. Also make Forest park more of a flow park, It sucks going through and having to stop for people standing at the top of rails or other features like they are hiking it.

    Meadows reply:
    Good observations Brett. Forest Park got used a lot last season. This season we'll have Park Place which will provide the flow you're looking for and remove some of the pressure from Forest Park. Regarding the lip design, talk to parks crew if there's a day when they seem too poppy as this can change day to day. Thanks for the post.

  9. Olskool

    October 15, 2009

    Super stoked to hear about Park Place... missed it badly last year! and speaking as a father with a six and eight year old, Forest Park fills a definite need: Kids need a park to get started on. More tables and hips, lighter on the rails over there would be awesome.

  10. Todd Quackenbush

    October 18, 2009

    I agree that there need to be separate parks for different levels of riding. That's so super smart and works well for everyone.

    My point is that Meadows seems to have a very limited amount of budget to put towards park design and build out. Maintaining a park is like Forest Park is taking away time, money and effort away from Park place. I would rather have to deal with kids in a really great park as opposed to have two half a**ed parks.

    Meadows replY:
    Todd - thanks for the post. You're providing some great information which is being directed to our parks crew. Our intention is to design, create and maintain fun parks of varying ability levels so everyone can have a place to play and progress, and we committed to the resources to keep these parks in great condition.

  11. nate

    October 24, 2009

    I think a cannon rail/poll jam type rail would be an awesome thing to have in the park. Also bring out the wall rides im srue its a pain but its so sick to ride. Everyone knows that meadows can make a killer park that flows they have the tools. Something new and creative in a park would be so nice for a change.

  12. Trav

    November 4, 2009

    I usually buy my pass to tline, but turns out a lot of my friends are switching over to meadows, so I decided to get one too. The reason I've chosen tline in the past is that they MAINTAIN their parks very well. I'm an avid park rider and have been disappointed in the past when going to Meadows because most of the jumps are all chopped out at the lip from use or iced over...and they just sit there for a few days before anyone decides to groom them. I'm optimistic this year in hoping that you guys will be able to step it up and keep the parks looking fresh. I don't think people will be as picky about what the park looks like as much as how it rides. Even the smallest obstacle/table/hip can be super fun, as long as it's built right and kept consistent. Just my 2 cents.

    Meadows reply:
    Great post Trav. We're sharing it with our crew.

  13. Cru Jones

    November 4, 2009

    I like what Estes (even though he's old) said about natural features like the Stash. Last year TLine one upped us with an actual fir tree with branches fun.

  14. Nooch

    November 6, 2009

    Forest Park does suck but it's cool if it keeps the little ones off Park Place so I'm down for it. A natural terrain park would be sick. Couple log jibs. Oh and can we get you to throw up the wall rides again this year. Missed those last year. I enjoy the wall rides and it would be cool if you could do something with them this year. I mean you got a few of them. Oh and I know you threw them down in that park you made for MFM at the end of the year but on the side just isn't the same. Fun but not the same. Oh and Cru Jones I know you and you are old too buddy... Don't kid yourself.

  15. Bizango

    November 8, 2009

    Just a thought, but I thought it would be pretty sweet if you guys maybe used the natural terrain along with the features, like putting a rail on top of a bank so that you could pop into it or something.

  16. EB

    November 8, 2009

    I have been watching some older videos from like 2 to 4 years ago. Back then you were doing alot of things right in the park. Park Place was arguably one of the best parks on Mt. Hood. It was long, built and maintained right and was just plain awesome. I was really disappointed that you didn't have it last year. Bring it back and bring it back soon. I was so close to switching to a fusion but i enjoy you backcountry to much. Park crew remember what it was like then and make it better. Build another park like forest park to keep the less experienced ones out of PP. It was a fun little park but the jumps weren't big enough. Build the jumps like the old table tops not like those on easy rider. Those get beat up to much, landing suck by noon and take offs get all chopped up. The table tops last longer. Thats my two cents.

    Oh and how much of the mountain are you planning on opening on Wednesday. Do you have a time table for the rest of the Mt to be open by.

    Lastly MGMt, I think you have changed for the worse. As my friend told me TLine is for rider, meadows is for the money. Prove me wrong this year.

    Meadows reply:
    EB: Thanks for the chance to prove ourselves to you. Park Place will be built as soon as we have the snow on HRM. That's why we ground those tree stumps this summer to facilitate an early opening. Forest Park will also be built this year. Good suggestion on natural features.
    We'll know more about what we'll open by Tuesday.

  17. Matt

    November 8, 2009

    Forest park was fun last year, but it gets boring real quick when all the lips to the boxes and rails are RIDEONS. Meadows needs street style setups on all boxes and rails. put the rails and boxes on down slopes, its weak when theyre just at a flat angle. Also who is in charge of the budget for park? how can customers contact them to help get you guys more money? Also has anyone thought of teaming up with a local company in our community such as Parr Lumber or Home Depot. You could create some cheap deals on supplies for a lil banner advertising on the side of the park. Bear mnt is a good example of using advertising to get good deals on features, they work with the local junkyard. Looking forward to this winter!

  18. mc

    November 9, 2009

    I have to agree with a lot of what is said about the flow of the parks not being there last year, and now with building park place which dont get me wrong is a great idea my favorite park, but I do agree that last year a lot of the parks didnt seem to flow, and the jumps did throw you and the landings were choppy, So it seems to me if the parks were not kept up last year what have you done to make sure that they will be kept up this year did you hire more parkies. I hate to compare cause I love meadows but there could be a lesson learned from bachelor their parks last year were off the hook, now dont get me wrong their pipe sucks, so its like a win lose. But maybe look and see how they set theirs up. Also my two main questions are 1) are you going to have tables of 50 feet this year, and second when will we see the super park back, that was a big hit years ago, and it was nice seeing meadows in a ton of videos now dont see as much. Bring back the super park.

    Meadows: We've received the message about flow and our crew will be focused on keeping up the quality and maintenance of the parks. Can't estimate jump size as it depends where we build them. We do plan on moving up to Cascade for our spring parks, but it may not be the magnitude of what was built in the past. While the video parts were cool, they were specialty built parks for pros that really didn't reflect our normal park offerings. We're focusing on constructing and maintaining creative, fun and progressive parks for all levels of ability.
    Please keep the feedback coming - we are listening and it will help us improve our parks experience.

  19. Travis ZInter

    November 9, 2009

    I look at the parks they have at Mammoth and all over in Colorado and they set up like 15+ rails in a park. Last year i saw more rails just laying in the trees on the side of runs than actually set up in the park. I would like to see alot of rails set up. Keep them out of the trees. Aslo bring in some new features like a snow box with a good size drop off of it would be sick for show! I would just ask that you look at how parks are designed at Mammoth and Breck. and Keystone. They know whats up. Thanks, Travis


    November 22, 2009

    I hope what I read in your blog is true. I would be pumped to see that come to fruition. I was lucky to ride Northstar and Squaw for the past ten years, and upon ,moving up here, was farely dissapointed at the park scene. I see a lot of nice, fun looking, bigger rails, and they are just sitting there, againsta tree or something you know. An dlike Estes said (legend), something like the stash would be great, cuz that is an insane park, but the focus should be on getting the other parks up to par first. Snowboarder magazine had an article on parks at resorts last season, and it read, and I quote, " If a resort does not have a dedicated park run with advanced ideas and features, it has no idea what is going on in the world of snowboarding, and freestyle skiing." I mean hey. Good parks equals money for the resort. Tell Dave that.

    Meadows: Well said. Our crew hears you and is up to the challenge.

  21. Todd Quackenbush

    December 6, 2009

    I was just looking at the trail map and saw that the HRM park is taking a right down "Breakaway". It's great to see that the park will be longer but if that means you're not intending to ALSO continue down "Boardwalk" to the end step up that would be a HUGE disappointment. The step up was super fun and was a great feature to safely try new tricks on. Especially when the take off was centered in the landing (as opposed to having it off to the left as it was sometimes).

    I realize that here have been other well made step ups over in the Rose City park but those were do or die style. I wouldn't want to try a new invert and slam into a quarter pipe wall/knuckle.

    Please Please Please bring back the HRM Step up!

    Meadows: The trail map is for general designation and location so the actual park and features may meandor. For example the Vista. Superpipe isn't on our map but that doesn't prevent us from locating it there. Our crew is anxious to stsart building the HRM Parks as soon as snow depth allows. The feature design is only limited by snow (which we need more of) and our crew's creativity and passion (which we have plenty of). Thanks for the post.

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