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Season Pass Pricing

Mt. Hood Meadows has announced pricing for season passes for the 2009/2010 season. Back by popular demand are the 4x4, 3x3 and 2x2 group season pass purchase plans, allowing friends and/or family to group up and receive substantial savings on their passes. New this year is early purchase pricing for individual season passes for those who don't want to group up with others. Kids 6 and under receive a FREE season pass when a parent or grand parent purchases an unlimited season pass for themselves.

Group 4x4, 3x3, 2x2 Deals Return!

The group purchase plan price for adults (age 23 - 64) is $449 each when purchased on-line in with a group of four - the regular season pass price is $900. The 3x3 unlimited pass offer for ages 15 - 22 (purchased on-line in a group of 3) is $339 compared to the regular season pass price of $600. The 2x2 unlimited pass allows two 7 - 14 year olds to purchase passes together for just $229. These group deals must be purchased on-line at by October 31.

NEW THIS SEASON - Early Purchase Individual Unlimited Season Pass Deals!

For those wanting a great deal but not able to join or put together a group, Mt. Hood Meadows is offering individual discounts on unlimited season passes purchased on-line by November 8: $499 for ages 23 - 64; $389 for ages 15 - 22; $279 for ages 7 - 14. Meadows will be at the Portland Ski Fever and Snowboard Expo November 6 - 8 for those looking for the best individual deal. This offer ends November 8, when regular season pass prices begin.

PLATINUM PASS - The ultimate in convenience with season locker, up-front parking +

The unlimited Platinum season pass includes season ski check, a season locker and up-front reserved parking space all season long. The pass includes Nordic track privileges at Meadows and Cooper Spur Nordic Center and a Cooper Spur season lift and tube pass.

10 Time Pass offers affordability and direct-to-lift convenience

Mt. Hood Meadows lift ticket pricing is $57 offpeak, and $69 during peak times. The resort sells several multi-time picture products offering direct-to-lift convenience. The 10 Time Pass is $349 (under $35 / day).


  1. Isaiah

    September 10, 2009

    I don't see a group 10 time pass option? I have organized groups for the ten time passes in the past years. Is this not an option any longer?

    Meadows reply:
    Thanks for the question. We are no longer requiring 10 Time Pass purchasers to group up in order to get the early discount. The pass is available for $349 in our online store through November 8 ($35 / day is a great deal on a lift ticket!) The price increases to $399 after November 8.

  2. Dukes

    September 12, 2009

    What gives requiring the 4x4 pass to be purchased before the Portland Snow Expo? It sure was convenient getting to the expo and having Meadows staff help arrange groups to buy the passes. I propose you guys end your online group purchases by October 31 as you have already done, but also allow people to purchase their 4x4 group passes in person at the Portland Snow Expo. I only go to that thing to find a group for my 4x4... but then usually end up buying some junk anyway. I bet the local retailers who set up shop at the expo would appreciate this gesture by Meadows as well... to get some cash from us impulse shoppers. Plus, it's a great way to pull in new pass holders that normally wouldn't buy a 4x4.

    Meadows reply:
    Thaks for the post Dukes - and a good question. There are several different events at which Meadows will be attending in October that would be a good place to hook up with others looking to form groups. This includes the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol / West Linn Snowboard Club Ski Swap October 9 and 10, and the Hood River picture taking in Hood River October 30 and 31.
    We make forming and joining groups very easy with this system, which allows each group member to purchase their own pass without having to share any personal or credit card information with any other group member. The main reason we're willing to offer these prices at the group rates is to create the buzz and get people motivated and joining groups. So talk it up where you work or where you play - where ever you hang out. There are others just like you wanting to get the best deal on their Meadows season pass.
    Now for those that are not able to form or join a group, we are offering early season rates on individual passes which are available through November 8, including at the Portland Ski Show. So we will be selling passes individually for $499 for adults, $399 for ages 15 - 22, and $299 for ages 7 - 14, which are still great deals on an unlimited season of skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows.

  3. mikem

    September 19, 2009

    I am confused about how to purchase a season pass. Th issue I have is that my wife and I would purchase season passes if we knew other people to pair up with. The issue we have is that I will give out my information to a group leader that I dont know. So that being said, can you help line me up with two other people. In addition, I have two kids 6 and under, by buying two adult passe , do we recieve two free kids passes?

    Meadows reply: Thanks for the question Mike. You and your wife should pursue the 4x4 @ $449 each through October 31. Forming or joining a group is easy - you only need to give your name. The group organizer than intiates the group, and will give you your group access code to come back and make your purchase privately and securely. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION. You'll find many people looking to joing groups particularly as the deadline approaches. So just talk it up a little.
    Regarding kids - there is no limit to how many children (or grand children) age 6 or under that can receive the free pass. Certainly if both you and your wife purchase unlimited season passes, both of your 6 and under children will get free season passes. Just remember, the age of the child is determined at the time you purchase your unlimited pass. Good to know for any kids that will be turning 7 soon.

    Why dont you just l;et pople purchase single seasonal passes for the ssame price of the 4x4? thanks

  4. Marcia

    October 6, 2009

    I am looking for a group to join for the 4 X 4 pass. Are their other people that you have on a list that are looking for a group of 4? I would be interested in joining if you have a list.


    Meadows reply:
    We don't keep a list - part of the reason we're willing to reduce the price is to get people to talk it up. Most people find others just by mentioning the special deal. Talk to your friends about it - there are many other people out there that want to partner up to get this price.
    Thanks Marcia - and good luck!

  5. Amanda

    October 9, 2009

    Am looking for 3 others to join me in the 4X4 season pass. If interested please contact me at ...

    Meadows reply:
    We don't post a list here, but we do have some partnerships out there if you're looking for others. There are several sport shops that keep lists and we're working with KINK, KUFO, KXL and The Game - check out their web sites!
    Thanks for the post Amanda - and good luck buddying up!

  6. Dan

    October 21, 2009

    What is the reason for requiring groups (4x4 3x3 etc.) to buy a pass instead of just giving everyone a break and buy individual passes at the discounted rate until October 31?
    My family and I have been season pass holders for over seven years, but I am not going to solicite others to join a group any more, we are going to buy fusion passes 1x1.
    Thanks for the memories.

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