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Group Season Pass FAQs

Here are some helpful FAQs to assist you with your group season pass purchase and processing:

Checking the status of your group.

Switching a member of your group.

Report a problem to our support specialists. 

Checking the status of your group.

  1. Log into the website to check the status by clicking the SignIn link at the top right of the page.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Order History link on the upper right hand part of the page.
  3. Then click on the Details link for your order, scroll to the bottom and you will see the other members of your group and their purchase status.

Switching a member of your group.

Simply give the group access code from the old member to the new member and when they use it, they will be able to change the name.


  1. Joel

    October 27, 2009

    I see the prices for the season pass special rates and 4 for $400 but how much does this save me? What's the price if I buy one season pass in November?


    Meadows reply: The 4x4 price is $449 each when purchased online by October 31. Or you can purchase the same pass for $499 indvidually through November 8, which is a great individual price also available at the ski show. After that the price goes to $900! So essentially the 4x4 deal is half the price of a regularly priced season pass.


  2. Dennis

    October 28, 2009

    I have a group number for a 4x4 and an access code, but I cannot figure out what to do to pay for my ticket. Nowhere on your web site can I find a place to enter the access code. Help please!!

    Meadows reply:
    Hi Dennis. Follow this link:
    Select Join and you'll be able to enter the access code there.
    The way the process works is, an organizer creates a group the first time they are in the store. Group access codes are issued for the organizer to share with other group members. Those members come back to the store through the Group Season Pass option, find the correct group pass (4x4, 3x3 or 2x2) and then select the Join group option. Plug in the access code and you'll be connected with your group to complete your purchase.

  3. jesse

    October 29, 2009

    please dont use those slow scanners this year!

    Meadows reply:
    Hey Jesse. We're excited about the improvements we've made to our scanning system this season and expect that the process will be more efficient. If we have a good season then we plan to install a gated access RF chip system which will replace scanning on our main lifts.
    So let's talk about scanning and what we've done to improve the process this season:
    Three Reasons Why We Scan Tickets and Passes

    1. Guest Service
    This is our chance to welcome the guest to the lift and make their day at Mount Hood Meadows a bit more pleasurable. Also, the scanners can be used as a tool to deliver messages to a certain guest; ex. “Report to Day Care” or “Report to Concierge.” These messages can be used to improve the guests overall experience while at Meadows.

    2. Guest Safety
    By “scanning every ticket every time” we are able to track guests and we are able to obtain a focal point if a guest is missing and a search is necessary or if they are separated form someone else in their group.

    3. Catch Fraudulent Use
    Fresh powder runs and parking are a limited resource. Scanners work to identify fraudulent tickets and keep people from accessing the lift without proper payment. We can improve our guests experience by eliminating those people that are attempting to steal from us.

    Improvements to Make Scanning Better

    1. Improved ticket and pass stock - Non-glossy surface reads barcode easier = faster scans
    2. No hologram over barcode - Easier to read barcode = faster scans
    3. Larger barcode on tickets and passes - Easier target for lift access attendant to hit = faster scans
    4. Vertical barcode on passes - If horizontal barcode is obscured, this provides another target = hopefully guests will not have to remove pass from pouch, but they may need to remove the plastic over the barcode so the barcode can be read in wet or sunny conditions.
    5. Updated firmware on scanners - Improved the scanners sensitivity = faster scans
    6. Different barcode font - Easier for scanner to read barcode = faster scans
    7. Flat stacked tickets - Daily tickets will not curl = faster scans
    8. Improved communication with guests about scanning - Lines should flow more smoothly with less interruptions = faster scans
    9. GST Tickets - If pass problems arise at the lift, this will allow us to resolve pass problem without sending guest into lodge. These will be checked out to the Operator in Charge of each lift operating each day and tracked.
    10. Improved maze design and layout - More consistent maze layouts that provide both the holding capacity to handle the anticipated guest traffic and control the flow of guests to keep things organized.

    Guests can also assist in speeding up the scanning process:
    assist us in the scanning process:

    1. Have your lift ticket or pass out and present to the attendant.
    2. Attach single day tickets to your belt loop, or if you're going to wear your jacket all day, to a lower pocket. This is a handy place for scanning.
    3. Attach your season pass in the same locations, or if you're wearing it on a lanyard, pull it out prior to getting to the front of the line and present it to the ticket attendent.
    4. Don't place your season pass in a plastic pouch - that interferes with the scanning and can lead to misreads. This is especially important on snowy or wet days when condensation builds up on or inside the pouch. Cutting away the plastic to completely expose the bar code may be a fix to this problem.

    Let's work together to make scanning faster! By the way, we'll be verifying your scans at the Hood River Gear Swap where we're taking pictures Friday and Saturday October 30 - 31, and at the Portland Ski Show November 6 - 8. Stop by and have your pass scanned and you'll be automatically registered to win one of three prizes that we'll be giving away at each show:
    Prize one: Up Front Parking Pass good all season (Priceless!)
    Prize two: Season Locker Rental ($425 value)
    Prize three: $250 Gift Card

  4. Stephen

    October 29, 2009

    We would like to join a group. We are 2 and need either 2 singles or a pair.

    Meadows reply:
    Here's a couple of links to help you organize or find a group:

  5. Steve Gemmell

    October 29, 2009

    Looking to get in with a group to get a 4x4 pass - anyone need a fourth?

    Meaows reply:
    Here's a couple of links to help you organize or find a group:

  6. Aaron

    October 30, 2009

    I have organized my 4x4 group only to realize at the last minute that someone in the group will not be 23 until mid November. Is there anyway we can keep him in our group? I've purchased 3x3 and 4x4's 3 seasons now, finding the 4th person for the 4x4 is a pain. I don't really trust some random person who can easily back out causing me to lose $50 and my pass! Any suggestions? The last few years you guys extended the group buy's until the Ski and Snowboard show weekend where I could at least meet the person and see that they are ready and willing to pay for the pass. Whats up with the early Oct 31 deadline?

    Meadows reply:
    Thanks for the post Aaron.
    The group pass age perameters can't be modified. But we did design the system so that it is easy to include people you've just met since no personal or financial information is shared.
    Here's a couple of links to help you organize or find a group:

    We moved the group deadline to before the ski show to allow us to better process and serve those that go through this group process. We're still offering great individual deals and special offers at the ski show - the individual pass is $499 ($50 more than the 4x4). So if you don't want to form or join a group, just purchase the individual pass. We'll still be taking pictures at the ski show and we'll have computers there to make it easy to make your purchase, you just won't need to form a group to get that ski show special price.

  7. Randy

    November 2, 2009

    how do you get your money back if you bought ur group pass, but someone in you group didnt buy his???

    Randy: Contact our Clackamas Office 503.659.1256 on Monday - after the Portland Ski Show.

  8. Dirk

    November 7, 2009

    Hey so im heading to the ski/snowboard expo tomorrow and heard if i print out the release waiver I can get through the picture taking line faster, where is this on the website?

    Meadows reply:

  9. bill

    November 13, 2009

    Hello Meadows People,
    Had a great day skiing this past Wednesday (11/11); my question is, can you upgrade from a 10 pass to an unlimited pass?
    (i think its gonna be a long great year)

    Meadows: Sure! Just stop in at Passholder Services. The season pass price for an adult is $900. Another option is to keep purchasing 10 Time Passes. But if you think you're going to come up more than 22 times that upgrade price would work well for you.

  10. Sky

    November 13, 2009

    I'm under 18, where can I find the parent consent form for a season pass?

    Meadows: It's under the Lodge+Services >> Pass Holder Services + Benefits. It's on the right hand side bar "Liability Release".

  11. Chris

    November 17, 2009

    due to personal reasons I may not be able to use my pass. Is it possible to sell it? or refund?


    Meadows: Season passes are not refundable. Exceptions can be made if there is a season ending injury or medical condition (with documentation) or if your job requires relocations out of state (again with documentation).

  12. AK

    November 18, 2009

    Is it not possible to transfer passes from a group member that can not use theirs?

    Meadows: Give our Clackamas office a call at 503.659.1256.

  13. Colin

    November 18, 2009

    Does the 4X4 Unlimited Pass also cover night skiing like an Open to Close ticket?

    Meadows: Yes. All the 4x4, 3x3 and 2x2 group passes are unlimited - and valid on every lift during day and night operations.

  14. Joey

    November 19, 2009

    I purchased my 3x3 pass and rode opening day. But haven't ridden since.
    I just found out I have to move away for personal reasons. How if possible, can I get my pass reimbursed.

    Meadows: Contact our Clackamas office 503.659.1256. Sorry to hear you may be moving.

  15. Melissa

    November 19, 2009

    I know the passes are nontransferable, but If I purchased a pass and haven't actually gotten the pass/picture yet, is it possible for me to gift that pass or transfer it to someone else?

    Meadows: Call our Clackamas office 503.659.1256. Generally the answer is no. But we understand that sometimes there are exceptions.

  16. Shawn

    November 19, 2009

    Is there any way to still get a 4X4? Thanks. Shawn

    Meadows: No - the 4x4 deal has passed. You should take a look at the 10 Time Pass for $399 - or the unlimited for $900.

  17. DK

    November 19, 2009

    Where in the Portland area can my son get his picture taken and his season pass?

    Meadows: All pictures are being take at the mountain. If your son is under 18 you can download a liability release from our Pass Holder Services page (under The Lodge + Services) sign it and send him up.

  18. Greg

    November 20, 2009

    Hello Meadows, I am wanting information on group rates. I am part of a group that would like to bring 50 people to the mountain and I am wondering what kind of deals there are for those sizes of groups. We would be comming from Eugene.
    Thanks Greg H.

    Meadows: Call our Clackamas office at 503.659.1256. We have terrific deals for organized groups of 15 or more that make arrangements in advance!

  19. Cathy

    November 22, 2009

    My kids went up today ages 15 and 17 to get their 3x3 passes and they could not be issued them because you said they needed a parent signature - I am never planning on going up there so is there a place in PDX that I can do it? P.S. - good thing the mountain closed because of high winds otherwise they would have been bummed about driving 3 hours each way to snowboard today!

    Meadows: You can download a liability release form from this link:
    Those under 18 need a parent or legal guardian to sign the release, and they can bring it with them to get their pass issued.

  20. Brianero

    November 24, 2009

    I did such a great job of planning ahead. I bought my pass last spring and had my picture taken early at Clackamas yet now I cannot find the thing. Surely I put it in the safe place where I would not lose it. I hate that place and hope to one day unearth a real store of treasure from there. So now what? I'll look for it some more over the weekend, but what options does a season pass fella have? This is my fourth year with the beloved season pass.

    Meadows: A replacement pass is $10 - one of the advantages of scanning is that we can deactivate the old pass and issue a new one. In the past there was a much more expensive charge associated with replacing a pass. You can replace your pass at our Passholder Services Center in the South Lodge.

  21. Charley

    January 4, 2010

    you should add more boxes to the rose city park.

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