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Lift Operations Suspended For The Day Sunday

Hi Folks.

What an awesome display of force by Mother Nature! This storm absolutely wailed on us today. The fierce winds and driving snow continues so we're going to suspend lift operations for the day. As mentioned earlier we'll have a lot of work to do in storm recovery and insection work, but we anticipate opening lifts as scheduled at 9 AM Monday morning.

The problem on the highway was actually on Hwy 35 between White River and Meadows. At this time State Patrol has one lane of traffic opened with a guide car, so traffic is getting through. You can keep up to date on traffic through

Thanks to our staff and guests who weathered the storm with us today. Looking forward to the days ahead when we'll be able to enjoy all this snow that nature has provided!


  1. k2skier

    November 22, 2009

    How can Skibowl and T-Line keep the lifts runnug but MHM has to shut 'em down? Was it the wind direction?

    Meadows: We can't speak for the other areas, but with winds topping 100 mph, knocking over trees, transporting snow and creating zero visibility suspending lift operations was the appropriate actoin to take. We thank everyone who came up today for their patience and understanding and for driving safely.

  2. Baker

    November 22, 2009

    Drove up from Portland this morning with the snorkel and flippers in tow expecting great things. After hours of waiting we finally drove home, disappointed, but not mad. We felt that we were informed at every possible point about conditions and the staff was not only helpful, but in good spirits for the circumstances. From the lot attendants, to the concierge desk and the lift opts, the situation was handled by the Meadows staff in a professional, yet personal manner and much appreciated by everyone in our crew. Nice work making a bad day paletable. See you for the next storm!

  3. Paul

    November 22, 2009

    Having worked there last year when Meadows shut down I can say that it takes one heck of a storm to knock out the lodge for the day. I know that when the powers shut down the place, its for good cause.

  4. Allan

    November 23, 2009

    Drove up from Portland and didn't make it to meadows. Heard it was closed before we reached it and headed back. seemed like the powder on the sides of the roads was awesome so hopefully next time when we get to ski it'll be great. Any word on Why ODOT hadn't gravelled 35 and cars were sliding all over the place? including mine into another car :( with 4wd and traction tires... it was crazy out there. hopefully this is a fluke and all future trips will be more successful :)

    Meadows: We've directed the question regarding plowing to our partners at ODOT.

  5. TBird

    November 23, 2009

    Thanks for your timely and honest updates about the lift status yesterday. BTW, the website is really great this year--useful info, not just marketing buzz. Kudos to whomever is posting the frequent updates. So great to know what's going on with the lifts! And the Twitter feeds are a great idea.

  6. RW

    November 24, 2009

    I was up Sunday. And maybe it was just that I didn't ask the right people, but it seems like the communication to those that were actually at Meadows was lacking. My wife, at home, knew a lot more about what had been happening with the lifts and roads by going online than I did sitting in the lodge -- she filled me in on it when I got home.

    I know Sunday was crazy, and conditions like that are few and far between. But it seems like there needs to be better on-mountain communication about lift status and road conditions. It would be especially great to have good info about what traffic on 26 is like when trying to make the call to take 26 or 35 home.

    Meadows: It was an extraordinary day in many ways. The technologies we used to get the word out worked very well. One more information piece that is being activated this week is the Fuel TV Resort Televisions at Concierge, at the Schuss and on the 2nd level of the North Lodge. But while technology is great, let's not forget that face to face works well to deliver these messages as well.

  7. AK

    November 24, 2009

    I was at the mountain on Sunday and thought the Meadows team did a great job communicating about the lift status and road conditions. It was clear to my group by around 10:30 am that conditions would need to improve significantly in order for the lifts to re-open so we used common sense and headed home.

    ps. the free hot chocolate was a nice touch! :)

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