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Blizzard Conditions Suspend Lift Operations

It's highly unlikely that we will operate lifts today at Mt. Hood Meadows. The ferocity of this storm is unrelenting - so we've pulled all guests and staff members off the mountain. They're in the lodges having some hot cocoa - and we advise you do the same at home today.

When the storm blows through we'll have a lot of inspection and recovery work which will keep our mountain pros occupied for several hours.

Driving conditions are hazardous with blowing snow creating limited and sometimes zero visibility. An accident between Government Camp and Meadows has closed Hwy 26 for up to two hours according to the State Patrol. All traffic departing Meadows will need to take Hwy 35 to I-84 through Hood River (the Hood River Chamber of Commerce loves us!) And we advise not coming to the mountain today since any lift operations are highly unlikely.

But on the positive - this storm has dropped 18" of snow in the last 24 hours, 8" since 5 AM, and we now have 58" in the base area. We don't know how much we have on the upper mountain since 100 mile an hour winds can deposit that snow anywhere, but it gives a lot to work with as we prepare for this holiday week!

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  1. Evan

    November 22, 2009

    Good Work, I am actually impressed that you made it clear that the lift were closed, and wasted nobody's time. Thank You

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