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Praise to Patrollers and Medical Center

in the praise department, the help I got from staff after my mishap was unbelievably good. I plowed into some wet snow, and from what I can tell, I didn't get a good release from one of my bindings and ended up breaking my fibula. Anyway, I thought it was a sprain and struggled part way down the hill and then just sat down in a snow bank. In about 30 seconds, two patrollers stopped by to see if I was O.K. and talked me in to taking the sled of shame down the hill. The sled driver, Mot, (that's Tom backwards) was an awesome skier and just a really nice guy -- give all those people raises (except that Mot is volunteer -- give him some more passes). The clinic staff was great. Except for the fact that I *#%* my leg, I would have had a great time. Thanks.

-- Your faithful season pass holder, Jay B.

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