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Recreating Yourself - It Shows!

I made it for the first time Saturday! It was grand snow. BUT........what a difference your team made. I have skied with the same buds for over 30 years now and I have skied at Meadows when it opened, I was 16!

The buds are all professional people and two of us own long term successful businesses in Portland. I am writing to tell you that the "company culture" at Meadows has made 180 degree turn. Your people was very helpful, pleasant and some of the best trained people I have ever done business with in or out of the ski industry. I got my season pass in 10 minutes Saturday! Everyone was there to help and to serve you! You have done a great job.

The people I talked with that gave us service all said the same middle and upper management changed and the message from the top was new and exciting...IT SHOWED!

Dave, thanks, it was a pleasure to enjoy a great was way better than the snow. I did get a number of waste deep shots in 2 and 3 bowl and O-ring and all those fun places, but the people, what can I say?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

-- Mark C

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