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Rose City Park

Rose City Slopestyle Terrain Park at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort We have 1 table top built in Rose City Slopestyle.  This jump is located skiers right side of Rose City Park.  We gathered more snow for the 2nd feature.  We  need some more snow to continue working on this one. Let us know how you like the jump!



  1. pdxmeier

    November 24, 2009

    Nice to have the 'Top of Blue' camera pointing up to Cascade. It's also nice to see those chairs dangling from that cable up there. How's Heather looking?

    Meadows: We understand your desire to ski Heather and we want to open as soon as possible. We can't predict when there will be adequate snow to build the bridges as there is no correlation between reported base depth and bridge building. The bridges are at a lower elevation. Construction depends on depth and density of snow, amount of wind transport, where the channel has migrated to in the canyon.. And even then it can come down to luck; does the snow stay in place when pushed into the creek or does it get washed away? We will build bridges and get Heather open ASAP.

  2. john

    November 25, 2009

    when do forest park and park place come? how big is the rose city jump?

    Meadows: Still need more snow for Forest Park and Park Place. We'll get some pictures or video on the Rose City jump soon.

  3. Todd Quackenbush

    November 29, 2009

    I love that meadows has all these great web cams! Is there a way that we could turn all of these on so the website users can access all of them at all times?

    That would be amazing. Great job on hill and on line so far this season!


    Meadows: The issue with the web cams is band width. The four cams (and we're working on a fifth in the base area) take snapshots that are updated every 15 minutes. Even that has it's challenges in this mountain environment with power glitches often resetting the rather sensitive equipment. We're not providing live streaming video at this time because of the band width required to do so which would interfere with the other essential communication services we need to operate the resort. We're continuing to look into it as the web cams definitely provide a great service for guests.

  4. matt

    November 30, 2009

    The jump is really fun. glad you put a "hip" option on it as well. If i could put my two cents in. Id like to see the landing a little longer and the lip taken back a bit, and built a few feet higher. I really like the cheese wedge shape though. Hopefully with the next storm we will have enough snow for you to make adjustments. By the way, what are your thoughts on building a double hip line this winter?:)

    Reply from Jason: I agree with your ideas. With a little more snow, we will be able to work on those changes. Everyone likes double hips! You will most likely see these features built in Park Place this season.

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