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Stoked About the Season

What a terrific opening! Those that made it up here this week were treated to some incredible early season powder. Saturday especially was epic with 15 inches of snow Friday followed by clear blue skies with no winds Saturday morning.

Grant Myrdal Photography

We'd like to take a moment to introduce professional photographer Grant Myrdal. He will be at Meadows weekends and holidays and during races and special events. You can see some of his shots Grant took Saturday in our photo gallery - or you can get more information on his services.

Daily Operations Continue 9 AM - 4 PM

Looking ahead this week we're continuing our 9 AM - 4 PM daily operations. Monday and Tuesday Mt. Hood Express, Shooting Star Express, Vista Express, Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet are scheduled. We're holding off on Hood River Express - with the current snowpack at Hood River Meadows we don't want to attempt grooming until we get some more snow. We also need more snow to open Cascade. The freezing levels rise Monday but are expected to drop down Monday evening and snow is forecast for the rest of the week! We'll evaluate this again by Wednesday to determine what lifts we can add to the matrix.

Meadows After Dark

Our night operations aren't scheduled to begin until mid-December, but we'll consider opening Meadows After Dark earlier if we get good snow coverage under the lights. It could be on a limited basis - just 3 nights a week, but we need to see how the snow treats us. No firm dates yet.

Stay Connected

We're sending out our daily snowpack report - you can select what days of the week you want to receive the report on this page. We're also posting frequently to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and have started sending out lift operational updates on our special Twitter feed MHM_Lifts. We suggest you follow us, and turn your device "on" to receive Tweets when you're at the mountain informing you of lift operational changes.

It's been a great start to the season. We hope to see you on the mountain soon!

-- Meadows Team


  1. a thirsty skier

    November 15, 2009

    Awesome first weekend on the mountain. With clear skies and good snow there was little to complain about on the hill. But after a hard morning of riding a beer would have gone perfectly with my burger that I bought in the lodge. The alpenstube staff sent the 5 of us away after we had all sat down with $58 worth of lodge food because it wasn't from the alpenstube menu. Where's the logic in that? We wanted to grab a quick lunch and drink so that we could get back out and enjoy the snow. The alpenstube is nice and the food is good, but it is not fast. Could you sell beer at the regular food counter? Or make a more reasonable policy in the alpenstube about bringing food in? Please find a way for me to spend $20 on a burger and a beer that doesn't take longer than an hour and involve 2 different cash registers. Other than that it was the best first day I've ever had at meadows, cheers to a long and snowy winter.

    Mark Fellows our Food Services Director provides some insight into where we serve alcohol, bringing food from outside a restaurant unit and how to enjoy a refreshing cold one with your meal at Meadows.
    * Due to the large number of underage folks we have at the mountain (both guests and employees), we serve alcohol only in the restaurant areas (which include the ALPENSTUBE and FINISH LINE), and in a couple of other specific areas. In all cases, we have a tight control on who is selling, purchasing, and consuming. If alcohol was available in the fast food areas, we would be unable to monitor who was handing it to who throughout the lodge.
    * Food will usually be faster in the fast food areas, however we do have a great menu in both sit down restaurants and are proud of the minimal ticket times we do maintain.
    * A good option would be to come in prior to 11:30am or after 2pm when it is not as crowded in the restaurants. You could also mention to the server that you are in a hurry so they take your order right away. I do want to let you know that there is a brand new burger menu in the ALPENSTUBE this season featuring 7 different optons...and we have a great pizza & sub sandwich menu in the FINISH LINE. There are brand new APRES SKI menus in both areas.
    * We do have the policy that is mentioned in both our sit down restaurants. This policy is actually no different than any sit-down restuarant you would ever go to...generally you cannot ever take outside food into a sit-down restaurant. The reasoning is quite simple...there is an overwhelming demand for those seats (we were on a waiting list for tables in the ALP on Saturday for about 2 hours for example) by the folks who do want to sit down and eat that food. Unfortunatly, we do need to draw the line at all outside food...because any "gray area" makes it completely un-manageable...we need to be consistent at all times...not just during the rush. So this policy is in place to best serve the demands of a majority of our guests.
    * There are other options...out on the hill we have the Mazot...that is quick food and it has draft beer, canned beer, and wines. There is also the Renaissance Cafe located at Hood River Meadows...they have a selection of bottled beers and wines...again that is quick service.
    * Onother solution would be to grab your food quick at the Schuss Grill and take it out on the Deck...there were plenty of seats outside on can then get your beer at the bar inside the restaurant and take it outside with you....many folks do just that.
    * We did have a great BBQ on the deck on Saturday as well. On really nice days, we will add an outside bar.

    -- Meadows Team

  2. dylan

    November 17, 2009

    what about opening up heather and the private reserve?

    Meadows - See the last post.

  3. Brooke

    November 19, 2009

    My boyfriend and I came up Thursday night in our motorhome and stayed until Sunday. We could not get enough skiing. What a great opening week. The powder was amazing and it was awesome to have a bluebird day on Saturday. It is going to be a great season. We can't wait until night skiing starts. Hopefully soon!

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