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Bitter Cold and Power Outage Affecting Lift Operations

We're in storm recovery mode at Meadows today. We're working on three weather related issues today that are affecting lift operations:

  1. The storm interrupted power from PGE requiring us to put lifts on auxillary power (diesel generators). That's fairly common and in itself really doesn't affect operations. However,
  2. The extreme cold is freezing up diesel at some of our lifts, possibly delaying operation of Mt. Hood Express.
  3. Cascade is in storm recovery mode following Sunday's wind storm. It's still windy this morning, which could affect Vista operation.

PGE crews assisted by Meadows staff worked late into the evening and continue efforts to restore power. And our crews are working on the auxillary units and storm recovery to get those lifts operating as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience - but let this serve as a reminder to all of us of how severe the weather can be on this mountain. Make sure you bundle up for it as we're at a negative 8 degrees this morning.

Dress Properly to Prevent Frostbite

To prevent frostbite, avoid prolonged exposure to cold weather. If you must be outside (what better reason than to search out some powder drifts), wear several thin layers of clothing -- they hold body heat more efficiently than just one bulky layer. Wear a weatherproof outer layer to stay dry. Wear gloves, scarves, insulated waterproof boots, and a warm hat. Shield your face against any strong gusts of wind. Drink plenty of fluids and eat regularly. Change out of any wet clothes immediately. Avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol or caffeine as these can prevent your blood from circulating enough to keep your body warm.

Most importantly, listen to your body. Shivering and feeling cold or numb are warning signs that your body is losing too much heat. Get inside or cover up. Also - touch base with our lift attendants - keep an eye on each other. There is much warmth in a friendly greeting and a smile, even if you can't see it behind the insulated ski mask.

--Meadows Team

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