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Rentals and the Alpenstube Staff Shine

My friends and I had a great time. The people who helped me rent skis were pleasant and conversational. The guys working the lifts were also really nice - especially Dylan.

I went to the Alpenstube around 12:15, which seemed to be about the height of the lunch rush. My bartender was Matt greeted me and asked for my drink order within seconds of me sitting down at his completely full bar. We chatted a little bit and he was super nice. I sat with two different groups of friends for snacks and later a full lunch, and both of our servers were friendly, fast, and efficient. I was surprised by how quickly the food arrived, and we were impressed by the quality (we had a burger and a chicken focaccia sandwich).

I have been trying to think of a helpful suggestion about what could be improved from a customer's standpoint, but honestly, we had a wonderful experience on this visit.

Wishing you a lovely holiday season with warm regards,

-- Kelly Q

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