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Kudos To The Grooming Department

Kudo's to the Groom Crew - belated hats off to the crew for doing an outstanding job. They did a particularly outstanding job the week of Dec 14. The days I was up there, I couldn't find any ice on the groomed runs, despite having no snow for over a week. Great Job!

-- Jim B.

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  1. Ken M

    January 10, 2010

    As a frequent visitor, and critic, of MHM, I must commend management for the consistently outstanding grooming operations. Whether fresh new snow or old beaten snow, the grooming crew has been providing stellar conditions.

    Employee attitudes in the 2009-2010 season are a pleasant reversal from the surly and unfriendly atmosphere of past years. Lift op crews have been outstanding.

    MHM still needs to address the antiquated and cumbersome lift ticket system. Constantly fumbling for tickets buried under layers of clothing and poorly operating scanners create bottlenecks in lift queues and tensions among patrons and employees. Installation of modern ticket scanning technology utilizing readily available RFID systems would lesson hassles and ultimately prove cost effective as employee head count would be reduced, violators more easily identified, and statistical analysis of lift usage would be more accurate.

    Again, positive acknowledgment of operational improvements. Now, all we need is for nature to cooperate and send some more snow our direction!

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