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Park Place Debut

Park Place - Mt. Hood's original terrain park at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortPark Place is open! Mt. Hood's original jump park has two tables on it, constructed Saturday night by our stellar Paradise Parks crew (thanks Jason!) Also thanks to the snow we received this week to give us the base needed to open up this awesome Park. Tell your friends - and get some pictures!

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The summer stump grinding paid off big time! Without the efforts of the parks crew this past summer, we would not be able to open this park. Forest Park will still be a little longer as we need some more snow on Tamarack - but looking at this week's forecast it shouldn't be long!


  1. bob

    December 20, 2009

    YES! Any Jibs?

    Meadows: Not yet. Still working on the tables but they will come. With more snow we'll be able to build Forest Park. Got a head start on Park Place thanks to the stump grinding this summer!

  2. Chad Johnson

    December 21, 2009

    I would really like to see a nice line of 25, 30-35, 40 and 45 on Park Place. Putting more effort into the jump lines is going to gain respect from alot of shredders on the hill. Rails are so last year, please leave your tall tee at home when coming to the mtn. Thanks


    December 30, 2009

    I am curious of why you would spend two days making a log jib that sits in shipyard. Nobody rides that stuff. People want to snowboard, and hit jumps and jibs, not point in a straight line and hit small rails that 10 feet apart. I thought meadows was going to step it up this year?

    Meadows: We have stepped it up. The Zoo. Rose City. Vista Superpipe. Park Place. Plenty of variety for all different abilities. The log jib is cool - and can be used at different locations in the future. Don't hate on us for the innovation - that jib is getting major rides.

  4. tba

    January 3, 2010

    Go skelestar...I agree it would be nice to ride a park with flow and options in that flow. LOg jibs??!!wow...maybe you shouldn't hate on legitimate complaints or... "comments" and really start to innovate. Go check out just a part of Northstars park..then you could get some great ideas.

    Meadows: Will do. We're always interested in making our parks more fun and innovative.

  5. jibjib

    January 8, 2010

    I really like the log jam/rail, I have seen a number of people learn how to slide on it. It is slower and straight, which makes it hella easy and nice for begginers. When watching people in the park, the more advanced rails are never hit, it's always the easier, straighter, smaller ones that get more attention.

    By the way, where is Tamarack park, does it exist currently and what was it like last year/what is the plan for this year?

    It would be great to have some really big tables, step-ups...etc, but unfortunatetly the majority of riders are in the park aren't extremely skilled. Currently park place has a nice set of medium sized jumps, each with a small and a larger kicker, probably 80 percent of the people are hitting the smaller kicker, so even though I would like to see bigger jumps it wouldn't be in the best interest of most riders. Also, park place is too flat to get much bigger of jumps.

    The two jumps in Rose City are amazing! Especially the second, which has a landing that goes on for centuries. Unfortunately there are only two. They also have a really nice wall in Rose City, I would love to see someone make it to the top and grind down.

    I think Meadows is doing a great job! It takes a lot of snow to make a lot of great jumps and they are doing really well, especially for the amount of snow.

    There are a lot of people with different wants and needs and it's obvious that Meadows has spent a lot of time and thought into putting the multiple terrain parks they have.

    Meadows: Forest Park is the rail park located on Tamarrack serviced by the Mt. Hood Express - a couple of runs (skier's right) over from Park Place.

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