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Racing Support Recognized and Thanks To Pass Holder Assistance Crew

Thank you for all of your support of mini, mitey and junior racing programs over the holiday break. My kids 6 and 8 ski for MAC, and they had a great ski camp, due in part to the generous help given by The Meadows. The Sno Blasters Room, the Easy Rider training hill for the little ones and the great Stadium hill and race facility made the program fun for all. Thank you.

I thought my 6 year old lost his pass, and the people in the season pass office were so kind. I found the pass in the car, due to a neck gator issue. They were very professional and very nice. I know they are very busy. Keep them around. Sorry I don't know their names. One was a snowboard looking guy who seemed to be the boss and a girl with long dark hair.

Happy New Year,

-- Tom G.

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