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Way to Go Parking Crew

I was stuck in the parking lot, around 2:30 this afternoon. Out of nowhere a meadows employee appeared while I was preparing to put on chains. He surveyed the situation, noted as I had that I was only going to need the chains for 50 ft. His expert advise, back it up two feet, and now easy on the gas, don't spin the tires, don't stop till your over there facing down hill, and finally a push with help from another helper at just the right moment, and I was out and on my way, without slipping a tire, amazing. I wasn't looking forward to crawling around putting on chains and this guy and his friend saved me. I gave a thumbs up as I drove away, but that it not enough. Please thank them for me. I am sure you will find them handing out good deeds tomorrow afternoon in the parking lot.

-- Paul C. and his 10 year old son - Thanks guys.

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