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Forest Park Opened

Forest Park Freestyle Park Map at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortConstruction of Forest Park was started last night. It contains rollers, 1 funbox, 1 pole jam, 1 table top, and 1 down rail. It's a work in progress with more features planned. It will probably open for riding (when we get appropriate clearance) today.

You can send mobile device pix to: - we'll post them in our photo gallery.

To get to Forest Park you can take Lady Slipper from the top of Stadium, or Lady Slipper from the top of Hood River Express.
Forest Park Freestyle Park Logo at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard Resort

And you've probably seen that we've been working on the SuperPipe. We hope to get that open this week!

-- Parks Crew


  1. Nooch

    January 4, 2010

    Big ups to the park crew this year. Really been holding it down with all the parks. Much better than last year. Hope to see more fun stuff coming all season. Oh yeah and big ups to everyone getting Vista and Cascade open Sunday morning too. Fresh tracks all day.

  2. Andrew

    January 4, 2010

    will there be a corigated park on hrm? i heard that there might be

    Meadows: We're focusing on the five parks we have open right now but have some culvert and other corrugated material to work into features. If we do create a new area or even a pipe line we'll tell you here on the blog.

  3. steven

    January 5, 2010

    Parks are looking good this year keep up the good work park crew! Forest park is shaping up, Rose city looks competition ready - super fun with almost every type of rail, good tables, and a well placed wall-ride. The big hrm park has been great all the rails and jumps are good.

    the one feature in the forest park that could possibly be placed better is the barrel bonk. its more fun when its between the kicker and landing of a table and you can spin over it / spin and tap over it. right now its on top of a little hip thing and its tapable but not as fun as when you can chuck over it and throw a tap in.

  4. jason shook

    January 14, 2010

    Park crew you guys are doing a great job keeping up on things this year when it comes to grooming. the lips for the rails are being shaped really well! keep it up!

    however what's up with the lips on every table besides the small sides of jumps like herm? don't take offense but they suck.. were not trying to double backflip every tabletop on the mountain... every lip gets way to Wutang on us.. look at any professional park and take a tip on how to build a lip.. PLEEEASE!

    other that that you guys are doing a lot better than other years.

  5. Tyler

    January 17, 2010

    My only concern is some of the rails are super sticky and grabby in places in both forest and park place. can you do something about this

  6. josh

    January 28, 2010

    hey just wanted to add onto to what tyler said, not with the stickyness but with the set up. on some they are very narrow so it makes you ride to parallel with them or straight on and the down rails are super low, could you please do something about that?

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