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Nice and Relaxing Meal on a Busy Day

Our experience at Mt Hood Meadows was very positive. The employees were all very helpful. The bus drivers from Sunrise lot helped customers off the bus holding their skis, The greeters were friendly, The lift operators courteous and friendly.

We had a very nice experience in the restaurant. We ate at the Alpenstube. The Hostess was great. It was packed, but she was very efficient, checked back with us that a table was coming up, and made the short wait fine. The system was organized and worked well. We were taken to our table and seated with a very friendly way. The table was comfortable and it did not seem packed in as is so often the case when we eat at a ski resort. We received water right away, which is nice coming off the hill tired and thirsty.

I ordered ice tea, and the Greek Salad Pita. My wife had a diet coke and the Thai Chicken Curry. My son had a coke and the western BBQ bacon Burger. My daughter had a diet coke and the Tuscan Foccacia chicken sandwich. We eat out quite a bit and I would consider us on the picky side of expectations for restaurant food. Everyone loved the food. I did not ask for specific feed back just listened and they all thought the food was great. The waffle fries were commented on, my son raved about the burger, My pita was fresh and really satisfying. We only have positives for the food. Our waitress was very friendly, and was trying hard.

It was a very nice meal in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks again for a great day with my family.

Have a very happy new year.

-- Don M

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