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Parks Hit Midseason Stride

It's great to see new snow on the mountain - the current storm will provide some outrageous powder riding this week. We're stoked about our parks product - all six parks (The Zoo, Shipyard, Rose City Slopestyle, Banked Slalom, Forest Park and Park Place) and both of our SuperPipes have been riding great!

The new snow will affect some of our parks operations as we'll need to groom and reset features. With this major winter storm Vista SuperPipe may get filled in. But the new snow will also allow us to build more features and extend some of the lines in our parks so it's great to have this return to winter!

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Recent Videos

Enjoy these videos which do a pretty good job showing off the features in our parks.




  1. Kevin

    January 25, 2010

    Lovin the parks so far this year way better than the last couple! The only two things that could use improvement would be the amount of lip on Park Place, it makes them so you almost have to flip or cork to spin without getting off axis and then the length of the rails. The three in park place are sick but we need more long rails! Forest Park is awesome but the rails could be doubled in length.

    Thanks for the great job!

  2. Carl

    January 26, 2010

    Why do some the video's you promote off this site show at least three things you could get your pass pulled for? Does this mean I would not be held responsible for the same infraction? Or have the rules about the park and ropes changed?

    Meadows: Thanks Carl. Good point regarding the ropes and a reminder to our guests not to use ropes or fences as obstacles, even if they are located right next to the parks. I took down the links.

  3. freeskier

    February 1, 2010

    i agree the park place jumps go straight up it is hard to clear the top. mabey even a staircase in forest park or the shipyard. other than that the parks are sick.

  4. Powderhound

    February 5, 2010

    The "Ball" is a bit obvious but maybe:

    The Knob



    Knob Dome

    The Knobster

    Sphere Clear

    Rome Dome

    Stand Stall

    I dunnow if I hit the knob on the head but…

  5. ryan

    February 15, 2010

    what ever happened to the jumps having POP!!! every jump up at meadows now is like i'm on a boarder cross course! last month park place had poppy jumps (on the big side)!!! they were fun then. now its almost like the jumps are built for gapers!! i think there should be an advanced park!! not a medium park with a small side! a park where people who can't spin on smaller jumps, wouldn't even think about going in! ive almost landed on countless kids because they go into the park with their parents and they have no clue of what they should be doing or where they should be stopping! (NOT ON THE KNUCKLE!!!) i think that it would keep everybody a lot safer!! i'm tired of kids who should not be in a park with medium jumps cutting across the knuckle BECAUSE IT HAS A SMALL SIDE TO IT!!! all im saying is there is not a jump to even think about throwing a mellow 9 on! even 7s are pushing it on the small jumps that are up there right now!!

  6. Derek

    February 20, 2010

    You guys just MAJORLY upped the ante in Park Place!!!!! SOO SIICK!! It's not often that a jump line makes me question my ability. And Forest Park has more fun packed into a run than anyone could possibly know what to do with. Keep up the good work and thank you so much!!

  7. Yak

    April 13, 2010

    The Zoo park needs work. Right now, it's hard to clear that first table (more like a step-up) riding straight at it from Easy Rider. To fix this, build up the drop-in at the beginning of the park (and fix the landing of that jump so it's not a step up). That will have the added benefit of keeping out people who would accidentally wander into the park to take their turns (collision waiting to happen). It doesn't even seem like the park crew rode through it after building it. You'd know after one lap that something needed fixing. If the jumps in there were more like the ones in shipyard (only a little bigger), it would be a nice little park to learn new tricks and fill the gap between Shipyard and Rose City. Remember: you can always speed-check to slow down, but you can't get speed from nowhere! Keep this park up through the spring and you'll have me there 'til the end.
    I'm liking the mini-pipe, though. That's so much better with a little vert at the top.

    Meadows: Hi Yak - thanks for the observations and glad you're enjoying the Zoo. The Zoo is supposed to be our true beginner park with the smallest and most forgiving features of any park. It is the park for parents and kids to go into for their first park experience. The jumps are more be forgiving if you come up short - we wouldn't want to build up speed on the starting ramp. Shipyard on the other hand is more advanced. It is a very small park in acreage but has some very technical features.
    The Zoo will be maintained through April 25th. We'll probably keep a small jump line in Shipyard during the May weekends. Something fun for our beginner park riders to lap off of Buttercup.

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