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Mazot Just Right

This season you really have it right at the Mazot! I have brought at least 7 friends there, and everyone agrees. It is the place where you feel like you are on vacation and cutting school at the same time. The music is great-they will change the station if you ask. Dano and Kaitlyn (did I spell her name right?) are great-they remember your drinks, are excited about Meadows, and make you feel welcome.

The Mazot is a gem, and the people make it sparkle!

-- Janet, Jim, Dean, Clayton, Ian and Steve!

Ski School Adaptive Program Great

I want to praise everyone working the counters in your ski school and rental shop. Everyone is so friendly and they do a great job shuttling all the people through. Rosanna and Ben are so helpful.

Your adaptive program is great. I want to praise Ian Duncan for the wonderful lessons he has given my son. I was going to have my son first sit on a bi-ski but Ian saw his potential to balance and he has him paralell skiing now. Ian believed in him and to see him ski is absolutely amazing. Ian is a great teacher in more ways than just skiing. He pushes my son to his full potential with sign language, speaking and carrying his own equipment.

Our experience at Meadows has given my son more confidence and he is pretty proud of himself. I can't thank all of you enough.

-- Amy H.

Safari Browser Online Store Issue Reported

There have been reports of problems purchasing products in our online store using certain versions of Safari on Mac computers. We apologize for the inconvenience and are looking into the problem.

Using FireFox has bypassed the problem for others. If you continue to have issues, please contact our Clackamas office 503.659.1256.

-- Meadows Team

Curt Awesome Kids Instructor

I just want to say that ski instructor "Curt" who has a beard, was awesome! My daughter and 3 other kids from our school ski trips have been in his class and they loved him! He did an excellent job and they learned alot, I would definetly take lesson with you all again, and I hope all the instructors are like Curt, the girls really liked him.

-- Angela H.

Tuesday Midweek Grooming Great

this is Praise----grooming's been excellent on Tuesdays, thanks! lets this chicken F skier zoom right along..........cheers and see you all next Tuesday

-- Sandy L.

Rotary Night Hosts Many First Timer Skiers and Snowboarders

Danny learns to snowboard at Mt. Hood Meadows Rotary Night Rotary Ski Night 2010 was the first time on the mountain for kids, including an after school program from St. Francis House in Odell. The Rotary Club of Hood River and Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort teamed up to present the annual Rotary Ski Night to Oregon outdoor enthusiasts. The goal of the event is to bring the community together in the great outdoors and to raise money to support charitable causes.

Held on a Monday in January, this year’s event fell on January 18 - the holiday in which we honor Martin Luther King Junior. The holiday timing allowed thousands of people to join the event and help raise funds to support student scholarships and other Rotary community services. Monday, more than 2,300 Rotary lift tickets were used on the mountain, a vast increase in participation for the annual event.

The Hood River Rotary club rents the ski area for this fund raising event and lift tickets are sold for ten dollars each. Skiers had unlimited use of the mountain from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m., access to a slalom race course and free entertainment in the lodge. Tickets were sold by Hood River Rotarians, Columbia Gorge businesses, Mount Hood Meadows ticket booths and many of the Rotary Clubs that comprise Rotary District 5100. Without strong support from Mount Hood Meadows, an event of this magnitude could not happen.

By offering tickets at a low cost and holding the event on a holiday, more people than ever were able to attend from communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington. The event drew families, students and community members who might otherwise be working. Numerous first-time skiers and boarders also enjoyed the event.

“Everyone has such a great time at Rotary Ski Night and the best part is, proceeds from this event raise money to support Rotary causes - such as scholarships for graduating seniors, free dictionaries for local school children and numerous other projects,” said Michael Schock, Hood River Rotary Ski chairman. “The idea is to bring everyone together on one special night. Offering lift tickets at a low cost allows more people to join in the fun. We are so thankful that Mount Hood Meadows let us hold Rotary Ski Night on a holiday – this allowed many more people to get involved.”

Photo: Danny, a student from an after school program at St. Francis House in Odell, shows his superb skills on his first run on a snowboard at Rotary Ski Night

-- Barbara Ayers

Unlimited Spring Season Pass $119 Online Discount Ends Sunday

Mt. Hood Meadows Unlimited Spring Season Pass is on sale on the resort’s website at a special promotional price of $119. The pass is valid beginning March 1 and offers the pass holder direct to lift convenience every day the rest of the season. A pass purchased at the ski area beginning March 1 will be $179, so those purchasing online in advance by January 31 will save $60.

The Unlimited Spring season pass will offer pass holders 56 days of daily scheduled operations through April 25, plus extra days if the season is extended into May as the resort has done the past several seasons. That brings the cost of skiing or snowboarding down to a little more than $2 / day! Even a casual rider who would come up just four times (every other weekend in March and April) would benefit from the $119 price – bringing the daily price down to under $30 / day.

Unlimited Spring pass holders receive benefits including discounts on demo equipment, adult and children ski school lessons and clinics, day care, retail shop purchases and midweek lodging at Cooper Spur Mt. Resort.

Click here for additional information on the Unlimited Spring season pass.

Heather Canyon Closed Monday Morning

Heather Canyon is closed this morning due to snow load above our permit area. We've received 14 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. Many more inches have accumulated at the 10,000+ foot levels on Mt. Hood, particularly with wind load.

We'll continue to evaluate conditions and make decisions regarding Heather Canyon accordingly.

See the posting on last week's avalanche which started above our permit area.

-- Meadows Team

Snow Heavier but Still Fun

We had a little warming overnight so the instead of the light powder we were receiving right up until closing Sunday evening, the snow is heavier. Still a lot of fun, particularly on runs groomed earlier in the shift that have several inches of accumulated snow on top. Off the groom you may find some breakable crust depending on which stash you're diving into.

It continues to snow and we're in storm recovery mode as the conditions may affect some scheduled lifts today. We'll get everything that's possible to open as early as we can.

See you on the mountain!

-- Meadows Team

Powder Monday - Have Fun and Be Aware

A major winter storm is dropping a significant amount of fresh powder on Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort. The light powder is piling up at a rate of more than an inch an hour, and is expected to continue overnight. Snow starting dropping late morning and in a 10 hour period a foot of fresh powder has accumulated.

Our snowpack in the base area reached 80 inches Sunday! 

Monday will be an exceptional powder day, but we want to remind you to be aware of the dangers associated with deep snow conditions, particularly tree wells. Make sure you are riding or skiing with a buddy and keep track of each other at all times.

Get more information on deep snow tree skiing safety in our safety section.

-- Meadows Team

Parks Hit Midseason Stride

It's great to see new snow on the mountain - the current storm will provide some outrageous powder riding this week. We're stoked about our parks product - all six parks (The Zoo, Shipyard, Rose City Slopestyle, Banked Slalom, Forest Park and Park Place) and both of our SuperPipes have been riding great!

The new snow will affect some of our parks operations as we'll need to groom and reset features. With this major winter storm Vista SuperPipe may get filled in. But the new snow will also allow us to build more features and extend some of the lines in our parks so it's great to have this return to winter!

Meadows Film Festival @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Meadows Film Festival Announced

We're looking for the 10 best videos to showcase at our Meadows Film Festival event March 6. Winners will receive custom logoed Columbia Sportswear backpacks and the top selection receives a $500 cash prize. Get details on the Meadows Film Festival here.

Recent Videos

Enjoy these videos which do a pretty good job showing off the features in our parks.



Midweek Grooming Superb

Please pass this message on to the grooming crew. I take a bus load of skiiers to the mountain every tuesday and thursday. I want to thank the grooming crew for doing a very excellent job of grooming this past week and ask that they keep it up. In particular "catacombs" which is not always groomed was wonderfull and lots of fun to ski down. I spread the word amoung my bus riders about that run and I think they all skiied it and loved it.
We really appreciate your work and really love to find that place on the mountain that is not always accessible to some of us who are not double black diamond skiiers.

Now have you considered running the groomer up upper elevator- one of my favorite runs when the ice and wind chop is groomed down.

You guy are our heros!!

-- Elaine G.

Anatomy of an Avalanche

In the early evening of Sunday, January 17, a hard slab avalanche approximately ¾ of a mile wide near the top of the Wy’East face at the 10,650 foot level on Mt. Hood fractured and slid. The “crown” or fracture line ranged in depth from approximately four to ten feet and the incident triggered slides into three different watersheds – White River Canyon (between Meadows and Timberline), Newton Canyon (to the North of our permit area) and most significantly Clark Canyon, just inside our permit area.

 Three drainages were affected by this avalanche event.

The avalanche continued down the Clark Canyon drainage depositing itself in the foothills area about 200 yards shy of the Heather Chair Lift. In total it traveled 2.75 miles, collecting several thousand tons of snow, ice and debris before exhausting itself. The pile of ice, snow, rubble and debris in the deposition zone ranging in height from 15 to 30 feet.

 Deposition zone near the ramp to the Heather Chairlift

The Hard Slab avalanche released naturally on an old crust that was formed just over a week prior. This event occurred above our permit area where no avalanche hazard reduction occurs. The conditions leading to this natural release were a hard ice layer formed from rain then a melt freeze cycle. This was followed by a storm cycle that deposited five to ten feet of wind loaded snow on top of this layer, including the moderate precipitation on Sunday.

The course and debris entered the ski area at the most remote part of our permit area, and at a time the terrain was closed. No guests, staff members or physical property was involved in this incident.

Avalanche Info

Avalanche starting zones generally occur on slopes between 30 and 60 degrees. They can run, and even accelerate, at pitches between 15 and 30 degrees especially when confined, such as the terrain in Clark Canyon. When the slopes hit 15 degrees or less the avalanche will generally decelerate to a stop, leaving huge amounts of debris in the deposition zone.

In terms of size, avalanches are measured on “R = Relative size to path” and “D = Destructive Force” scales –from 1 to 5, 5 being the largest and most destructive. Sunday’s avalanche was classified “R4” and “D4”.

Sunday's Avalanche Stats:

  • Slope distance travelled: 14,500 feet, 6,000 meters or about 2.75 miles from start to finish.
  • Elevation lost: 5,400 feet from the crown at around the 10,650 foot level to the “toe” at the 5,240 foot level.
  • Width of the starting zone: 3/4 mile wide.
  • Crown height at the fracture: Ranging from 4 to 10 feet
  • Deposition field is in the millions of cubic feet of debris with up to 15 to 30 foot depths.

Sunday’s avalanche is not as uncommon as originally reported. Since 1976 there have been 23 naturally occurring avalanches, R4 or bigger, in the Heather Canyon drainage. During this same time period, there have been 16 R4 or bigger events in the Clark Canyon drainage. The majority of these larger natural slides, in the Heather drainage, occurred prior to 2002. Since that time patrol has increased the frequency and effectiveness of avalanche hazard reduction in Heather Canyon. This has greatly reduced the number of large, natural avalanches in Heather Canyon. However, current reduction measures for Clark Canyon are a challenge because some of the larger start zones are above our permit area.

Looking down on Clark and Heather Canyons from SuperBowl.
This file photo taken from Super Bowl gives some persective and a "lay of the land" view of Clark and Heather Canyons. You can see the remnants of an avalanche track in Clark which is the more natural path of avalanches which start above our permit area.

Fortunately no guests, staff members or physical property was involved in Sunday's avalanche. This is an awesome display of nature that we respect, admire and learn from.

Coincidentally, January 16 – 22 is National Ski Area Safety Awareness Week. It is appropriate to focus on rule #6 of the Responsibility Code:

Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.

There are times that we close the gates to Heather Canyon, or portions of Heather Canyon, because of these conditions. We ask you to respect those boundaries, and never cross a rope line. The consequences can be deadly.

When heading into any of our gated access terrain – Heather Canyon, Clark Canyon, Private Reserve and Search & Rescue Cliffs, we highly recommend Skiing/Riding with a partner and carrying a beacon, probe, and shovel.

Enjoy the pictures – and let them serve as a reminder of just how awesome the nature of our mountain is. The pictures were taken by Executive Director of Mountain Operations Steve Warila, and Tighe Stoyanoff Head of Snow Safety. Thanks to Tighe and Nicholi Stoyanoff - Snow Safety, Patrol Director Melissa Toney and Patrol Manager Brandon Backman for their assistance in presenting this blog.

Also - kudos to our snow safety, patrol and grooming departments who were able to reopen lower Heather Monday before noon. Our groomers moved a lot of snow to create access back to the Heather Chair for our guests.

 Tracking the avalanche from Wy' East to Clark Canyon
The crown or fracture line is right at the top of the Wy'East face. The majority of the slab and debris slid down and was collected into Clark Canyon, typical of these slides which start above our permit area.

The avalanche track and deposition zone from Accordian Bowl
From Accordian Bowl, a patroller views the track leading to the deposition zone just before the cut off to the Heather chair ramp.

Fringe debris along the track
Working down off the flats below Accordion Bowl, encountering debris along the edge of the track left by the avalanche as it rounded a corner. An R5 may have taken those trees out as well.

The avalanche carved a berm as it richocheted off the bottom of Acordian Bowl
Notice the gouging of the earth by the avalanche as it passed through the flats of Accordion - the berm is between 25 and 30 feet high indicating the height of the avalanche at that point. 

 Massive debris - 5 foot high ice boulders
Measuring a five foot tall ice boulder with a rock encased in it.

 The 25 foot berm wall represents the avalanche depth at that point.
The Avalanche created this 25+ foot high berm or side cut as it smashed into the side of the canyon and altered course. 

 Deposition Zone
The berm is still pronounced and you can just barely make out the ramp up to the Heather Chair beyond the debris, which is almost impossible to ski through once it sets up into varying sized ice and snow clumps. The deposition zone ranged in depth from 15 to 30 feet.

 Looking at the deposition zone from the ramp to Heather chair
Looking back at the deposition zone from the ramp leading to the Heather Chair you can see the massive depth on the right hand side – that’s a 20 foot tall tree the snow is pushing over.

Great Lesson from Scott

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how great one of your instructors is. I had the chance to take a night lesson last Friday from Scott Michell and have to say he was a great instructor. He took time and started from the basics and worked his way to getting me down the slope. Because of him, I want to take ski lessons and get my daughter into classes. Good job!

-- Grant D.

Thanks for Hosting Races

My daughter races in the Mt. Hood League. We have had two races that were scheduled for Ski Bowl and as you know, they have no snow. Nothing anyone can do about that but YOU GUYS stepped up and made room for everyone not just last week but this week-end also. I just want you to know that your help is not going unrecognized. We very much appreciate your support of the High School racing program. Thank you for the extra effort.

Very Truly,

-- Toby D

SuperPipe Opens - 5 Parks and a Pipe for the Holiday!

It's been a busy week for Parks Crew which has been doing a great job embellishing our parks product even without the extra helping of snow we usually get.

SuperPipe at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortThe InGround SuperPipe is open! We used all kinds of crazy techniques to scrape the snow together and shape it into the 18 foot walls. This last snow storm literally put us over the top and the Northwest's ONLY SuperPipe is open at Mt. Hood Meadows!

Banked Slalom at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortThe banked slalom course was built Friday night. The start pad is a little ways uphill from the easyrider bullwheel off of red road. The course runs down wallflower finishing just above the inground SuperPipe.

Forest Park Freestyle Park Logo at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortThe ball feature has been added to the end of Forest Park. We extended Forest Park Tuesday evening adding 1 rainbow rail after the picnic table. The park is growing with additional rails being added.

Park Place - Mt. Hood's original terrain park at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortPark Place was also extended further down Breakaway. We added 1 down rail.

Congrats to the crew - they've been working hard and the reward is yours with five parks (incuding Shipyard and The Zoo) and a SuperPipe for your holiday weekend enjoyment!

-- Parks Crew

Celebrating Safety Awareness

January 16 - 22 is National Ski Area Safety Awareness Week and we'll be celebrating safety at our Safety Fair this Saturday at Mt. Hood Meadows. We urge you to first learn, then abide by the seven rules of the Responsibility Code, which when followed, increase safety on the slopes. The Code has been used for half a century to serve as common sense guidelines which help set a course for a more enjoyable day on the slopes.

Saturday’s Safety Fair will encourage guests to find the seven Safety “Codesters”, learn the rules and win prizes ranging from safety whistles to safety messenger bags. Those who collect all seven Codester stamps on their Code Card will be eligible to win a 10 Time Pass given away in drawings in the afternoon and evening.

Representatives from Meadows Pro Patrol will be on hand to discuss safety issues and introduce guests to the safety search and rescue dogs. A contest will also be presented to allow guests to find hidden targets with tracking beacons used by backcountry enthusiasts. The Safety Fair is presented by Fuel TV, Monster Energy Drink and the Anheuser-Busch Responsibility Matters Program.

Mt. Hood Meadows endorses the NSAA Code of Responsibility and encourages guests to “Know The Code” before and while visiting the mountain.

  1. Stay in Control.
  2. People ahead have the right of way.
  3. Stop in a safe place for you and others.
  4. When starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield.
  5. Use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Observe signs and warnings and keep off closed trails.
  7. Know how to use the lifts safely.

Meadows has won three national safety awards in the past two seasons for efforts to educate guests and employees about safety awareness. We hope these efforts will help you to be more aware as you prepare yourself for the slopes, leading to more enjoyable days on the mountain.

For more details on National Ski Area Safety Week visit the National Ski Area Association web site.

See you on the mountain!

-- Meadows Team

Marked Improvements and Suggestions for More

As a frequent visitor, and critic, of MHM, I must commend management for the consistently outstanding grooming operations. Whether fresh new snow or old beaten snow, the grooming crew has been providing stellar conditions.

Employee attitudes in the 2009-2010 season are a pleasant reversal from the surly and unfriendly atmosphere of past years. Lift op crews have been outstanding.

MHM still needs to address the antiquated and cumbersome lift ticket system. Constantly fumbling for tickets buried under layers of clothing and poorly operating scanners create bottlenecks in lift queues and tensions among patrons and employees. Installation of modern ticket scanning technology utilizing readily available RFID systems would lesson hassles and ultimately prove cost effective as employee head count would be reduced, violators more easily identified, and statistical analysis of lift usage would be more accurate.

Again, positive acknowledgment of operational improvements. Now, all we need is for nature to cooperate and send some more snow our direction!

-- Ken M.

Parks Crew On the Ball

Freestyling is all about finding new and creative ways to express yourself. That's why we work with Kurt Heine of Heine tools to develop features for our parks. Kurt sent us some pictures of his latest innovation which we are calling "The Ball".

Kurt Heine building Kurt Heine buidling "The Ball" at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard Resort
It is a gigantic globe, mounted on a four sided pedastal. Each pedastal has a trapezoidal face which should allow approaching it from three sides. A skilled stall on the top could even bring the down side into play on the dismount.

"The Ball" will be appearing soon most likely in Forest Park. So come to Meadows and get on the Ball! Have a Ball at Meadows! OK - that could be a little lame. Do you have a better name for this new feature?

-- Parks Crew

Thanks For Accommodating Race Camp

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Meadows crew for all their work in accommodating the Multnomah Athletic Club for the ski camp held this past week and the day of race logistics. We really appreciated the extra efforts made by staff to help put this together—it was a great to have their cooperation and extra efforts in accommodating the needs of the team.

-- Kathryn and Michael

PS Hope to see you at the mountain soon--thanks!

Soggy Weather Affecting Parks Wednesday

The soaking we received the past two days will affect park operations today. Rose City, The Zoo and Shipyard are scheduled to be open but we weren't able to machine groom overnight due to the saturated snow surface. Park Place and Forest Park are closed this morning for evaluation - we may need to wait until we can groom Wednesday evening to get them open for Thursday.

Sorry for the interuption - we'll get as many features open and riding well as soon as we can.

-- Parks Crew

Nice and Relaxing Meal on a Busy Day

Our experience at Mt Hood Meadows was very positive. The employees were all very helpful. The bus drivers from Sunrise lot helped customers off the bus holding their skis, The greeters were friendly, The lift operators courteous and friendly.

We had a very nice experience in the restaurant. We ate at the Alpenstube. The Hostess was great. It was packed, but she was very efficient, checked back with us that a table was coming up, and made the short wait fine. The system was organized and worked well. We were taken to our table and seated with a very friendly way. The table was comfortable and it did not seem packed in as is so often the case when we eat at a ski resort. We received water right away, which is nice coming off the hill tired and thirsty.

I ordered ice tea, and the Greek Salad Pita. My wife had a diet coke and the Thai Chicken Curry. My son had a coke and the western BBQ bacon Burger. My daughter had a diet coke and the Tuscan Foccacia chicken sandwich. We eat out quite a bit and I would consider us on the picky side of expectations for restaurant food. Everyone loved the food. I did not ask for specific feed back just listened and they all thought the food was great. The waffle fries were commented on, my son raved about the burger, My pita was fresh and really satisfying. We only have positives for the food. Our waitress was very friendly, and was trying hard.

It was a very nice meal in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks again for a great day with my family.

Have a very happy new year.

-- Don M

Meadows Celebrates Oregon Learn A Snow Sport Month with Affordable Learn to Ski or Snowboard Packages

MT. HOOD, OR (Immediate Release) – January has been proclaimed Learn A Snow Sport Month in Oregon, and Mt. Hood Meadows is offering many affordable packages for first timers. Meadows has the largest ski school in Oregon, with certified professionals with a vast amount of experience in introducing beginners to skiing and snowboarding. The resort’s “Buttercup” beginner chairlift services the gradual terrain where first time lessons are conducted. Meadows also has the Northwest’s only enclosed over the conveyer called “The Ballroom Carpet” which gives first timers a fun uphill experience. Most ski areas rely on the traditional “rope tow” which tend to wear out beginners being pulled up the hill.

As part of Learn A Snow Sport month, anyone who brings a beginner to enroll in a beginner package at Mt. Hood Meadows in the month of January can enter to win an unlimited 2010-2011 season pass.

Meadows learn to ski or snowboard packages include a Buttercup beginner lift ticket, ski or snowboard equipment rentals and a two hour lesson. They are very affordable and some are offered at even greater discounts at the resort’s website.

Get details on the packages below here :

One Day Package - $60 at the ski resort / $50 online (age 13 and older)

Includes a Buttercup beginner lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals.
A second two hour lesson can be added for just $10 more.

Night Package - $25 (age 13 and older, offered Wednesday – Sunday Evenings)

Includes a Buttercup 3 – 9 PM beginner lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals.

3 Time Passport - $99 (age 13 and older)

Includes three days – lift ticket, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals each day. First two days include Buttercup beginner lift ticket, third day is an all mountain lift. Any three days, no reservations required.

3 Time Night Passport - $75 (age 13 and older)

Includes three evenings – 3 – 9 PM lift tickets, 2 hour lesson and equipment rentals each day. First two evenings include Buttercup beginner lift ticket, third evening is an all night operating lift. Any three nights, no reservations required.

4 Time Learn to Ski or Snowboard - $160 (age 13 and older)

This 4 week program includes an all day lift ticket, ski rental package (skis, boots, poles), and a 2 hour lesson for 4 consecutive weeks offered through weekend middle school, high school and adult programs. January programs kick off January 9 and 10; February programs begin February 6 and 7. The package is also offered through the midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) adult programs. The first two weeks include a ticket for beginner lift only; last two weeks include an all-mountain lift ticket.

Twilight Kids Club $65 (age 4 – 12 ski / age 7 – 12 snowboarding)

Twilight Kids Club is offered Saturdays and Sundays. Parents receive 1 free adult 3pm – close lift ticket for each child enrolled in Twilight Club. Kids are supervised from 3 PM – 7 PM with a two hour on snow lesson offered in between. Equipment rentals is just $5 for kids in Club.

Thanks Ski School For Sno-Blaster Registration

Hi Darren,

I wanted to thank you once again for your help in registering my kids for the upcoming sno-blaster session. New Years Eve was certainly a busy day on the mountain and I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through the program and the registration process (twice!). Carter and Charlie had a great time skiing with Bill last week and are looking forward to seeing him again this Saturday.

With appreciation,

-- Michelle S

Great Guest Service @ Cooper Cup

Hi, I would like to comment on the customer service we have experienced at the resort this year. It's great! All the employees are so helpful and friendly.My daughter races for Cooper Spur Race Team and having our winter camp at Meadows was so much fun for everyone. Paul Jones and Chris Kastner made sure we had everything we needed-thanks! So many families were commenting on the great atmosphere you have created and had a great week. The race crew was terrific for our Cooper Cup race and made it so easy for us- thanks Rev and crew! The hot cocoa for the kids after their really wet race on the 31st was a HUGE hit - thanks Paul.

I also want to comment on the awards arena for the Winter Start race this weekend. Kevin Brown and crew did a fantastic job! We have never had a nicer area for an awards ceremony. Again, many parents were commenting on the huge effort you all are making to make our time at Meadows better. Thanks for making customer service a priority!

-- Kathy M

Forest Park Opened

Forest Park Freestyle Park Map at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortConstruction of Forest Park was started last night. It contains rollers, 1 funbox, 1 pole jam, 1 table top, and 1 down rail. It's a work in progress with more features planned. It will probably open for riding (when we get appropriate clearance) today.

You can send mobile device pix to: - we'll post them in our photo gallery.

To get to Forest Park you can take Lady Slipper from the top of Stadium, or Lady Slipper from the top of Hood River Express.
Forest Park Freestyle Park Logo at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard Resort

And you've probably seen that we've been working on the SuperPipe. We hope to get that open this week!

-- Parks Crew

Three Generations Skiing - the Goins

Story: My parents were both ski instructors when I was growing up. I then became one, too, and have passed my love of snow on to my boys, as well. Now my family lives in Seattle, WA. We came down to McMinnville, OR to spend some time with family in the area after Christmas. As part of our visit, my dad, my boys, and I came up to Meadows to share a day. It's always a really special day when we get to ski with all three generations--especially when it's grandpa's treat!

New Data Loggers Provide Near Real Time Weather Reporting

You may have noticed that the temperature and windspeed values on our conditions page are reported in near real time this season. This was made possible by the installation this fall of new "data loggers" at the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC) telemetry stations located at the top and bottom of our Mt. Hood Express lifts. These data loggers provide continuous readings, which we update on our web site every five minutes. This entirely automated process provides the most accurate and immediate weather readings to our conditions page and those who view it.

We still provide the link to the NWAC 24 hour telemetry, which records hourly readings. However, there is a delay of up to 30 minutes before the hourly data is presented. This can create discrepencies between the "real time" readings reported on our site, and the hourly reading reported on the NWAC site, but we feel it is better to provide the most current data possible.

We also use the real time data for our snow phone reports, our Fuel TV monitors in the lodge and the emailed snow report which goes out to subsribers at 5:40 AM each morning. Because some of our guests have noticed discrepencies in the NWAC hourly temperature reports and our "real time" reports, we did a comparison of the two over an 11 day period. Keep in mind, the readings are coming from the same data loggers units, this is just a difference in time of when they are recorded.

Here’s a comparison of the 5:40 AM temps reported in our email compared to the 5 AM temps reported on NWAC. The first temperature is the 5:40 AM value which was sent out in our snow report email each morning.  The second temperature is the NWAC 5 AM reading. We "bolded" any discrepencies between the two.

Date:  Bottom .. Top
01/02: 27 / 28 .. 22 / 23
01/01: 35 / 36 .. 30 / 31
12/31: 24 / 25 .. 21 / 22
12/30: 25 / 25 .. 20 / 22
12/29: 21 / 21 .. 19 / 20
12/28: 27 / 27 .. 24 / 23
12/27: 17 / 17 .. 18 / 18
12/26: 29 / 30 .. 25 / 25
12/25: 34 / 33 .. 40 / 40
12/24: 28 / 28 .. 32 / 32
12/23: 22 / 22 .. 24 / 28 (The 6 AM NWAC was 24 so the temp was dropping between 5 AM and 6 AM)

So out of the 11 days reported, the 5:40 AM "real time" reading appearing in our snow report emails:

Bottom Telemetry:
4 Days 1 Degree less than 5 AM
6 Days Exact Match of 5 AM
1 Day 1 degree more than 5 AM

Top Telemetry:
1 Day 4 Degrees less than 5 AM
1 Day 2 Degrees less than 5 AM
4 Days 1 Degree less than 5 AM
4 Days Exact Match of 5 AM
1 Day 1 Degree more than 5 AM

Bottom line:
7 out of 11 days the 5:40 AM matched or was warmer than the 5 AM at the Bottom of Express.
5 out of 11 days the 5:40 AM matched or was warmer than the 5 AM at the Top of Express.

We present this information so you can better understand where these temperature readings come from and how we report them. Again, this all comes directly from the telemetry automatically - it is not altered or filtered in any way by Mt. Hood Meadows. We believe this is the best way to present the most accurate and immediate weather data for our guests.

-- Meadows Team