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Great Kids Lesson Jesse!

About 3-4 weeks ago, one of your instructors, a young man by the name of Jesse, gave our 5 year old a snowboard lesson. My son started boarding at the age of 3 but couldn't get past Buttercup. My husband and I would take turns riding with him and the other parent would board with our older son, so we would have to split up. Since his lesson with Jesse, he is a new snowboarder! He is really getting good! We have made it up on Vista, Daisy and Cascade and are able to ride as a whole family. We are enjoying our trip up to the mountain so much more! A big THANKS to Jesse! He has really made the difference for our trips up the mountain every Sunday. Just wanted to make sure Jesse knows the difference he is making with families and children. THANKS!!!

-- Dana H.

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