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New Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows

People love their pets - we get that. And while we would prefer that you found a nice, warm and friendly place for your pet to stay when you come to the ski resort, we understand that's not always possible. So we're accommodating those who bring their pooches to the slopes with a new "Doggie Park".

Doggie Park Map at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe new park is located on the right hand side of our main parking lot. You'll see the park marked with big purple vertical banners. Truth is, we love skiing, riding, and doggies just like you do! Please help us to keep MHM “dog friendly” by following a few very simple rules.

  • Please use and respect our newly created “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please keep your dogs on leash at all times…and PLEASE leave the aggressive dogs at home!
  • Please poop and pee your puppies only in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area- NO peeing or pooping in any area outside of this specially designated space
  • MHM “Base Area” (see map) is a “Doggie Free Zone”. Please respect this at all times
  • Please use, and dispose of properly, the bio-degradable poop bags provided as a service to you and your pets by MHM. Garbage cans for disposal are conveniently located in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please, never leave your pets tied to your vehicle. They should be locked in your vehicle with ample fresh air (cracked windows), fresh water, and regular pottie breaks throughout the day

Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows Usingn the doggie park at Mt. Hood Meadows
Dogs on leash sign at Mt. Hood Meadows "Poop here" sign at Mt. Hood Meadows

Thank you for choosing Mt. Hood Meadows, and for following these few very simple rules. Our staff, guests and especially your doggie appreciates it!

-- Meadows Team


  1. JH

    February 8, 2010

    Wow, more land mines to walk around. Those that take care of their pets in public need not reply, I get the enjoyment. This is just another way, in Oregon, of not saying no. We will always appeas the minority. Come east to a major resort, Targhee, Jackson, alta, deer valley, and you will not find this. People have complained and this is MHM response?

    Meadows: This is our way of accommodating those that bring dogs. Our expectation is that they will play and poop their pet only in this area, and clean up after them.

  2. TBrd

    February 12, 2010

    Oh lighten up, JH. Agreed, dog owners need to pick up after their pets. But beyond that, dogs playing in the snow is a happy thing! Personally, I think a ski area without dogs--Vail, Deer Valley--is a ski area that has lost its soul. Have a little tolerance, have a little fun. The last thing we need is heavy-handed regulation that turns Meadows into some prissy, uptight place like Deer Valley. Ugh.

    Thank you to Meadows for being so responsive to your customers and helping everyone (including pooches) stay safe. I'm so impressed with all the great changes made this year.

  3. Ken M.

    March 23, 2010

    The addition of the Doggie Park is welcomed. As a regular MHM visitor, attending to my dog's needs has been a challenge until now. Great location, access to long trails, and even providing disposal bags. Another example of being tunes into the needs of clients. Now, the addition of a similar facility in HRM would complete the picture!

    As stated before, grooming operations have been superb. Full grooming on Elevator, top to bottom? Fantastic!

  4. jonno

    December 7, 2010

    This is an old post so it may not show up, but my questions is whether dogs are allowed on the trails in the nordic center. Thanks!

    Meadows: Sorry - no dogs allowed at the Nordic Center.

  5. Julie

    January 7, 2013

    Hard to find more info on this area. Is this mostly for dogs who are waiting for their humans to finish their day of skiing or is it an actual dog park with trails for dogs? Thanks!

    Meadows: It's a place where you can take your dogs on a leash, and let them run and do their business. A lot of guests bring dogs with them, and in the past we had issues with dogs in the base area running wild and leaving behind doggie treats. The dog park is a much better option for humans and canines.

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