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Powder Thursday 15" of Fresh

It's the storm we've all been waiting for - so far 15 inches of in the past two days, 8 of that in the last 24 hours and 5 inches since the lifts closed for night operations Wednesday evening. That means fresh tracks this morning for powderhounds.

High winds are still limiting access to the upper mountain placing both Cascade and Vista on standby. We ran cats up there to groom but within minutes their tracks are covered with six foot wind drifts. It's amazing what high winds and a lot of snow can do.

Private Reserve will open at 9 AM this morning. Patrol has been running AC routes in Heather since dawn and there's a much better chance of the Canyon opening - at least from Twilight down - today than yesterday. So those heading to the Canyon will be treated to all 15 inches of fresh along with deep pockets of wind deposited POW!

Have fun in the new snow, but be aware of deep snow hazards. Ski and ride with a buddy and keep track of each other.

We'll see you in the powder!

Oh - and one last shameless plug for those who haven't already purchased a season pass - the online Spring Pass $149 special ends Sunday. Looks like El Nino is delivering as promised - late season snow - so now's a great time to get the best price on the best spring skiing and riding on Mt. Hood!

-- Meadows Team

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  1. Curious

    February 25, 2010

    “15 inches of new snow in this storm - 8 inches in the past 24 hours. Heather Canyon didn't open yesterday, but is likely today. Bring your snorkel!”
    No kidding! Can you educate me as to why the lower canyon could not be opened yesterday but you were able be open it today under essentially the same conditions as they existed yesterday. When I was there yesterday, there was absolutely no effort made by patrols (at least I did not see or hear it) to open up the lower canyon, not even Jack’s wood. Were you people saving powder (heavy wind-packed to be more accurate) for today in hopes of enticing more people to come up? Oh, I totally understand the financial side of business, but I’ve been hearing repeatedly that opening up the slopes as much as possible is the number one priority and I like to hold you to that promise. I am sorry but Meadows feels just too small with both Cascade and Canyon closed.

    Meadows reply: Cascade and Heather weren't open Wednesday because of the storm conditions. We were receiving high winds and snow accumulating at a rate of up to an inch an hour. The snow stopped falling around 5 AM Thursday which allowed for visual AC routine. The lower canyon was opened at 10:22 AM Thursday, following hazard reduction work. With diminishing winds at 1 PM Cascade and the upper canyon was opened.
    We opened as much terrain / lifts as the weather and conditions allowed, as soon as they could be opened.

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