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Powder Thursday 15" of Fresh

It's the storm we've all been waiting for - so far 15 inches of in the past two days, 8 of that in the last 24 hours and 5 inches since the lifts closed for night operations Wednesday evening. That means fresh tracks this morning for powderhounds.

High winds are still limiting access to the upper mountain placing both Cascade and Vista on standby. We ran cats up there to groom but within minutes their tracks are covered with six foot wind drifts. It's amazing what high winds and a lot of snow can do.

Private Reserve will open at 9 AM this morning. Patrol has been running AC routes in Heather since dawn and there's a much better chance of the Canyon opening - at least from Twilight down - today than yesterday. So those heading to the Canyon will be treated to all 15 inches of fresh along with deep pockets of wind deposited POW!

Have fun in the new snow, but be aware of deep snow hazards. Ski and ride with a buddy and keep track of each other.

We'll see you in the powder!

Oh - and one last shameless plug for those who haven't already purchased a season pass - the online Spring Pass $149 special ends Sunday. Looks like El Nino is delivering as promised - late season snow - so now's a great time to get the best price on the best spring skiing and riding on Mt. Hood!

-- Meadows Team

Highway 26 Open Smooth Sailing Through Sandy

The Police Action which closed Highway 26 requiring a detour has ended, and Highway 26 is now open through Sandy. Traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. Come on up for some great powder at Meadows After Dark!

-- Meadows Team

Traffic Alert Sandy Detour

A police action in Sandy has traffic backed up on Highway 26. It may be adviseable to travel to the mountain on I-84 through Hood River, as it is unknown how long this action will take to resolve.

There is a detour through Sandy that you can take - here's a picture of that or you can select this Google Map Link.

Sandy Detour Wednesday, February 24, 2010 1:13 PM
Click image for larger view

Sandy Detour Wednesady 2/24/10

Turn by turn heading East towards Mt. Hood Meadows (Google Map Link):

US-26 E

1. Head southeast toward Ruben Ln 125 ft
2. Turn right at Ruben Ln 0.2 mi
3. Turn left at Dubarko Rd 0.1 mi
4. Take the 2nd left onto Sandy Heights St 0.8 mi
5. Turn left at Tupper Rd 0.4 mi
6. Slight left at Meinig Ave 197 ft
7. Take the 1st right onto Highway 26 174 ft

Drive careful - have patience. See you on the mountain!

-- Meadows Team

7” of New Snow at Mt. Hood Meadows and Still Falling!

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort received 7 inches of new snow overnight in a snow storm that promises to deliver that much more the next few days. Resort officials say this is the storm that powder hounds have been waiting for, as it could deliver more than a foot of fresh powder total before the weekend.

The resort reports an 88 inch snowpack depth in the base area. The resort has been operating at 100% with all terrain open, although storms can affect lift operations. Resort officials say it is setting up to be a great week of powder skiing and riding, leading to a weekend that will have clearing and sunshine.

Mt. Hood Meadows is scheduled to operate daily through April 25, and offers night skiing and riding five nights a week at least through March 14. The resort may extend both day and night scheduled operations depending on snow conditions and turn out.

The Unlimited Spring Pass is available for $149 on the resort’s web site – The special offer ends Sunday – after that the pass will cost $179. The Unlimited Spring Pass offers daily (and nightly) direct to lift access for the remainder of the season beginning March 1.

Marsha is a Terrific Instructor

I took my first ski lesson Saturday afternoon with Marsha and wanted to let you know she was a terrific teacher! She was patient with the beginners and made learning lots of fun. I appreciated her positive attitude and great instructions and can't wait to take my family to Meadows to ski again in a few weeks. Thanks for a great day!

-- Elizabeth F.

Meadows Film Festival

Meadows Film Festival Poster @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Mt. Hood Meadows is a beacon for winter film making. The resort and it's rugged and graceful slopes have been featured in travel, ski and more recently snowboard films and videos for more than 40 years. Meadows provides a beautiful backdrop and the subject matter for epic film making.

The Meadows Film Festival will be presented March 6 to showcase not only the beauty and majesty of our mountain, but the creativity and talent of our guests. Talent in the form of on-the-snow action skiing and riding showing off the attributes of the resort. There is nothing more splendid than capturing the perfect match of terrain and athleticism. Creativity in the story telling - the way the images, clips and edits are presented to make for an intriguing story.

The deadline for the Film Festival is Sunday, February 28. Our panel of esteemed judges will select up to the top 10 choices for showcasing March 6 at the Finish Line Pizzeria and Sports Bar. We'll award prizes, including a $500 first prize to the winning entry. Our thanks to Columbia Sportswear, Go Pro Helmet Cams, Full Sail Brewing, Fuel TV and Vaya Creative for supporting this event.

Get details on submitting your entry here.

See you at the Film Festival!

-- Meadows Team

Haiti Fundraising Night Raises Over $21,500 for Mercy Corps Relief Efforts

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort raised more than $21,500 for Mercy Corps during Monday evening’s Haitian Relief night. The resort announced the fundraiser less than two weeks ago, offering to extend operational hours on the President’s Monday holiday and challenging skiers and snowboarders to purchase their $10 night ticket online, pledging all $10 of the online purchase would be donated to the Mercy Corps Haitian Relief efforts.

Haitian Relief Fundraiser $21,533 for Mercy Corps @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski ResortMore than $8,000 was raised through the generosity of advance purchasing guests, some of whom didn’t even use the lift ticket. Meadows officials are donating an additional $12,700 from the evening’s proceeds to up that total to $20,760. Meadows guests also dug deep into their pockets offering spare change and bills (some with big numbers on them) to Mercy Corps volunteers attending the event. In total the evening generated $21,533 for Haiti.

Meadows has a page on the Mercy Corps web site for those that would still like to contribute:

Resort Executive Director of Communications Dave Tragethon said the evening exceeded expectations. “We are grateful and humbled by the turn out of our guests looking for a good deal and an even better cause. It is with great pleasure and pride that on behalf of our guests and staff we present Mercy Corps with this $21,533 donation. We know these funds will be used to help the noble people of Haiti rebuild their lives and their country.”

Mercy Corps efforts are creating thousands of jobs for survivors, securing clean water and sanitation services for hard-hit neighborhoods, providing jobs to 7,000 survivors to help clear debris and rebuild their community and helping kids traumatized by the earthquake.

“Mercy Corps is honored to be the recipient of Mt. Hood Meadows’ fundraiser and the generosity of those who participated in this great event for Haiti” said Mercy Corps spokeswoman Caitlin Carlson. “Mercy Corps responded immediately to the needs in Haiti and is committed for the long haul to help the country rebuild. Donations from the event will be used to improve lives of Haitians affected by this devastating earthquake. We thank everyone who participated.”

Mercy Corps helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Driven by local needs and market conditions, our programs provide communities with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives. Our worldwide team of 3,700 professionals is improving the lives of 16.7 million people in more than 40 countries. For more information, see

Our Deepest Sympathy to the Family of Kyle Cryblskey

On Saturday, February 13, 23 year old Kyle Cryblskey suffered fatal injuries while landing a jump in a terrain park at Mt. Hood Meadows.

On behalf of the entire team here at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, we want to express our deepest condolences to Kyle’s family.  Words seem so inadequate at a time like this.  We can only imagine the grief and sorrow they are feeling.

Kyle’s untimely passing has impacted all of us here at Mt. Hood Meadows greatly.  Although we did not know Kyle, it is evident that he had great passion for snow boarding and the outdoors in general.  We share that same passion and will continue to do so in his honor.

Kyle’s family is urging everyone to wear helmets when skiing or snowboarding. We want to use this blog to help educate guests about helmets, as well as the Smart Style approach to riding terrain parks. Sharing this knowledge here may prevent such a tragedy in the future.

Smart Style Information

The National Ski Areas Association has developed the "Smart Style" Freestyle Terrain Safety initiative, a cooperative effort to continue the proper use and progression of freestyle terrain at mountain resorts, while delivering a unified message that is clear, concise, and effective.

Smart Style Park Entrance sign @ Mt. Hood Meadows 1. MAKE A PLAN - Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach and take off will directly affect your maneuver and landing.
2. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP - Scope around the jumps first, not over them. Know your landings are clear and clear yourself out of the landing area.
3. EASY STYLE IT - Start small and work your way up. (Inverted aerials not recommended).
4. RESPECT GETS RESPECT - From the lift line through the park.

The four points of Smart Style are printed in our trail map and on our web site. Signs are also posted at the entrance to our terrain parks.

Smart Style MovieThis video explains how the Smart Style points apply to responsible park riding.
The video is aimed at educating guests on how to use freestyle terrain properly, and integrates the four points of Smart Style with the ATML method: Approach, Take-Off, Maneuver, and Landing. The video highlights an instrumental message in freestyle terrain use: avoid the backseat and land on your feet.

Helmet Usage

  Lids on Kids Hemlet LogoSkiing and snowboarding have always had risks, but they also have an excellent safety record. Skiers and snowboarders have less than a one in a million chance of being seriously injured or dying on the slopes. Serious head injuries account for only 2.6 percent of overall skiing/snowboarding injuries. Each skier or snowboarder’s behavior has as much or more to do with the safety of the sports as does any piece of equipment. If you choose to wear a helmet or use other types of equipment to protect yourself, be sure you understand the limits and proper use of that equipment. Don’t let safety equipment give you a false sense of security.

  • A helmet can make a difference in reducing or preventing a head injury from a fall or other impacts. However, no helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts and injuries to the head. You should be familiar with and/or memorize the "Your Responsibility Code.”
  • A helmet's fit is most important. It's helpful to have an experienced sales person assist you with fit. A properly fit helmet will be comfortable with no pressure points. A helmet is not an item that you want to grow into. Mt. Hood Meadows sells and rents helmets.

For those that have read this far – thank you. Please ride safely and share these messages with others.

Here are some links that provide additional information regarding safety on the slopes.

-- Meadows Team

Kudos to Cheryl in Children's Learning Center

We have been coming to Meadows for years. Utilizing the daycare and Childrens Learning Center services. This year we have noticed an incredible change. The best change is the addition of Cheryl. She has given us so much more confidence to leave our kids. She shows care and concern for every child and parent that enter the Learning Center. So many times we have seen her excuse herself from other service to comfort many children and parents suffering from seperation anxiety. She seems to me to be the core of this area at Meadows. We want to give a well deserved KUDOS to her and to the person who decided to add her to the Meadows staff! Hopefully Meadows directors see her as a valuable asset to your facility.

-- Katrina

Love Connections at Meadows

This holiday weekend runs the gamut as far as social and societal events go.

Chairway 2 Heaven

Chairway 2 Heaven at Mt. Hood Meadows Sunday is the "Chairway 2 Heaven" speed dating on the Blue Chairlift. Kudos to our special events crew for imagineering this fun and creative mixer. The love lift is scheduled from 11 - 5, and there'll also be a Meadows Mingle at the bottom of Blue where you can meet others as well. It's all for fun, but who knows - maybe a love connection or two will be created, all starting with a 9 minute chailift ride on Blue.

It made us wonder about how many love connections got their start on the slopes? There are already a couple of guest stories that talk about this:

Luke & Emily

Sharon & Danny

If you have a story about someone you met at a ski area that turned into more than a few shared runs together - post it here!

Haitian Relief Fundraiser

Haiti Relief Fundraiser at Mt. Hood Meadows Monday is our Haitian Relief Fundraiser to benefit Mercy Corps. We're extending lift operations until 9 PM (normally lifts close at 4 PM Monday) and offering a special $10 lift ticket good from 3 - 9 PM. Purchase this lift ticket online and all $10 of it goes to Mercy Corps.

Since this is a special fundraiser, everyone riding the lift Monday after 4 PM will need to purchase the $10 ticket - including season pass holders. Other tickets such as Costco, destination, online tickets (other than the special $10 fundraising ticket) will expire at 4 PM. We will be selling $10 tickets at the ski resort Monday, but you should purchase the ticket online as all $10 of the online ticket is donated to Mercy Corps.

Have a great holiday weekend - and we'll see you on the slopes!


MnMs and More

Been up skiing in all sorts of conditions - loving it. Your crew is awesome, love all the new personal touches you've implemented this season. Right down to the MnM's and map guy!

-- Shannon F.

Praise to the Lift Attendants

Keep up the good work! I appreciate the positive "upbeat" attitude of your lift line operators. They do a pretty good job of keeping the lines moving quickly and with a smile.

-- Carly B.

Way to go Lift Operators

Just wanted to tell you how much my family have enjoyed skiing at Mount Hood Meadows. Your lift operators are extremely helpful and friendly. This makes such a huge difference to the whole skiing experience. Especially when you have your kids with you. Many thanks,

Sorcha P.

Great Grooming

Tues Feb 9th---THANK YOU to the groomers! i did several blacks that had always intimidated me before---SE Portland bus was very happy....

-- Sandy L.

Best Grooming in Years

This message is for your grooming team.

I've been one of your regular Tuesday/Thursday skiers for many years and wanted to let you guys know how GREAT the grooming was yesterday. It was the best I've seen in years. Normally I ski 40/60 groom to off piste. With the horrible conditions off groom, to be surprised with well thought out groom lines on the black runs was wonderful.

Thanks again.

-- Jacki M.

Love The Groomers

I would like this message to be sent and shared with the grooming crew!

We the riders of the tuesday NE Metro bus would like to praise the groomers for the wonderfull job they did on the grooming for tuesday. We skiied places we have not been to all year. We especially like upper elevator, catacomes , O-ring, 3D, the gulch that joins mitchell creek, and gemmini. Thank you soo much , keep up the good work . We love you.

Elaine G.

More Grooming Praise

The grooming this year is terrific. Greatly improved from the past. Smoother and broader and much more of the mountain is groomed. Thank you so much.

-- Rebecca W.

Kudos to Grooming

Kudos to Mt. Hood Meadows for there excellent grooming this year!

-- Carletta M.

Mt Hood Meadows Wins Travel Site Award

The new website of Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort, designed and developed by ISITE Design, has been named North American Travel Site of the Year by web content management software provider Sitecore.

Sitecore Site of the Year - Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort The site was recognized for supporting an immersive, engaging and interactive online experience for skiers and snowboarders who visit Mt. Hood Meadows, a premier winter sports destination in the Pacific Northwest. The new site engages resort visitors before, during and after their trip to the mountain. It provides vibrant photos and videos, user-contributed media and stories, and real-time data on trail conditions, weather, lifts, and more. The site also integrates with business-critical systems, including Mt. Hood Meadows’ resort management system and ecommerce, helping drive strong customer engagement and online revenue.

“Mt. Hood Meadows had an ambitious set of site requirements. They wanted a great visual design, an elegant user experience for a wide array of visitors and new functionality like user-contributed photos and videos,” said Paul Williams, CEO and President, ISITE Design. “It was a tall order with a deadline of 4 months and the need to provide a highly scalable platform on which they could grow.”

Williams added, “The Sitecore CMS provided ISITE and Mt. Hood Meadows a flexible development framework to create a robust and engaging web experience that is easily maintained by Meadows staff.”

The website re-launch, coming just before the start of the 2009-2010 winter season, engaged customers immediately. The site reflects Mt. Hood Meadows’s status as a premier travel destination in the Pacific Northwest.

“We are extremely pleased with the presentation of content, imagery and the user experience that delivers to our guests. The improved navigational system and one click ability to reach popular sections such as our conditions page, photo gallery, events schedule and online store has vastly improved the browsing experience, delivering the preferred content fast and efficiently,” said Dave Tragethon, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, Communications and IT.

He added, “The Sitecore application allows us to decentralize the administrative task of managing our site to involve those who are most knowledgeable and excited about their specific sections of the site. The site has helped us accomplish our mission to communicate more immediately and accurately with our guests in both a proactive and responsive basis. This site is helping our guests to advance plan their trip and commit to visiting Mt. Hood Meadows, while setting the appropriate expectation of what they will experience when they get here.”

Sitecore’s Site of the Year contest recognizes customers who have leveraged Sitecore’s technology to develop the most outstanding websites.

Read the entire release here.

Great Kids Lesson Jesse!

About 3-4 weeks ago, one of your instructors, a young man by the name of Jesse, gave our 5 year old a snowboard lesson. My son started boarding at the age of 3 but couldn't get past Buttercup. My husband and I would take turns riding with him and the other parent would board with our older son, so we would have to split up. Since his lesson with Jesse, he is a new snowboarder! He is really getting good! We have made it up on Vista, Daisy and Cascade and are able to ride as a whole family. We are enjoying our trip up to the mountain so much more! A big THANKS to Jesse! He has really made the difference for our trips up the mountain every Sunday. Just wanted to make sure Jesse knows the difference he is making with families and children. THANKS!!!

-- Dana H.

New Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows

People love their pets - we get that. And while we would prefer that you found a nice, warm and friendly place for your pet to stay when you come to the ski resort, we understand that's not always possible. So we're accommodating those who bring their pooches to the slopes with a new "Doggie Park".

Doggie Park Map at Mt. Hood MeadowsThe new park is located on the right hand side of our main parking lot. You'll see the park marked with big purple vertical banners. Truth is, we love skiing, riding, and doggies just like you do! Please help us to keep MHM “dog friendly” by following a few very simple rules.

  • Please use and respect our newly created “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please keep your dogs on leash at all times…and PLEASE leave the aggressive dogs at home!
  • Please poop and pee your puppies only in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area- NO peeing or pooping in any area outside of this specially designated space
  • MHM “Base Area” (see map) is a “Doggie Free Zone”. Please respect this at all times
  • Please use, and dispose of properly, the bio-degradable poop bags provided as a service to you and your pets by MHM. Garbage cans for disposal are conveniently located in the “Doggie Park and Poop” area
  • Please, never leave your pets tied to your vehicle. They should be locked in your vehicle with ample fresh air (cracked windows), fresh water, and regular pottie breaks throughout the day

Doggie Park at Mt. Hood Meadows Usingn the doggie park at Mt. Hood Meadows
Dogs on leash sign at Mt. Hood Meadows "Poop here" sign at Mt. Hood Meadows

Thank you for choosing Mt. Hood Meadows, and for following these few very simple rules. Our staff, guests and especially your doggie appreciates it!

-- Meadows Team

Mt. Hood Express Maintenance Hold

We'll be performing maintenance on Mt. Hood Express Saturday evening beginning around 6 PM. It will most likely be out of service the rest of the evening. We've already launched Blue which will operate through our 9 PM scheduled closing this evening. We're also adding Daisy to the already scheduled Stadium, Buttercup, Easy Rider and Ballroom Carpet lifts.

Mt. Hood Express is scheduled for Sunday from 9 AM - 9 PM, but if that changes we'll let you know here.

-- Meadows Team

Great Job Opening Lifts on Time

Just a note to let you know how appreciated my family is of your service this yr.--ESPECIALLY how prompt you are on getting the lifts open on time ------ My schedule allows several early morning hours. It's so nice when Heather, Casacade, etc are open promptly & not when I need to get down the hill to work ( as in past years) GREAT JOB ---MANY THANKS**

-- John R.

Grooming Kudos

I just want to again compliment you and I know many of the people on the Thurs. bus feel the same way, on the grooming you've been doing on Thurs. Many of us, who have been skiing for many years, but don't want to ski off cliffs or work the thick 'junk' anymore, appreciate those groomed black diamonds. It's nice to know someone is listening.

-- Doug H.

Races Went Great

Lots of thanks to you guys for working with the Meadows Race Team. My kids had EXCELLENT time this weekend.

-- Jack

Race Crew and Grooming Great

Kudos the race crew and the amazing grooming your team has been doing this year! Our son is an MRT racer, and we camp in our motorhome in the parking lot throughout the season. Not only have the race courses been beautiful, but the entire hill has been beautifully groomed. Especially important for the low snow days, of which there have unfortunately been quite a few. Many thanks to you and the entire Meadows team!

-- Amy W.

Lift Operators Make It A Great Day

Hi i just wanted to say that I went snowboarding at meadows 2 weekends ago, and i just want to give a big thanks to a few employees/ lift operators working there that day. I got all of their names! Alex Artemchuk, Matt, Scotty Cyphers, Amber, Landon, and Smouse! Thanks you guys for helping me and makin sure i had a good time!!!

-- Nikki P.

Haitian Relief Night Fundraiser February 15

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort is adding a special night to its operating schedule Monday, February 15, to raise money for Haitian relief efforts. The resort is offering a special $10 lift ticket good from 3 – 9 PM Monday, February 15.

All $10 of the ticket purchased online in advance through the resort’s web site will be donated to Mercy Corps’ Haitian relief efforts. The ticket can be purchased directly online. The special night is being held on the President’s Monday Holiday, when lifts usually close at 4 PM. We hope the holiday, the special lift ticket price of $10 (normally $25) and the great need of the Haitian people will create a good turnout. We'll also offer guests additional ways to contribute to Haitian relief and representatives of Mercy Corps will be at Meadows to discuss their efforts.

We've set up a fundraising page on the Mercy Corps web site. This is for those who would like to contribute in addition to the $10 lift ticket purchase.

Since this is an extension beyond Meadows’ regularly scheduled lift operations anyone riding the lift after 4 PM Monday will need the special fundraising ticket, including season pass holders, 10 Time Pass holders, online tickets (other than the special Haiti Relief Night ticket), Costco and destination tickets.

-- Meadows Team