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Adam Fleck Wins Film Festival

Mt. Hood Meadows Film FestivalMT. HOOD, OR (March 6, 2010) – More than 200 people packed the Finish Line Sports Bar and Grill Saturday to see the top 10 finalists of the 1st Annual Mt. Hood Meadows Film Festival. The crowd was blown away by the creativity, riding ability, showcasing of Mt. Hood Meadows and overall quality of film making the finalists presented.

Meadows Executive Director of Communications Dave Tragethon said the festival was extraordinarily successful beyond what organizers originally expected. “We have passionate, talented and dedicated film makers who totally impressed our judges and the audience with their exceptional work. It was the perfect combination of scenic mountain and terrain, talented riders and the creative eyes of filmers and editors to showcase the great mountain.”

Adam Fleck Receives Top Honors at Meadows Film Festival Taking top honors was Adam Fleck’s “So Far So Good” which combined a crew of very talented riders, panoramic shots showcasing all aspects of Meadows terrain, time lapse photography and slow motion to present style, grace and intrigue.

Here's Adam's award winning video.

The “films” were submitted on video and evaluated on several criteria:

  • Skiing / snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows in a compelling, positive, entertaining and/or intriguing way.
  • Quality of finished piece – video, post production, audio quality, use of music.
  • Creative aspects and approach to the project.
  • Story telling.
  • Overall impression.

All finalists received a logoed backpack from Columbia Sportswear, a GoPro Camera and a $50 gift card to Meadows. Fleck also took home the best of show prize of $500. Event sponsors included Columbia Sportswear, Go Pro Cameras, Full Sail Brewing, Fuel TV and Vaya Creative.

Here are links to the Finalists that were showcased at the Film Festival. These and other submissions can be seen in our online video gallery.

Adam Fleck
Keaton Abbot
Matt Robertson
Hood Crew
Sebastian Tronolone
Tommy Ellingson
Scott Rowley
John Jackson & Taylor Cramer
Paul Klein
Jeremy Carples



  1. steven

    March 8, 2010

    definitely gonna get an entry next year if it happens sick video Adam congrats

  2. Dale Risney

    December 8, 2010


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