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Glorious Return to the Mountain

Ashley M @ Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Dear Meadows Staff,

I finally got to ride at Meadows for the first time in five years yesterday, and had an amazing day! The staff in every area was outstanding, and my sincere thanks goes out to them for being so genuinely kind, accommodating, and helpful.

Specifically, there was a man with a broken foot, whom I asked several questions throughout the day, and every time he was so genuinely accommodating. I was impressed, especially this late in the season! I am sure he is bumming on the broken foot, but he was wonderful.

The ski shop employees were extremely kind as well. I had a problem with my son's binding, and when we walked in to see if they could fix it, they were so kind and non-intimidating. I was very impressed. I cannot remember the name of the man who fixed my son's board, but he was extraordinarily helpful and patient. Since the repair required a little time, we sat in the shop for a while, and he was equally welcoming to every person of every walk of life who walked in. I have had a job where I had to answer the same question a thousand times and deal with snobby people and punk people, and I was horrible at it! This guy was amazing.

We finally got out on the mountain and had one of the best days ever up there!

Thank you so much to all the staff!


-- Ashley M

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