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Our Deepest Sympathy to the Family of Levi Sage Krukowski

Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Levi Sage Krukowski who suffered fatal injuries while snowboarding at Mt. Hood Meadows Monday. Words can not express how deeply sorry we are for their loss. Losing a loved one is especially tragic with one so young, just 18 years old. People ski and snowboard to recreate and celebrate. The news of a death on the mountain comes unexpectedly and shockingly.

Family members said Tuesday they are devastated. Levi began snowboarding in 2004. Family members said he loved adventure, had a zest for life and lived to snowboard. It saddens us to lose someone who shared such passion for the sport. Levi’s death affects all of us at the mountain.

For the second time this season we post a blog addressing such unfortunate news. In this case it is especially tragic, as Levi’s last run led him under a closed area rope and ultimately over a waterfall.

This story underscores why the rules of the responsibility code are so important to know and abide by. In this case, rule #6 - “Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas,” may have prevented this devastating loss.

Part of the attraction of this sport is pushing personal limits to increase our abilities and explore new and exciting terrain. But one boundary that should never be crossed is a rope line marking closed territory. 

On behalf of the entire Meadows family we extend our thoughts and prayers to Levi’s family.

With our deepest sympathy,

-- Meadows Team

KGW Newschannel 8 Coverage of the accident


  1. k2skier

    March 26, 2010

    My condolences to the Krukowski’s...such a tragic accident for such a great sport.

    There have been many rumors flying around out there about where this actually happened; are you at liberty to give an exact location? (Or maybe a vague proximity?) Lower Heather is what the media is saying, and that's a very large area.

    There aren't many closed areas within Heather canyon, most are just marked hazards.

    We all know the allure of fresh powder, but take it from someone who has played on Mt Hood (and Heather when you had to ski the whole run-out) for over 32 years and NEVER been taken down in a sled, don't duck ropes, they are there for a reason!

    Meadows: The accident occured below 1/2 Moon Bowl in the foothills area. The hazard is permanently roped off. Thank you for your sensitivities and respect to the family, and for passing along good advice.

  2. Harrison

    March 27, 2010

    Dear Mount Hood Meadows,

    Your place is fantastic. I try to come to your place often. I like your web site. Hope you're doing well.

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