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Revolution Tour Recap

Here's the final installment of Kris Jamieson's coverage of the Revolution tour. A big thanks to Kris for his phenominal work, to RealPlayer for putting this together, and to all the athletes who traveled to Meadows to compete.

USSA Rev Tour Finals' Highlights from Kris Jamieson (Jaymo) on Vimeo.


  1. Cole

    March 30, 2010

    why wont there be a rail jam this spring ?
    like a vegetate or mfm charity jam?

    Meadows: How about "Bash the Splash" a rail jam on Saturday, April 17 in Shipyard? Details to come!

  2. freestyle

    March 31, 2010

    in how long will park place be back to normal and forest park

    Meadows: Our crew is working on it - quite the dig out. But you'll see the features back to normal within a few days (depending on whether we get more snow). The new snow is allowing us to operate HRM (and the parks they serve) daily at least through April 11!

  3. michael stratton

    April 7, 2010

    Meadows will you pretty pretty please go build the super park on vista it would make me a very happy camper

    Meadows: Our plan is to build a park on Cascade when the weather gives us a clear window for construction.

  4. skiintheparks

    April 10, 2010

    Are you gonna add some boxes or the ball back on forest park? You guys should also put a up to flat box on park place or at least put some boxes back on it. Other than that you guys are doing an awesome job with the parks!

    Meadows: Thanks! We're planning on using the ORB for the rail jam at Shipyard Saturday. We added another feature in Forest Park last night.

  5. david brown

    April 11, 2010

    parks need immediate attention, if you build it they will come

    Wednesday April 14th, 2010
    Super Pipe: Fresh cut.
    Mini pipe: Groomed, not cut.
    Park Place: Groomed. 4 table tops, 2 hips, 1 step down, and 2 boxes.
    Forest Park: Groomed. 1 mini ramp, 1 box top, 1 up log, 1 flat down couregated, 1 down rail, 1 up flat box, 1 kicker rail, 2 step ups, 3 table tops, and 2 step downs.
    Zoo: Groomed. Rollers, 2 boxes, 3 mini jumps, 1 hip, 1 rainbow rail, and 1 mini pipe.
    Shipyard: Groomed. 2 mini jumps, 1 up-down dance floor, 1 down flat down, 1 down rail, and 1 S-rail.
    Rose City: Groomed. 2 table tops, 1 battle ship, 1 double barrel, 1 pole jam, 1 down rail, and 1 wall ride.
    Bank Slalom: Groomed. 15 bank turns.

    See you in the parks!

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