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Season Pass Holder Spring Deals

It’s a great time of the season to be a pass holder at Mt. Hood Meadows! We’re getting some of the best snow we’ve seen all year, as El Nino has delivered some powdery storms the past few weeks increasing our base depth to 9 feet - one of the deepest snowpacks in North America! That should give way to some sunsational spring skiing and riding as we get further into March and April. 

We're celebrating spring with some new discounts for Unlimited Season Pass holders - and that includes the Spring Pass purchasers. We also have a new page where you can review the days you visited Meadows this season, and even count the lifts you rode from the scan report.

Track Your Turns

We're beta testing a new feature on our web site, allowing pass holders to review their daily visits and lift rides. Click the link and log in to view your scans this season. You should be able to see the days you were at Meadows and even the lifts you were scanned at. You’ve probably noticed we haven’t been scanning at Cascade and Shooting Star, but we’ll be making that optional for those that would like to be scanned.

Here’s the link to see your scans.

Restaurant Deals for Season Pass Holders

Simply show your unlimited season pass (and that includes all of our Spring Pass holders!) to receive these discounts in our restaurants. Plan on dining with us every time you come to the mountain the rest of the season!

  • 10% off the total Bill in the Alpenstube Restaurant
  • $5 off any large pizza at the FINISH LINE PIZZERIA
  • Any 2 deli sandwiches in the Meadow Mart for $12
  • $2 coffee drinks for any Beverage at TULLY’S coffee cart
  • FREE coffee or hot chocolate with the purchase of any Breakfast Sandwich at the SCHUSS GRILL. Available 8am to 10:30am
  • FREE soft beverage with any lunch value basket meal purchased at the SCHUSS GRILL. Available ALL DAY after 10:30am
  • FREE coffee or hot chocolate with the purchase of any pastry at the MEADOW MART

Demo Equipment Deals for Season Pass Holders

This year's Demo Equipment is now on sale at 40% off it's retail price! Season pass holders receive a voucher for a belt wax and edge to keep your newly purchased demo equipment tuned up. If you decide to demo equipment, you can apply half of the rental price towards the purchase of skis or boards that day.

Hardgood Deals 40% Off for Season Pass Holders

This year's brand new equipment - Skis, Boots and Boards - are marked down 40% for season pass holders. Get to the mountain and check out our selection of new equipment.

Day Care Discount - 25% off this week for Season Pass Holders

We’re offering pass holders 25% off in Day Care this week through Friday, March 19. You’ll need to make a reservation by calling 503.337.2222, ext. 1374.


  1. David S

    March 15, 2010

    Track your turns is awesome!

  2. Hugh Sanderson

    March 15, 2010

    Are you going to offer next season (2010-2011) passes this spring at a discount, similar to last year? If so, when can we buy one?

    Meadows: We haven't determined pricing for next season at this time, and so don't plan on offering next year's passes yet. This is a good time to mention that you should keep your current season pass. It is designed to be used to access lifts next year once you have renewed - no need to get a picture taken, or even sign a release (if we already have one on file from this season). More on that later...

  3. Kevin

    March 15, 2010

    Wow, I must spend a lot of time on Cascade and shooting star... one day I only got scanned twice when I was boarding all day.

  4. Tom Weiss

    March 16, 2010

    Why does "track your turns" seem a little creepy to me. Do I want Meadows keeping data on my season pass usage?

    Meadows: That's systematic - we scan to make sure passes are valid and those scans are recorded. It is helpful - there are times we assist guests who become separated with others to see where there last lift ride was. We have also notified group organizers when a member of their group needs assistance. And the response thus far has been very positive - people like having their days and lifts automatically tallied.

  5. Bill Chin

    March 26, 2010

    I love the season pass log. I've gone 39 days this season with 343 runs, total drop of 348,656 vertical feet. I rode the vertical height of Mt Hood from the summit to sea level 31 times this year! More spring riding to go too!

  6. alexandra

    February 17, 2011

    are you still going to have the spring passes at 100 this year?

    Meadows: We'll have a spring pass but we haven't yet announced pricing or when it begins. Usually it starts around the first weekend of March and we expect the pricing to be less than the $179 March pricing from last season. Stay tuned - we'll be announcing this information as we get closer to March here on our blog.

  7. Jennifer

    February 27, 2011

    It's just about March... Spring deal?

    Meadows: Check out the most recent blog - we'll be waiting until the weather is a little more spring-like before putting the spring pass on sale.

  8. Christopher

    February 27, 2011

    It is close to March. Have I missed the information? I need a Spring pass desperately. Did not have scratch for unlimited pass.

    Meadows: The spring pass will go on sale later in March, when our conditions are more spring-like.

  9. Former Pass Holder

    March 2, 2011

    Very disappointing that Meadows management has chosen to keep its guests and its own staff in the dark regarding the 2011 Spring Pass. With no information as to when the pass will go on sale or what its price will be, some staff has even gotten confrontational when asked about pass details.

    Not really sure what Meadows management is looking for in "more spring-like" conditions. Snow in March both comes and goes pretty fast. The recent dump was nice but all it takes is a bit of rain like the mountain had in February to turn things into conditions that I'd assume management will describe as "spring-like" but what many skiers would describe as "dirt". Would be nice to see a little of the loyalty shown by previous pass holders returned in something more honest from Meadows.

    Meadows: Points well taken. As mentioned above our decisions to delay placing the pass on sale is directly related to the peak weekends we have been seeing, which is related to the winter storms we finally are receiving. Spring-like can mean the conditions, it can also mean a return to normal business levels which usually occurs in March as winter recreaters move on to spring sports and activities. We certainly don't mean to compromise our staff and create confrontational situations with guests regarding this issue - that is very unfortunate, and something we'll be addressing. Thanks for the feedback.

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