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Superpipe and Boardercross Closed for Rebuilds

The SuperPipe and Boardercross are being rebuilt this week. We expect the new SuperPipe to be ready Monday, March 8. A rebuild is normal as you can cut the pipe only so many times before it becomes too wide (and we start to rub up against the inground walls). It also allows us to put the new snow we received last week to good use - it's amazing how much snow it takes to fill in and reshape the Superpipe. It's worth the wait - we'll have a perfectly cut SuperPipe ready for spring riding next week.

The Boardercross should be ready by March 9th, but it will be closed for training and competitions only. We'll be stepping up the course as it will first host the OISA State High School Championships, then the USSA Revolution Tour followed by the USSA NorAM SBX Championships. There's going to be some great riding at Meadows this spring.

Film Festival Saturday

Mt. Hood Meadows Film FestivalWe are impressed by the number of and quality of videos submitted for the Film Festival. Many feature awesome riders in our terrain parks. Forest Park, Rose City and Shipyard provided some great set ups for filming this season. You can preview some submissions in our gallery of what you'll see this Saturday - of course we'll be playing the high res versions on the big screen in the Finish Line Pizzeria and Sports Bar - 4 to 6 PM! Thanks to our sponsors Columbia Sportswear, Go Pro Cameras, Full Sail Brewing, Fuel TV and Vaya Creative.

Sign up for 3 Day Freestyle Camps

We have two sessions scheduled - March 22 - 24 and March 29 - 31. They're a great opportunity to take your park and pipe skills to the next level. Five hours of instruction each day with a park specialized instructor. Topics covered will include, but are not limited to: jumps, half-pipe, rails and boxes, flatland, all-mountain freestyle, park safety and etiquette. Groups will be split up by age and ability.

Whether training for the next level of tricks or just looking to enter the park for the first time, this camp is a great way to progress your freestyle skills. The camp is open to anybody 7 to 14 who is an intermediate level skier/rider. (Intermediate level means for snowboarders that you are capable of making full turns (heel to toe, toe to heel) on most blue terrain. For skiers, it means that you are able to ski parallel on most blue terrain.)

Reservations are required at least 48 hours before the first day of camp. Call 503.337.2222, ext. 1419 to reserve your space today! 


  1. Switch rider

    March 2, 2010

    Hey just wondering when/if we will be seeing a park up on cascade? It was great to have the one you did last year so hopefully it's something we can all look forward to!

    Meadows: We usually move to Cascade in April when Park Place is done for the season - we'll see how conditions hold at HRM.

  2. mike

    March 2, 2010

    PLEASE set up the Down Flat Down round bar rail! You guys have that picture on the website and its driving me crazy cause i cant hit it. I think you guys have covered the gaper rails now can you please put some legit features up?

  3. Bill Chin, OISA Board Secretary

    March 4, 2010

    Please post updates when Rose City Terrain Park, Banked Slalom and the Superpipe is reopened. We're looking forward to our OISA State Championships at Meadows!

    Meadows: Superpipe and Banked Slalom rebuilds completed overnight - crew should get the SuperPipe open today (Tuesday.) Banked Slalom is now a Boarder Cross course and is unlikely to be open to the public Tuesday.

  4. gabe

    March 5, 2010

    word. iv seen some dope rails sittin off the trails not setup. set em up

  5. David

    March 5, 2010

    Adding a few more feet to the half pipe would be a great idea if there is enough snow. Its much safer trying tricks when there is a longer transition to work with.

    Meadows: We're pretty much locked into the 18 foot walls due to the inground build and the Zaag. Great to hear from you David!

  6. matt

    March 8, 2010

    Will the boarder-cross be available once the competitions are over? The only time I have ever seen that open to the public was two years ago and it was the most fun part of the day. Why can't we get more accessibility to the public???

    Meadows: Thanks Matt. The boardercross or banked slalom was open most of this season, as well as being used for OISA training and competitions. We have several competitions that will keep it occupied - OISA State Snowboarding Championships, the Revolution Tour, and the NorAMs which will keep it tied up for the next few weeks. We'll post the status (when it is open to the public) on our conditions and parks pages.

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