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CandyGrind Rail Jam Saturday in Shipyard

The CandyGrind Spring Splash Rail Jam will be held Saturday in Shipyard. We're working on the park to set up sweet rail lines for this fun event which will benefit SOS Outreach. Registration will be day of at Group Services in our main lodege from 8 - 10 AM. Warm ups then a rider's meeting and we expect the heats to start around 11 AM.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED, as is a lift ticket or season pass. You can purchase a competitors ticket at registration for $45 (good for the entire mountain) or a Buttercup Only ticket for $35 if you're only going to hang at the event site. Even if you're hiking a lift ticket or season pass is required.

Here's the set up: 1 barrel to dance floor, 1 a-frame dance floor, 1 ball jib, 1 down flat down, 1 down flat, 1 down rail.

Fishbowl Coriggated pipe and dance floor features at Mt. Hood Meadows

There's plenty of prizes thanks to all of our sponsors. There's also ski and snowboard divisions for men and women, with categories for under 15 and 15 and older. Heats will be determined once registration is completed. It's just $10 to register and half the registration fee goes to SOS Outreach.

Candy Grind Rail Jam at Mt. Hood Meadows

Parks Scheduled to Operate Daily through April 25

We're planning on running our current park offerings daily through April 25. That includes Park Place and Forest Park served by the HRM lift. HRM operations could be affected by weather – we may decide not to operate HRM on certain days if the weather forecast or conditions suggest a low turn out day at the resort. We will announce operations on our snow phone and conditions page on our web site.

We'll be moving features to the Cascade Park for our May weekend operations. We may still offer Shipyard in May.

Here's the latest update from parks as of Thurday morning:

Thursday April 15th, 2010
Super Pipe: Fresh cut.
Mini pipe: Fresh cut.
Park Place: Groomed. 4 table tops, 2 hips, 1 step down, and 1 box.
Forest Park: Groomed. 1 mini ramp, 1 box top, 1 up log, 1 flat down couregated, 1 down rail, 1 up flat box, 1 kicker rail, 2 step ups, 3 table tops, and 2 step downs.
Zoo: Groomed. Rollers, 2 boxes, 3 mini jumps, 1 hip, 1 rainbow rail, and 1 mini pipe.
Shipyard: Closed for a rebuild for Saturday's rail jam. 
Rose City: Groomed. 2 table tops, 1 battle ship, 1 down rail, and 1 wall ride.
Bank Slalom: 15 bank turns.

Full Sail Banked Slalom

Thanks to everyone who competed in last Saturday's Full Sail Banked Slalom! You can see the results here. It was a great event and really showed how much fun bombiing down a banked slalom course can be. The Banked Slalom course has been reopened for public riding and features 15 turns.  


  1. YEAH!!!!!!!

    April 15, 2010


  2. Derek

    April 16, 2010

    The parks need to be moved up. I love the hrm parks. SUPER FUN!! But I'm not the only one with speed issues. Just because Mack Dawg isn't here anymore is no reason to give up on pushing some spring features that can actually be hit in the afternoon. PLEASE!!!

    Meadows: Thanks Derek. We're committed to HRM for this next week and we'll make Park Place and Forest Park as rideable as possible, as well as Rose City and the SuperPipe. We plan to have the Cascade park for our weekends in May.

  3. jefff

    April 16, 2010

    hey looks like its gonna be a good time wish i could compete but i dont have a helmet... are you guys doing anything to help the kids who ride without helmets/ dont have one

    Meadows: You can rent a helmet for $10 at the rental shop. There's also some good end of season discounts in the sport shop on helmets.

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