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April 22 - Earth Day

The core vision of our company is to “Provide an ideal mountain resort experience while respecting Mt. Hood”. We are proud of our record of sustainable achievements and accomplishments at Meadows, starting in our early days using helicopters to place lift towers, meaning roads did not have to be constructed to access them. We pioneered using native wildflowers for revegating areas of construction. Most recently we achieved gold and silver LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council on our Mt. Medical Clinic and the Patrol HQ buildings.

But sustainability isn't just about these major initiatives. It's more about the little things we do and the choices we make every day. So let's not confine our thoughts regarding the earth and the choices we make to this one day. Let's make create some sustainable habits - a change for the better.

Earth Day at Meadows: January, 1st through December 31st

“We are all connected -- people, animals, plants, and insects because we are here together, in this moment, on this planet. All living things call Earth home, but only we humans can reverse the threats to Earth that we have created.

Do one thing. Do one thing every day. Unplug an appliance that's not in use, turn off a light when leaving the room, pick up a piece of litter, plant a seed -- one simple task that acknowledges and strengthens our connection to each other and to our collective home.”


Happy Earth Day everyone! We'll see you on the mountain.

-- Meadows Team

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  1. jack

    April 23, 2010

    It seemed like hrm could of been opened earth day. I sat there until about 1:30 and no attempt was made. There was some gusts but overall hrm is a sheltered lift. If you were really care about the earth, it would of been nice to tell people that the mountain was going to close so we would not have to drive up there. From all of the people I talked to, no one would give me a straight answer.

    Meadows: Normally HRM is sheltered, but there was no lift that escaped Thursday's powerful downslope winds. We continuously updated lift status at the resort, on our website, on our snow phones and facebook page, as well as tweeted status. Here's a record of the status as it was updated and communicated.
    Good morning! Lifts today: MHx, HRx, SSx, BC, Heather, Carpet. Cascade is on wind standby as of 5am. 5:46 AM
    The northeast winds are wreaking havoc with our lifts at this time. MHx, SSx, Cascade on wind standby. If we can't get SSx, no Heather. 7:14 AM
    Strong winds are severely impacting lift ops today. Open 8:55am: Buttercup, Ballroom Carpet. Blue/HRx/SSx=wind standby. 8:56 AM
    Daisy now open! We still have Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet, too. All other lifts currently on wind standby. 10:26 AM
    High winds are still impacting lift ops. Daisy now on wind standby. Buttercup and the Ballroom Carpet still open... 10:46 AM
    Ballroom carpet on standby due to high winds. Buttercup still turning... 11:42 AM
    Buttercup now on wind standby. All lifts are currently on standby due to extreme winds. 12:05 PM
    Mountain operations are done for Thursday. See you Friday for more fun on the mountain! 12:46 PM

    We urge all of our guests to sign up for the Twitter feeds and Facebook, as well as bookmark our conditions page on their mobile devices. It's a great way to keep updated on lift status at Meadows.

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