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Friends of the Forest Native Plant Seed Collection

National Forest Foundation Logo The National Forest Foundation is organizing a volunteer "Friends of the Forest" event at Mt. Hood Meadows August 28. You're invited to spend the morning with us collecting native plant seeds, removing invasive species or picking up litter.

We value our relationship with the National Forest Foundation - they have organized events like these throughout the National Forest system. We're especially pleased that they've selected the native plant seed collection as an activity since that is a program that was pioneered at Mt. Hood Meadows and has spread to other ski area operations throughout the country.

Here's a video of the event from two seasons ago.

Volunteers said the experience was personally rewarding - spending the morning on the slopes of beautiful Mt. Hood and performing a service of valuable at a location that they love. We hope you'll join us for the Friends of the Forest day August 28.

Lunch is provided to those who pre-register. For more information or to register on line visit the National Forest Foundation web site.

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