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Overcoming Inertia - MOVE!

Overcoming Inertia is dedicated to getting people moving, particularly during the winter months when it is easier to avoid the winter drizzle in the low lands, coop up indoors and wait for spring. We hope you find these segments motivating and invite you to join the conversation with your own motivating insights, helpful hints or observations.

Inertia – The tendency to leave things pretty much as they are.

Boy its a lot easier to just allow things to be the same. Change takes effort – inertia doesn’t.

Everything about Mt. Hood Meadows is about overcoming inertia. Buses taking people from their neighborhoods. Shuttles moving people from the parking lot. Guest hosts gently directing guests to their intended locations. Conveyor lifts taking excited skiers and snowboarders to their new adventure. Grooming machines pushing settled snow back up hill for the next day of riding.

Did you know that the cumulative amount of snow a skier or snowboarder displaces in a day of turning can exceed one ton? Think about the inertia our grooming fleet must overcome every night just to put that snow back in place!

Powerful high speed quads uplifting guests to their desired terrain.

But there – at the top of the slope, when you’re getting ready to point them downhill, inertia is no longer an issue. The physical laws of gravity and momentum take over, leaving inertia as a fading memory that you’ll ride back to at some point when you need some rest. But for now the mountain, your body, your soul and all the forces of nature are yours to enjoy.

Overcome inertia. Commit yourself. Purchase the Meadows season pass that fits your needs, your style and your pocketbook. Passes go on sale September 1. Make a move - purchase your pass and we’ll see you on the mountain!

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