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How do I renew my pass from last year

“Renewing” means you’ll be able to use the same pass you used last year, without getting your picture taken or having it reissued. You'll need to keep the same SkiCheck or Cooper Spur pass add ons as last season, since they are part of the pass.

Passes eligible for renewal are Unlimited or Ten Time Passes purchased online last season.

  • Unlimited Pass # begins with UNL with 8 digits, no spaces: UNL12345678
  • Ten Time Pass # begins with TTP with 8 digits, no spaces: TTP12345678

If your pass was reisssued at pass holder services last season it can not be renewed - you'll need to proceed to the regular pass store to purchase for this season.

The easiest and most direct way to renew is to have your pass handy to enter the pass number. This will link you directly to your record. You can also look up your record using your first and last name and date of birth, but these have to be exact matches.

After you purchase you'll be able to download a liability release form to sign. You can fax, send or email the form to us. Then we'll activate your pass and you'll be ready to go direct to lift for the season!


  1. Mike Kufus

    September 2, 2010

    Looking for great season!

    Meadows: LIKE

  2. Raj Savara

    September 2, 2010

    I think your marketing is wrong. Offering the pass back in May for a discount was money in the bank for you. Now your charging more and will have less takers.

    Meadows: Last year's very early season offer was definitely a great deal which some of our guests took advantage of. but it was intended to be a one time offer which we made very clear that price would not be available again. This year's $449 price is just $5 more than the $444 price we offered two seasons ago - and to get that you needed to form or join a group. The $449 price, and the ability to renew a pass without having to retake a picture represents the most convenient and affordable pass value we've ever offered.
    We listened to you, our loyal pass holder, who asked not to have to join a group to get their pass, and to be able to renew online. We are being responsive to those requests, which we believe is the best service we can offer to pass holders.
    We do appreciate you taking advantage of the early season offer, and we hope you recognize the great value (and deal) a $449 Unlimited Pass to Mt. Hood Meadows represents.
    And - if you want that $50 offer - consider adding $200 of value to your pass - we'll bonus you an additional $50!

  3. tommy

    September 6, 2010

    How much is it to renew my 10 time pass?

    Meadows: Renewal price is $349. You can start from our renewal page:

  4. mark

    September 9, 2010

    So no extra savings for a 4x4?

    Meadows: No - we kept the price the same, but eliminated the requirement to be in a group. But you can still tell your friends - riding is more fun with buddies!

  5. Mataus

    September 10, 2010

    I think Meadows offers a great & affordable deal with the $449.. Mt. Bachelor is like 800 through Sept 30th, and $1000 after that!! The 4*4 price was great and got my buddies to ride together. Now you only have to pay $5 more and you don't have the hassle of getting 4 peepz together. I am pumped for this season, just make sure you keep heather's open when the getting is good!!!

    Meadows: Here's to a season of powder heaven in Heather - surrounded by our good friends (except for the secret stashes we won't even tell them about)!


    September 16, 2010

    Thanks for keeping the pass price reasonable again this season. Thanks for eliminating the 4x4 requirement (kind of a hassle).
    Let me be the first this season to ask that you consider bringing back the Mid-Week pass next season.
    Up until a couple of seasons ago, MHE was open at 8, while the rest of the lifts were gearing up. That was a great opportunity of getting in a few warm up runs before the rest of the mountain was open.....any chance of that starting up again?

    Meadows: We are offering the midweek pass for $399 this season - it's available for purchase online in our store now. Early openings of specific lifts and the terrain they serve before the rest of the mountain is cleared is problematic as a lot of finishing work is being performed. For this season we will continue our focus on consistency, opening our scheduled lifts at 9 AM.
    Thaks for the post!

  7. Eric

    September 26, 2010

    Thanks so much for opening up 2 more groom days for the Nordic Center! Can you renew your Nordic 2009-2010 season pass online? I tried and it didn't find my or my wife's information by name/date of birth, and there aren't numbers associated with the Nordic passes. Any help is appreciated.

    Meadows: Thanks for the post. Nordic passes aren't renewable - you can purchase online and we'll issue them at the Nordic Center. We're excited about increasing days at the Nordic Center and hope to be able to add even more days in the future!

  8. John

    September 27, 2010

    What if we do not have out pass #'s handy?


    Meadows: You can also look up your pass by first name, last name and date of birth, but these have to be exact matches to pull up your record. If you need assistance you can contact our office 503.659.1256. Thanks!

  9. Skimomma

    October 20, 2010

    Another suggestion is to keep MHE open (at a minimum) when spring ski conditions warrant it. On these amazing days like spring break the last 2 years we would have skied and spent money at the restaurants. . . but you closed down! What a shame!

    Meadows: The last two years we operated daily through April and then reopened the first two or three weeekends in May. When is your spring break?

  10. Misti

    October 21, 2010

    Hi, my daughters 7th birthday is in November. Last year she was able to get a free season pass when I purchased mine, does she meet the cutoff for that this year and is that still offered?

    Meadows: The age is determined on the date of the pass purchase - so just purchase your unlimited season pass before her 7th birthday and she'll get her pass free!

  11. TC

    October 25, 2010

    What if I want a new 1 as part of my collection?MHM passes since '91

    Meadows: You can purchase a pass (instead of renewing) - then get your picture taken to add to your collection.

  12. Brian

    October 26, 2010

    I found all the passes to renew except my now 7 year old son who for the 1st time isn't free...what should I do?


    Meadows: You can purchase his pass online and get his picture taken and pass issued at our picture taking locations or at the ski area. We're not able to renew complimentary passes from the previous season, but you'll want to get a new picture on the pass anyway for your collection. Thanks!

  13. Nick

    October 27, 2010

    What is the cutoff date to get the season pass at $449 and or midweek pass for $399?

    Meadows: Cutoff date is November 7 - so make sure you purchase online before then!

  14. Kristy

    November 3, 2010

    something's wrong... is erroring out. eek! please let us know when it's fixed...hopefully just bad timing on my part.

    Meadows: We were experiencing a glitch which affected some renewal processing for a short period of time - it has been corrected.

  15. ty

    November 5, 2010

    do i get a discount for renewing my last years season pass?

    Meadows: No - the discount we're offering is for purchasing before the November 7 deadline and applies whether you are renewing or purchasing a season pass.

  16. Dave

    November 6, 2010

    Just renewed my adult season pass and 2 x kids 7-14. How do I renew my under 6 kid who had a free season pass last year. Do we have to take a new picture? Her birthday should be in the system right?

    Meadows: The 6 and under pass can't be renewed online. You can call pass holder services 503.337.2222 x1256 or better yet, get a new picture for this season. Kids that age change so much it's great to see the change year to year in their pass collection.

  17. P Kays

    November 17, 2011

    Where can we get our picture taken and pick up our season pass in the metro area before we get to the mountain? Would like to avoid lines if possible.


    Meadows: All passes are being issued at passholder services at the mountain. With six cameras and an improved system we've reduced the wait time. We're geared up and ready to get you on to the mountain with as little delay as possible.

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