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It is amazing how so many of us approach this sport generically. Ask this question among your friends and fellow mountain enthusiasts have you had your boots custom fit? The likely answer is no, but I bought new equipment just a few seasons ago, or will be purchasing new equipment this season.

Investing in new technology is forward thinking and will improve your performance on the slope as well as the fun factor. But even the most advanced equipment is still generic regardless of how well it seems to fit when you first step into it. Lets face it this equipment is made for EVERYONE. But only you have your specific body shape and size from your head to your toe. It only makes sense that some fine-tuning and customization will create a better performing piece of equipment more of an extension of your body.

FIT HAPPENS Its not an accident

Fit Happens at the HPC and Outer Limits SportsThis is the inspiration behind our new Outer Limits Sports and the new Boot Lab in our High Performance Center. We have meticulously and systematically selected performance wear, outer wear, hard goods and accessories designed for the conditions and weather we enjoy here on Mt. Hood. Our retail team, led by manger Nate Turner, will match the equipment and apparel you need to reach the goals you have set for yourself this season.

Most people have endured pain and discomfort while experiencing skiing and snowboarding. Fortunately for most of us the thrill, fun and freedom the sport provides surpassed the discomfort we experienced along the way to finding the right fit. But this goes way beyond comfort.

Whether you ski or snowboard, your boots can make or break a great day at Meadows. New for 2010-11 is the HPC Boot Lab, where you can get the custom boot treatment that will truly unlock your potential. Want to ride like the pros? It starts with the boots! We manufacture custom foot beds, heat-mold liners and even customize the shells of your ski boots so you can stop worrying about blisters and start enjoying the ride. We are proud to provide the best boots for our customers from brands like Salomon, Lange, Burton and 32.

Fit Happens when you customize your precision gear to your particular riding style and for the terrain and conditions you want to conquer. In order to get to that level, literally pushing the OUTER LIMITS of your desires and abilities, you need the performance that can be realized only through customization. Thats what Outer Limits Sports and our High Performance Center are all about.

Conditions determine what ski will make for the best experience on the mountain.

Check out other videos from Nate on custom boot fitting, demoing a snowboard and the new rocker technology

We encourage you to kick off this season by talking to our gear experts in our sport shops. They'll help you identify what you want to accomplish this season, and suggest improvements to your current equipment, and what gear, outerwear or accessories you should consider for taking your performance to the next level.

Our retail shops are open from 10 AM 4 PM Monday Friday until the season starts.

HPC Guarantees Best Price on Ski & Snowboard Equipment

  1. 30 Day Price Protection.  We guarantee you will never over pay in the High Performance Center.  If you find any ski or snowboard you purchased in stock for less anywhere in Oregon within 30 days, we’ll refund you the difference.
  2. The Lifetime HPC Guarantee.  Every Ski and Snowboard purchased from the High Performance Center comes with our exclusive ‘HPC Guarantee.’  When you need a snowboard binding adjustment, ski binding DIN adjustment or quick wax, we will provide those services for free as long as you own your gear.
  3. 30 Day Test Ride.  To guarantee you have purchased the perfect pair of skis or the best board….ride it for 30 days.  If during that time you are not completely satisfied with the product, return it undamaged within 30 days and we will apply the credit from the original purchase to the purchase of another ski or snowboard from the HPC.

If you have any questions regarding getting the most out of your gear, ask it here. Lets get the conversation going and make sure our equipment is as prepared for the season as we are!


  1. Chick wih Sticks

    October 17, 2010

    Regardless of your skiing ability, I highly recommend custom boot fitting. As much as we would like to believe that our bodies are perfect, they are not and that includes our feet. We toe in, or out, have flat arches, bunions, pain, etc. All these issues are translated to the ski through our boots. For example, with two flat feet, you will ride on the inside edge of the ski causing them to initiate turns and cross tips. For the skis to perform their best, they must track straight and flat. Therefore, your feet position within your boots must be optimal (straight and flat) and this can only be achieved through custom boot fitting. Do it today and see an improvement in your skiing ability this winter!

    Meadows: I have to look no further than my own toes to know you speak the truth! Nate and our HPC crew are awesome - don't throw a fit, Get Fit at the Boot Lab!

  2. Chick wih Sticks

    October 18, 2010

    Also consider looking above your feet! A great custom boot fit will also include a stance analysis to determine if the athlete is bow-legged or knock-kneed as these issues translate directly to how the ski tracks. Through the use of shims, a custom boot fit can compensate allowing the ski to track straight and flat optimizing performance.

  3. tim jackson

    December 2, 2010

    This is Meadows what, 3rd or 4th attempt at a "bootfitting guru", "we can dial your boots in" scenario that i can remember. Correct me if I'm wrong but a few seasons ago you guys had a thermal imaging system for fitting. What happened to that and whats different this time? Please tell me and those of us who love skiing meadows (terrain) why we should choose you over someone who has been doing consistently? Why have you not been consistent in doing boot work in the past? And why we should choose you? Are you paying somebody enough to stay year after year that we can trust? I understand why you are doing boot fitting, just would like some expertise and commitment from my boot doc.

    Meadows: Thank you for taking the time to inquire about the latest addition in the High Performance Center for the 2010-11 Season. The Boot Lab in the HPC represents Mt. Hood Meadows' continued effort to provide you with the quality products and services that truly optimize your enjoyment of all this great terrain on Mt. Hood.

    I would like to take the time to personally address your questions regarding the Boot Lab and introduce you to the staff that perform boot fitting services in the HPC. Please contact me directly to schedule a tour of the Boot Lab! I will be happy to show you the equipment we are using and discuss how our training and philosophy compliment the current trends in place within the ski industry. You will have the opportunity to meet MasterFit University-certified boot fitters, and witness the process of boot fitting. In the end, I want to provide you with a clear understanding of the positive changes that have been made in order to provide this highly sought after service at Mt. Hood Meadows. I am confident that you will gain a better sense of the direction Meadows is headed when it comes to creating a quality alpine experience through unmatched customer service.

    Feel free to respond at the number listed below. I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to introducing you to the staff and services in the High Performance Center!


    Nate Turner
    Retail Operations Manager
    Mt. Hood Meadows, Oregon
    503.337.2222 x1367

  4. Sarah

    December 21, 2010

    Roundabout, what does a custom boot fitting cost (including the manufacturing of foot beds or heat-mold liners? Thanks.

    Meadows: Depending on the extent of customizing and quality of the footbed it can range anywhere from $80 to $150. It is a very worthwhile investment for the comfort and performance custom boot fitting provides.

  5. SkierScott

    January 3, 2011

    After spending way too much time complaining about my boots, I spent an hour or so with Brian and came away with a solid solution for my fit issues, and without breaking the bank. I was able to continue my day in comfort and with enough control over my skis to tackle anything I wanted.

    Kudos to Brian, Nate & the gang!

  6. John Paul

    January 28, 2011

    I purchased a new pair of snowboarding boots last season and have noticed over the last few weeks that they have begun to loosten up. Will you work on boots purchased elsewhere and can may boots benefit from a visit?

    Meadows: Stop by and talk to Nate or Matt. A footbed and other techniques can fill that empty space which will increase the performance and comfort of the boot.

  7. NewbieD

    February 22, 2011

    I took a couple of lessons at Meadows last Saturday with Greg and I was amazed how fun it was. I just bought boots from Dicks yesterday and wonder if you guys will customize the boot for me? If yes, how much will it be.

    Thank you.

    Meadows: We'll have someone from the HPC contact you directly!

  8. Looseboots

    April 1, 2011

    I bought a pair of Rossignol ski boots a couple years ago and LOVE them but they seem to have "broken in" and are pretty loose around my feet--so much so that when I initiate hard turns, my toes get jammed to the end of the boot. It makes for a some painful piggies for a couple days after skiing. Can you help my boots fit tight again? If so, do you have an estimate of how much that might cost?

    Meadows reply: Thanks for your boot fitting inquiry!

    This is a great opportunity to address a question that is asked quite often in the HPC: "I love my boots, but they don't fit as snug as they used to. Now I have foot pain/loss of ski control. Can you make my boots fit like they did when they were new?"

    In most cases, the experienced boot fitters in the HPC can easily fix this common issue. Also referred to as 'packed out,' even the tightest boots can loosen up over time. This occurs because the moldable foam inside your ski boot liner has taken so much heat and pressure that it eventually fails to recover its original density. Even the best boot liners can break down over time.

    There are several options to chose from, besides the obvious solution- new boots.

    After market liners: Some ski shops offer replacement liners. These are often Intuition-branded heat-moldable liners. Intuition is a quality liner manufacturer that currently builds liners for some of the best boot manufacturers in addition to offering replacements for the consumer who wants a 'new' fit without having to buy a new boot. Prices start at $150, including the heat molding services. Intuition liners will be available in the HPC in October of 2011.

    Custom Footbeds: Depending on the amount of volume that needs to be filled in order to create a performance fit, a custom footbed is often the best option. Not only will a custom footbed take up some of the volume gained from 'packing,' it will also offer a degree of fit that the skier may not have previously known. When the arch and heel are supported by a custom bed, the foot ceases to slide back and forth inside the liner. Think of it as an egg inside an egg carton. When the shape of the container perfectly matches the shape of the object inside it, the object is more protected and less likely to shift within its container. Stock foot beds and even most drop-ins do not offer this. Additionally, custom foot beds increase skiing performance through improved sense of balance and better blood circulation in the foot. Prices start at $100. Conform'able Custom Footbeds are currently available in the HPC.

    Shims: Used alone or in conjunction with footbeds, a shim is the quickest, least expensive option. The shims we use in the Boot Lab are made of non-absorbent, pressed fiber. They are placed inside your shell, under your liner. Shims come in a variety of thicknesses, and are applied according to the amount of volume that needs to be taken up inside your packed-out boot. Once in place, a shim simply elevates the skier's foot to a smaller space inside the shell. Without a properly fit footbed, the skier's foot may still experience some sliding within the liner. Price starts at $10 for shim only. Shims are available from the experienced boot fitters in the HPC Boot Lab.

    Please feel free to contact us at the phone extension below. I will be happy to discuss the best options for your particular needs. Otherwise, you can also reach the HPC, home of the Boot Lab at 503.337.2222 extension 1229. Our experienced ski techs and boot fitters are waiting to assist you in regaining a truly High Performance Fit!

  9. Paul

    April 27, 2011

    I purchased my new boots at this year's Portland ski show from the Meadows booth. I went to Meadows to have them fitted properly. I was never able to ski without pain, having to stop at various spots downhill to ease my feet. Matt took over two hours to properly fit my boots. I went with a custom footliner, which is the only way to go once your're going for comfort and performance. I tried them out on the mountain for a few hours, and Matt made another adjustment. It worked. No pain! This is the only way to go.

    Do not buy boots anywhere else. You can test them right there and make adjustments as needed. These guys understand physiology and the mechanics of the sport, and they work tirelessly until you're completely satisfied. The fitting equipment they use is precise. Matt heated, shaped, and bent my boots bit by bit until they were perfect for me.

    The gear prices are guaranteed. I shopped around and they beat anything out there. They also will match you with the best skis for your ability. They understand the physics of how each ski matches with your boots. These are professionals, unlike other shops staffed with seasonal part-timers brand new to the business. I never had service like this anywhere, from any kind of business.

    My skiing is now better than ever. I have the control and comfort I've wanted for a long time.

    Meadows: Thanks for your comments - we are stoked that you are enjoying the mountain pain free! We'll pass along kudos to Matt!

  10. Gary Bakkala

    October 13, 2011

    I just learned more about skis from Nate in 10 minutes than I have learned from many in years. Thanks Nate! Keep them video's coming and we will see you at SKI FEVER 2011. We will be in the CMH booth across from Meadows camp!

    Gary Bakkala

    Meadows: We'll pass along the kudos to Nate and see you at Ski Fever!

  11. Lisa

    December 18, 2011

    Mat, you did a fantastic job of making my boots fit better this past Friday. I can't believe the difference it made to my skiing experience! Before you worked on my boots, I was having a lot of trouble with my skis chattering, especially when the snow was sticky. After your adjustments, my skis did just what my feet told them to do. What a difference! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Meadows: Helping guests find the right fit for maximum comfort and performance delights our HPC staff. You are very welcome!

  12. Snowhale

    January 24, 2012

    My husband and I are coming up to Mt Hood from Dallas, TX in couple of weeks. I'm currently in worn out rear entry boot that's very loose. My problem is that my calves are around 45.5 cm and all the boots that I tried on at local ski shops cut into my shins.
    I would like to upgrade out of my current situation but really can't afford over $200.00 for new boots and 80.00-120.00 for a custom footbed, any suggestions as to perhaps a used boot or do you have 'clearance' sales? I'd love to drop some cash in your shop, but I'm on a tight budget.

    Meadows: We'll have our HPC staff contact you direct. We have representatives at the SIA snowsports show in Denver right now, putting together our buy for next year's equipment and apparel. But they'll be in touch before your visit.

  13. Victor from PDX

    December 31, 2012

    Recently I came back to skiing after a forced layoff (Surgery). On my first day back I discovered that the extended time off resulted in some changes in my body... including some painful spots in my boots.
    I brought them into the shop and discussed the situation with John. He carefully evaluated the boots, and did a few strategic punches here and there. In the following couple of weeks I have skied six more days. Each day I buckle my boots on first thing in the morning and do not remove them, or even unbuckle them, until I quit in the afternoon. No pain, just a comfortable fit that allows me to ski as hard as i can in my path to returning to full strength...
    I would particularly like to thank John and the rest of the crew in the shop for carefully listening, and taking the time, even on a busy day, to understand exactly what I needed. I would also like to stress that no one tried to sell me anything, not services or gear that I did not specifically need.
    I would recommend the shop and the highly skilled crew to anyone that wants to get the best out of their equipment, and the most enjoyment out of their skiing experience. There is nothing like a comfortable ski boot, and these guys can make sure that is just what you have.
    Is it worth the time and the money? Absolutely.

    Meadows: Victor - thank you for your kind words which we will gladly share with our High Performance Center team. John and the entire HPC crew will be stoked to hear about the comfort you are enjoying with the custom boot fit.

  14. Joseph

    February 3, 2013

    Hey guys I was wondering whats goin on here, I bough new snowboard boots recently and they fit perfect (a little snug but I did that so they would break in) but the past two times I've gone up, when i come back from boarding part of my foot is numb! It still is as I type this! I'm wondering if there is anything you guys can do about this! The boots are '13 k2 darkos btw

    Meadows: Hey Joseph. We're sending this to our High Performance Center for some suggestions from our master boot fitters. Perhaps there are some others in the community who can assist you.

  15. ricardo

    February 27, 2013

    I get really bad cramps in the soles of my feet while boarding. Usually have to remove the boots for 5-10 mins to get rid of cramps. I have flat feet and wear orthotics in my street shoes. Any ideas as to what I can do to stop the cramps??

    Meadows: Hey Ricardo. Yes - we can help you. Next time up stop by the High Performance Center and talk to our Master Boot fitters. You should be able to enjoy snowboarding all day without such pain or discomfort. They can make a custom foot bed for you that will not only provide comfort, but improve your performance as well.

  16. Stella

    March 25, 2013

    I bought a pair of ski boots (new to the sport, but I love it!) and the size seems ok, but after a few runs, I feel that my heel lifts a little and the fleshy part of the side of the feet are painful, like something is squeezing the sides of the foot. The boot itself doesn't seem that tight though. They are Technica boots. Would you have time to check them out next time I'm up to do a custom fitting or something to help with the discomfort? How long does a custom fitting take? Also, what is the current pricing for that? Thank you!

    Meadows: Absolutely! Just stop into the High Performance Center your next time up and talk to one of our master boot fitters. They can suggest some adjustments (perhaps a heel lift, perhaps some boot tweaking) to customize your boot to fit your foot (not the other way around).

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