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Overcoming Inertia and Injury

Scott on the slopes at MeadowsI want to thank you and your staff for the time you spent with me yesterday in selecting a ski, and working on my boots. I'm looking forward to a rewarding season, in great part because of your efforts. It is rare today to find someone who will devote the time and energy you did yesterday. For one thing, I would likely have gone with a longer ski than I ended up with, which I may have regretted in the long run. I think what we ended up with will better accommodate both my age and physical challenges, which will make skiing more fun for me again.

I look forward to working with you both again soon, both with my equipment and getting my skiing to where I would like it to be, at least as far as I'm physically able.

-- Scott

Note to readers: Scott started skiing more than 50 years ago and was an expert skier until he suffered a spinal cord injury 20 years ago. He continued to ski until about 12 years ago when he stopped. Last season, he picked up the sport again, and was introduced to newer technology that makes skiing easier and more fun. And with the custom outfitting Scott received at our High Performance Center, it looks like he is well on his way to enjoying the sport he is so passionate about.

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