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Meadows Opens Saturday With Five Lifts Including Two High Speed Quads

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort opens the season Saturday with five lifts scheduled to operate from 9 AM – 4 PM. Our base depth has settled to 34 inches following a storm which dropped 2 feet on the mountain this week. It continues to snow Friday evening, with 3 – 6 inches forecast through Saturday.

We'll operate the Mt. Hood Express and Shooting Star high speed quads, along with the Daisy, Easy Rider and Buttercup lifts opening day. The “Fun Zone” and the Ballroom Carpet beginner area will also be open.

The 34 inch base is good coverage for November, but early season conditions exist and you should expect unmarked obstacles and as always ski and ride with care. Operations will continue daily for the season. More lifts and terrain will be opened as the resort receives more snow.

Check our conditions page for current lift operations and snow conditions

Lift tickets will be $59 for adults, $35 for age 7 – 14, $35 for age 65 and older and $9 for 6 and under. Special packages for New Adventure first time ski and snowboard, or rental and lift ticket packages are available online. 

Lift tickets will be $59 for adults, $35 for age 7 – 14, $35 for age 65 and older and $9 for 6 and under. Special packages for , or are available online. 

We'll have features in The Zoo and Shipyard for early season freestyling.

Bring a healthy appetite - the following restaurants will be open: The Schuss, Alpenstube, the new Fresh Tracks Deli, Vertical (formerly the Finish Line) and Higher Ground Coffee Cart. You'll also enjoy our reduced prices in our food service operations, while we improved the overall quality and nutrional value. Give us a taste and let us know what you think!

Our new retail stores are ready for you - Outer Limits Sports with a whole new line of clothing, accessories and performance wear designed for our climate and conditions. The HPC is open for Demos, hard good sales and custom boot fitting in the new Boot Lab! You can also rent ski and snowboard equipment in the North Lodge Rental Center.

We'll have group and private lessons for adults in our ski and snowboard school, and for kids in the Children's Learning Center. Daycare is open.

Pass Holder Services will be taking pictures at 8 AM. We have all six cameras ready to expedite the process. If you "renewed" your pass from last year, and you haven't sent in your liability release, just bring it with you and we'll take care of it here. We also have a team of scanners throughout the lodge to verify your pass before you hit the lift, just in case you need to go to Pass Holder services first.

It's going to be a great opening day at Meadows - hope you can make it!

It's going to be a great


  1. Cynical Dave

    November 19, 2010

    So, after buying my season pass, and hearing that Meadows would be open Saturday, I thought I should go pick up my pass. I'm thinking that many others must be in the same situation and that the Meadows web folks would surely realize this, and post a link to where we can do this.

    Not having access to my confirmation email (if that's where the info is), surely the great folks at Meadows would post a link front and center on their main page for where to pick up your pass. Is there a page that addresses this anywhere on the site?? Is there an office in Clackamas like there was in the past? Or do we have to wait until we get to the mountain (which I think is a major pain)?

    Sorry for the snide tone, but C'MON people, I would think this would be obvious!

    Meadows: We are taking pictures at the resort - all six cameras are going and the longest wait today was 17 minutes. The information is posted on our site, under The Lodge & Services, and it is included in confirmation email (sorry you can't access your account).
    We opted not to bring a camera back down to Clackamas prior to opening to avoid what would be a much greater guest inconvenience. We can't bring six cameras to an offsite location - so we end up using one or two, and have hundreds of people turn out for "the last chance to get your picture before the ski area opens." This leads to much greater lines, and longer waits, literally hours instead of minutes. Getting your picture taken at Pass Holder services your first day on the mountain really is your most convenient and fastest option.

  2. Steep & Deep

    November 20, 2010

    Awesome first day of the year and the nice powder didn't hurt anything. Let's hope that this is just the beginning of an incredible year on the slopes.

    Thanks Mother Nature and too all of the Meadows employees!!!


  3. Pete G

    November 20, 2010

    The snow today was amazing, nice and fluffy. The lift line management was another MHM Epic Fail. I thought after last year that Meadows had finally figured out how to converge the lines in a fair a orderly fashion. How do they expect to merge four quad lines with singles at a single choke?

    Mother Nature two thumbs up!

    Meadows: We are thankful for what Mother Nature has provided, but we need more snow before we can build a larger maze at the Mt. Hood Express. We'll continue to do the best with what we have and look forward to having enough snow to build our mazes most efficiently. Meanwhile - enjoy the amazing snow!

  4. Ellen

    November 20, 2010

    Are you open on Thanksgiving?

    Meadows: Yes - we're open every day now for the rest of the season, including all holidays.

  5. Taylor

    November 26, 2010

    With regard to your response to Cynical Dave, the "Lodge & Services" section of your website reads:

    "We'll be taking picture and issuing passes at the resort, once we open.
    If we're able to add any additional picture-taking locations, we'll update this schedule with that information."

    So... where specifically at the resort and when can we get our pictures taken?

    Meadows: All pictures will be taken at the resort, at Pass Holder services (South Lodge main level across from the rest rooms) now that we are open.

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