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Opening Day Fun at Meadows

Opening day was epic at Meadows. The 4" of new snow provided the frosting on the 33 inch base. As we counted down to 8:55 broken clouds allowed blue sky and sunshine to peak through as all lifts launched for the new season.

Mt. Communications specialist Pierce Hodges captured the opening fun, and took a couple of runs wearing his Go Pro HD (Thanks Gro Pro!). Enjoy opening day - hope to see you on the mountain soon!


  1. Paul

    November 21, 2010

    Wow, the new super highspeed MHx rocks!

    Meadows: We're proud of the performance of this lift and its crew. It's not new but it sure is fast!

  2. k2skier

    November 22, 2010

    The telemetry is low? Is it not working properly? Or is this just typical wind blown snow? Is the rain gauge showing 0.6" of water at 5250' also wrong because 0.6 inches of rain is a perfect match for 8 inches of snow. Please, please don't start embellishing the snow report, just the facts please. Meadows has had a very bad habit and past history of embellishing snow reports, keep it real!

    Meadows: There is more than 8 inches in the base area and up to 12 inches higher up on the mountain. We do have strong winds which could affect lift operations and is also drifting snow into deeper stashes. The 24 hour telemetry reading at 5,250 is not working - NWAC should have it fixed by the end of the month. No embellishment here - just trying to explain what the accumulation is considering the telemetry isn't reporting correctly.

    And from our Mt. Communications team:
    Our new snow gauge is broken, so the person who commented on the blog is reading from the total snow value, which went from 31 inches at 4pm yesterday to 40 inches today, for 9 inches of new snow. There may have been some settling over that period of time. I spoke with Patrol this  morning, and they reported 14" on the board. Given the 10-15 degree temperatures this morning, we'd expect 5% water content in the snow, meaning that .6 inches of water value could be 12 inches of new snow. Normally on Mt. Hood, we see 8-10% water content, meaning .6 inches of water value would be 6-8" of snow, as the person making the comment correctly reported. Also, it is possible that, given the cold temps, the precip gauge is not melting the snow fast enough.

    Although I generally report straight from the NWAC, I was unable to do so today given the broken gauge and possibility of snow settlement. That is  why I reported both numbers.

    Hope that helps clarify the comment and answer our guest's concerns.

  3. Pow-chow-wow

    November 23, 2010

    TWO feet of cold powder and sunshine! What the he!! am I doing here at work? All my buddies are going up today – they are texting me that they will make sure to turn all that powda into chowda …Grrrr.

    Dear Good folks at Meadows – Please, PLEAZE tell me that you will be working hard today to get CEX and/or HRMX ready to open tomorrow.

    Although I will gladly tackle that sloppy second tomorrow but if I can get that fresh virgin pow off CEX and HRM tomorrow, when those knuckle heads have to work, it’d be so sweeeet!

    Meadows: HRM will open Thursday (sorry - not tomorrow) but there will still be plenty of fresh Wednesday due to cold weather. We'll continue working on Cascade but there is a lot of storm recovery up there. We'll do our best to get everything we can open as soon as possible.

  4. mike

    December 7, 2012

    Shoot. Wish that you had a way of communicating that the mountain is open to your season pass holders. First time buying one this year, and I never heard a peep about when opening day was going to be.

    Was watching the conditions on the North Face app which apparently isn't synced with reality because it kept showing that you're closed.

    Then I got an email yesterday saying how great December has been so far on the mountain. A true WTF moment :(

    Meadows: So sorry you didn't get the word! You can subscribe for our weekly eNews and daily snow reports so this information is delivered conveniently to your email box. Just hit "sign up for our newsletter" at the bottom of our web page. By the way - all pass holders are auto subscribed to the eNews, and the opening day announcement was sent out. So it is important to check your email and the spam filter if you're not receiving these communications.

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