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Portland Ski Fever Ski Show

We're at the Portland Ski Fever and Snowboard show through Sunday - we've moved our entire Pass Holder services department to the Expo Center so we can process passes quickly and efficiently. We also have registration computers if you want to purchase here at the show.

Get on the Ball at the Ski ShowWe have representatives from Meadows Parks talking about freestyle at Meadows, and challenging you to "Get on the Ball" by taking the Park Smart Challenge. So study up on ATML, Smart Style and matching your skill levels with the right-sized parks, then stop by our booth and take the challenge. If you pass you get to sign "The Ball" to show off your Park Smarts!

Ski school at the Ski Show

Ski School representatives are on hand to inform you about all the upcoming adult clinics, kids camps and multi-week programs on weekends for kids and midweek for adults. We're also featuring the Adventure Park - $25 for all day freestyle coaching serviced by a rope tow. We have all kinds of New Adventure first-time packages - so come to the show and get the details.

Our retail shops are represented - we're selling last year's demos at outrageously low prices to make room for this year's new equipment. There's also new Meadows logo gear and you'll be able to find out about The Boot Lab - custom boot fitting. In fact, our retail pros can customize your entire Meadows experience, outfitting you with the right gear, outerwear, accessories and even coaching to match the conditions, the terrain and the experience you are seeking.

Facebook link Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort We'll keep you updated on all the fun here at the ski show on our Facebook page. Check it out and we'll see you at the ski show!


  1. Sara Howard

    November 5, 2010

    How much will season passes cost AFTER November 7th?????

    Meadows: Adult passes (age 23 - 64) will increase from $449 to $900. Age 15 - 22 go from $339 to $600, and age 7 - 14 will increase from $229 to $400.

  2. Steve Dobbins

    November 6, 2010

    Do you have to be eighteen to purchase a season pass at the ski fever show?

    Meadows: No not to purchase. But those under 18 will need to have a parent or guardian sign a liability release before we can issue the pass.

  3. Denise

    November 7, 2010

    Do you have to pay for the show in order to get a pass photo there?

    Meadows: Yes. We will also be at the NWSCC meeting Monday, 11.8.10 at the Airport Holiday Inn taking pictures from 6 - 8 PM. There's no charge to attend the NWSCC Ski Fair.

  4. peter

    November 8, 2010

    I am really disappointed right now. Meadows did some poor planning that cost me a whole lot of time and energy. The NWSCC fair was a Joke. Meadows was ill prepared to take pass pictures. I ended up leaving after waiting 45 minutes and getting no where. You should add a pass picture taking date another time in Portland since you no longer do it at meadows offices.

    Meadows: Our apologies for the long picture taking line at the NWSCC event Monday. Unfortunately the Holiday Inn did not inform us that their wireless internet server was down (even though they were charging us for the service as ordered). We run our pass computer on this wireless network to provide a fast and reliable connection. We hooked up a tether through a cell phone to provide a connection, which provided a slower, less reliable connection. Pictures were taking 2 to 3 minutes to connect and print, more than twice the normal time. And there were several connection disruptions.
    We were able to take pictures of everyone who wanted to wait - we stayed until 10:30 that evening (normally we would have been through the line by 8:30). We made announcements and informed those in line about the situation and their options. It was not an ideal situation, but it was the best we could offer under the circumstances.
    Pass holder services will have six cameras for picture taking once we open. These are the same cameras we used at the ski show where we were able to average up to 300 people an hour through this system. Last season our longest wait in issuing season passes at the ski area was around 20 minutes - most people received their passes in less than 10 minutes. And this season we have pre-issued a substantially greater amount of passes through our renewal and advance picture taking processes than last season.
    We encourage you to use our pass holder service center at the ski resort your first time at the mountain.
    Thanks for your post, and again our apologies for the long wait at the NWSCC event.

  5. Jessica

    November 14, 2010

    I was just wondering if you guys would be doing the Safeway sundays $10 off night skiing again? Thanks!

    Meadows: No - we have a Safeway Family Lift Ticket which includes two adults and two juniors (14 and under) for $179. We also have the Shell deal where you can get a 2 for 1 lift ticket good for
    Wednesday or Thursday evenings with a 10 gallon gas purchase at participating Shell stations.

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