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The Zoo and Shipyard Open

We got the season off with some great freestyling in both the Zoo and in Shipyard.

The Zoo has 7 boxes set up for early season skill building. Shipyard has 2 boxes and 2 ledges. Both parks will grow as we add more features.

Here's a video shot by videographer Adam Fleck that includes some Shipyard rail riding from opening day. Riders include Matt Gonzales, Jimmy Weisgerber, Jeff Blaylock and Kellan Broderick.



  1. John

    November 22, 2010

    What about HRM? How much more snow do you need?

    Meadows: We'll continue to track pack and see whether we can pack down this light powder into a worthy base. Won't know until after the storm clears and we can pack it down real good.

  2. Erik

    November 23, 2010

    Hey - the features on the ship were a perfect early season warm-up. I have to say though that the rope-tow was a giant tease... especially when I learned that the rope tow wouldn't ever be offered to the park riders. It was built for beginners.

    Then I wondered, why would you place an area for beginners next to any terrain park? Speeds, smoking and language used by a good number who ride rails... not the best environment for younger kids. - Aside from that, features were super fun and mellow for opening weekend.

    Meadows: The rope tow will service Adventure Park - which is where we'll be offering freestyle coaching to all levels and ages of freestylers. Thanks for the comments on Shipyard - more good things to come!

  3. billy

    November 24, 2010

    hey, when is park place or rose city going to open because i am looking forward to some bigger jumps. Shipyard is great, and i would suggest putting some more rainbow rails up this year. thanks

    Meadows: We're packing down the trails for all of our terrain parks but need some more snow to build jumps and landings. Hopefully the snow forecast this weekend will allow us to add more features and open more parks. Thanks for the suggestion for Shipyard!

  4. Tommy

    November 24, 2010

    When will rose city park get going?

    Meadows: We need some more snow to build jumps and landings. Hopefully the snow forecast this weekend will give us enough to add features and parks.

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