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Forest Park Opens for the Season

Forest Park Freestyle Park Map at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortForest Park debuts for the season today (Saturday). Parks crew reports that 8 features have been placed on what has become Meadows most popular intermediate park. The rambling nature of the terrain combined with the urban rail features makes for a fun and interesting ride.

Forest Park Freestyle Park Logo at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski & Snowboard ResortParks crew intalled 8 rails total - initially we have 1 flat box, 1 butter pad, 1 down rail, 1 mail box, 1 down culvert, 1 down box, 1 flat double barrel, and 1 flat single barrel. More features will be added to provide greater intrigue and variety to Forest Park.

Take a first run through Forest Park with video from Temira, Mt. Communications.

That brings our total number of parks to three, Forest Park, The Zoo and Shipyard - not bad for November! Between the three parks Meadows has 20 features for your freestyling enjoyment.

You can send mobile device pix to: - we'll post them in our photo gallery.

Powdery Storm Opens More Mountain Night Operations to Start Friday

It's truly a Thanksgiving blessing - this wintery storm which dropped more than 30 inches of powder at Mt. Hood Meadows. First - this is some of the finest and deepest powder we've seen at Meadows in quite a while, and the single digit temperatures is maintaining the quality, so there'll be some powder turns awaiting you this holiday. Here's a taste thanks to photographer Randy Boverman.

Bottomless and endless powder at Mt. Hood Meadows - Randy Boverman Photo.

Hood River Meadows Opens Thursday

Even though there is very little moisture in this delightful powder, it's enough for us to be able to open Hood River Meadows Thursday for Thanksgiving! The Hood River Express is scheduled from 9 AM - 4 PM daily for the rest of the season, as we see some more snow in our future over the holiday. The Hood River Meadows parking lot will be open (something our Gorge area guests will enjoy), the Skier Services Center will be open for tickets, rest rooms and lockers; and the Renaissance Cafe will be open. Lift ticket prices will increase to regular rates on Thursday. Now for some more delicous powder.

Bottomless and endless powder at Mt. Hood Meadows - Randy Boverman Photo.

The Hood River Express will be our fourth high speed quad to operate. There's still a lot of storm recovery up on Cascade, but we'll keep working on it. Heather Canyon and Private Reserve are still a ways off as the bridges need to be built - and this snow is impecably light weight - not the best for building bridges. But as we mentioned there is more snow in the forecast. Now for some more AWESOME powder.

Bottomless and endless powder at Mt. Hood Meadows - Randy Boverman Photo.

Night Operations Start Friday

Meadows After Dark will kick off the season Friday when we'll extend operations until 9 PM, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We'll continue with our regular operating schedule after the weekend - Monday and Tuesday from 9 AM - 4 PM, Wednesday through Sunday evenings from 9 AM - 9 PM.

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Specials at Outer Limit Sports and the HPC at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
Outer Limits Sports and the HPC will be open at 7:30 AM Friday, with last season's product marked down 75%! This year's product will be reduced 10%, meaning pass holders will get 20% off (using their pass holder discount). Come on in - you'll find some great deals on powder skis!

Bottomless and endless powder at Mt. Hood Meadows - Randy Boverman Photo.

Happy Thanksgiving - and we'll see you on the mountain soon! Oh - to see all these awesome shots in all their glory check out the album on our Facebook page!

-- Meadows Team

The Zoo and Shipyard Open

We got the season off with some great freestyling in both the Zoo and in Shipyard.

The Zoo has 7 boxes set up for early season skill building. Shipyard has 2 boxes and 2 ledges. Both parks will grow as we add more features.

Here's a video shot by videographer Adam Fleck that includes some Shipyard rail riding from opening day. Riders include Matt Gonzales, Jimmy Weisgerber, Jeff Blaylock and Kellan Broderick.


Opening Day Fun at Meadows

Opening day was epic at Meadows. The 4" of new snow provided the frosting on the 33 inch base. As we counted down to 8:55 broken clouds allowed blue sky and sunshine to peak through as all lifts launched for the new season.

Mt. Communications specialist Pierce Hodges captured the opening fun, and took a couple of runs wearing his Go Pro HD (Thanks Gro Pro!). Enjoy opening day - hope to see you on the mountain soon!

Meadows Opens Saturday With Five Lifts Including Two High Speed Quads

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort opens the season Saturday with five lifts scheduled to operate from 9 AM – 4 PM. Our base depth has settled to 34 inches following a storm which dropped 2 feet on the mountain this week. It continues to snow Friday evening, with 3 – 6 inches forecast through Saturday.

We'll operate the Mt. Hood Express and Shooting Star high speed quads, along with the Daisy, Easy Rider and Buttercup lifts opening day. The “Fun Zone” and the Ballroom Carpet beginner area will also be open.

The 34 inch base is good coverage for November, but early season conditions exist and you should expect unmarked obstacles and as always ski and ride with care. Operations will continue daily for the season. More lifts and terrain will be opened as the resort receives more snow.

Check our conditions page for current lift operations and snow conditions

Lift tickets will be $59 for adults, $35 for age 7 – 14, $35 for age 65 and older and $9 for 6 and under. Special packages for New Adventure first time ski and snowboard, or rental and lift ticket packages are available online. 

Lift tickets will be $59 for adults, $35 for age 7 – 14, $35 for age 65 and older and $9 for 6 and under. Special packages for , or are available online. 

We'll have features in The Zoo and Shipyard for early season freestyling.

Bring a healthy appetite - the following restaurants will be open: The Schuss, Alpenstube, the new Fresh Tracks Deli, Vertical (formerly the Finish Line) and Higher Ground Coffee Cart. You'll also enjoy our reduced prices in our food service operations, while we improved the overall quality and nutrional value. Give us a taste and let us know what you think!

Our new retail stores are ready for you - Outer Limits Sports with a whole new line of clothing, accessories and performance wear designed for our climate and conditions. The HPC is open for Demos, hard good sales and custom boot fitting in the new Boot Lab! You can also rent ski and snowboard equipment in the North Lodge Rental Center.

We'll have group and private lessons for adults in our ski and snowboard school, and for kids in the Children's Learning Center. Daycare is open.

Pass Holder Services will be taking pictures at 8 AM. We have all six cameras ready to expedite the process. If you "renewed" your pass from last year, and you haven't sent in your liability release, just bring it with you and we'll take care of it here. We also have a team of scanners throughout the lodge to verify your pass before you hit the lift, just in case you need to go to Pass Holder services first.

It's going to be a great opening day at Meadows - hope you can make it!

It's going to be a great

Mt. Hood Meadows Opens Saturday

Mt. Hood Meadows will kick off the season this Saturday! Lifts are scheduled from 9 AM – 4 PM daily beginning Saturday, thanks to this storm which dropped 22 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. Now this is a limited opening – not all of our lifts will be operating as we have a 40 inch base right now, which is great for November, but it’s still early season conditions, watch out for unmarked obstacles and as always ski and ride with care. Friday afternoon we’ll announce the lifts that will be scheduled to run Saturday.

The 2 feet of snow adorning tables above the breezeway. Thanks La Nina!

Pass Holder services will be open by 8 AM for pass picture taking and renewed pass verification. If you renewed your pass and haven’t sent in your liability release, just bring it with you and we’ll take care of it here. We'll have scanning teams available at the lodge to make sure if you renewed last year's pass that it is active and ready to go to the lift.

Resort services will include restaurants, ski and snowboard school, children’s learning center, daycare, our sports shops, demo and rental centers.

Meadows Parks crews are setting features in The Zoo and Shipyard for some early season freestyling.

Check our conditions page for updates. By the way - it’s still snowing – and we’ll have more updates for you here about opening day!

Come on Snow

The big question - when are we going to open? Here's the scoop - we received about a foot of snow the last 36 hours. It's very light and powdery, but not ideal for building a base on. The weather forecast doesn't show much moisture after this pulse - we may have some flurries but it doesn't look like anything substantial at least before the weekend. So our "unsettled" base is around two feet in the base area. It will pack down to half that amount so we'll probably need more snow to provide the coverage we would want for opening. We'll see what the weather brings, and we'll continue to prepare.

We have begun "snow farming" - we're making snow when the conditions allow and we're transporting parking lot snow to the slopes. We're treating this snowfall as though it will be the base upon we build our season. We don't take the early snow lightly. And we're looking ahead to the next storm or series of storms to see if we have the ability to sustain an opening. We like to connect a good opening to a good season.

Our standard response to "when will you open" is "As soon as we can provide a quality product that we can sustain." According to the forecasters, we are going to have a long and snowy season - with above average snowfall. We're as anxious and excited as you are to get it going - and we'll be ready to go as soon as the snow allows! We'll keep you updated on this blog, on our conditions page and on our snow phones regarding any early opening announcements. Meanwhile, keep doing your snow dances. Come on La Nina!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this video put together by our Mt. Communications team. It was shot by Adam Fleck and Pierce Hodges - Pierce edited and scored it. You'll be seeing a lot of their work on our site this winter. Enjoy!

Portland Ski Fever Ski Show

We're at the Portland Ski Fever and Snowboard show through Sunday - we've moved our entire Pass Holder services department to the Expo Center so we can process passes quickly and efficiently. We also have registration computers if you want to purchase here at the show.

Get on the Ball at the Ski ShowWe have representatives from Meadows Parks talking about freestyle at Meadows, and challenging you to "Get on the Ball" by taking the Park Smart Challenge. So study up on ATML, Smart Style and matching your skill levels with the right-sized parks, then stop by our booth and take the challenge. If you pass you get to sign "The Ball" to show off your Park Smarts!

Ski school at the Ski Show

Ski School representatives are on hand to inform you about all the upcoming adult clinics, kids camps and multi-week programs on weekends for kids and midweek for adults. We're also featuring the Adventure Park - $25 for all day freestyle coaching serviced by a rope tow. We have all kinds of New Adventure first-time packages - so come to the show and get the details.

Our retail shops are represented - we're selling last year's demos at outrageously low prices to make room for this year's new equipment. There's also new Meadows logo gear and you'll be able to find out about The Boot Lab - custom boot fitting. In fact, our retail pros can customize your entire Meadows experience, outfitting you with the right gear, outerwear, accessories and even coaching to match the conditions, the terrain and the experience you are seeking.

Facebook link Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort We'll keep you updated on all the fun here at the ski show on our Facebook page. Check it out and we'll see you at the ski show!

New Park Web Site to Debut

The Meadows parks web site will have a whole new look and be much more informational this season. We're working with North Pole Design to create an interactive site which allows us to update the park web site to reflect the placement of features in our parks. So as a park grows and new features are added, so will the web site.

You'll be able to "drill down" from the landing page view of all the parks, into a specific park, and then even feature by feature.

Meadows Parks Main View
This is what the landing page of the new web site will look like. You'll be able to see the locations of the different parks and use the Small / Medium / Large buttons to identify the relative size of the parks. There's also be Park Smart messaging and alerts.

The Zoo View
Select a park - in this case "The Zoo" and you'll be able to see the lay out of the different features in the park.

Single Barrel Rail
Click on a feature to see what it looks like. Notice there are photo and video buttons that are activated as we add them. You'll be able to send us your shots of that feature and we can upload them to the gallery.

We also want to thank Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital for partnering with us on our Park Smart Challenge which we'll be debuting at the Portland Ski Show. This is an online test about terrain park safety and etiquette focusing on Smart Style, ATML and matching your riding skills with the right-sized park. You'll be able to take the challenge, and upon successful completion be entered into a weekly drawing for a prize pack valued at around $200 from Dakine, thanks again to Providence Hood River!

Park Smart Challenge

All of this will be found under our parks section of our web site. We're looking forward to a fun season of progression and Park Smart riding in Meadows Parks this season!

-- Parks Crew