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HPC Boot Lab will save your feet

The past three seasons, I have been dealing with horrible foot pain from my boots. I have tried a bunch of different brands of boots and they all gave me trouble, actually, they were ruining my on hill experience. Finally, on opening day I had had enough of the pain and decided to go to the High Performance Center and see what they could do for me. I ended up talking to Matt Monboquette at the HPC about the issues I was having and he suggested that I get some conformable footbeds. Apparently he had just attended the Masterfit University and was gung-ho to make my boots work. Not only did he make my boots fit like they were made for me, he gave me all kinds of great tips about lacing and fit in general that I was previously oblivious to. The process is quick, easy and affordable! If your boots are hurting or you just want to experience ultimate comfort in your boots you will not regret going to see these guys.

-- Clint

Meadows: Thanks to Clint and to our crew at the HPC. By the way, Clint snowboards and was our first guest that we make customized footbeds for snowboard boots for. The principals work for both disciplines so stop by HPC to find out how we can improve your day on the mountain.

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