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Overcoming - Painful Feet

Maureen's love for skiing had been interrupted by something that has affected most of us - painful feet. For Maureen her ski day was being cut short by early afternoon as she just could not endure the severe aching her feet were experiencing. She has unusually high arches and her boots just weren't giving her the support she needed. The boots felt like they fit when she pulled them on in the morning, but the cumulative stress and pressure led to the pain which eventually took her off the mountain.

A trip to the Boot Lab and a session with retail manager Nate Turner made all the difference for Maureen. The custom boot fitting process is presented here - along with the immediate and significant change in comfort and performance that Maureen experienced her first day in her custom boots. She is reenergized and stoked that she no longer has to quit early due to pain and can fully enjoy the sport she loves.

Whatever is preventing you from getting out and totally enjoying an activity or pursuit - do something about it! If it's your passion, don't let annoyances get in the way, particularly when tecnology is available and affordable.

We'll see you on the mountain soon!

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