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Compliments to the Groomers

I have been a pass holder for about 20 years and would like to compliment the grooming crew for the amazing quality they produce, and the vast amount of area you groom,( when needed). I love ripping your courderoy! also at least one of you is completely mental for laying a track down that thing at the start of marmot ridge, oring, 4 bowl..ect. what a ride that must be! Keep it up guys. -- Rick

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  1. Anne

    February 14, 2011

    I couldn't agree more! Last Thursday (2/10) was beautiful weather-wise, but with no new snow and warm temps it would not have been fun snow at all without the ENTIRE mountain being groomed. Even 3-D was groomed; I couldn't believe it! Thanks for all the hard work - I had such a fun day because of it, and appreciate the time you guys put into grooming all those runs.

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