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New Line in Rose City and Rails in Park Place

Hey there Park Riders!

Park crew here with your update to the comings and goings up here on the slopes!

These last couple weeks have seen some real development in our parks and we’d love to share it with you. First and foremost we’ve installed an entirely new line to skier’s right of the preexisting jump line in Rose City! Yay! This line includes a fun box, a ledge, and two smaller sized jumps. We hope you are enjoying them as much as we are! Shipyard got shipshape for last weeks rail jam and now features a down flat round rail.

Friday Night Rail Jam Video

In Park Place you might have noticed that the fun doesn’t stop with the jumps any longer. Oh no! We’ve put up a flat down box top and… are you ready for it…a 64ft down flat down box top! Count it, 64 ft! Battle it out with your friends for the title of “1st Successful 50-50” because we certainly did.

As for the rest of our parks: Keep watching, we hear the winds of change might be blowing through the branches of Forest in the near future.
Until next time, happy shredding! Oh, and maybe do a snow dance or two for us!


-- Parks Crew

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