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Parks Update Sunday January 16

Hey there beloved park riders, your Park Crew here with some updates about what going on here on the hill.

If youve been shredding up here (and braving the monsoon conditions) this last week you will probably have noticed a few changes on the hill. The most notable of those the building of the Rose City Park and the Boarder/Skiier cross track which are located on the South side of the resort. Here's a video shot by Adam Fleck at Rose City Park.

We wrapped up a wet but successful REV tour on the competition venues last week and are looking forward to the Burton Am this Sunday and Monday followed by Noram racing on the cross track this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

As for the North side Parks (Forest and Park Place) they are continually being shown love by our awesome park groomers. Because weve been focusing on the South side to get our venues dialed in for our competitions we havent been able to change stuff up too much but in following weeks watch for more features to show up in Park Place and the tweaking of Forest Park. Were stoked to get these parks built out for your riding pleasure!

So until next time, shred hard, pray for an end to the torrential downpours, and give your Park Crew a hug next time you see um out there with their rakes. Keep the feedback coming because we are here for you!


Park Crew


  1. Cole

    January 20, 2011

    A wall ride or two would be great in forest park!

  2. Charles P.

    February 12, 2011


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